Worst possible MTB drivetrain brutality


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m@Robinson thanks for a great post ... I also read your talesontwowheels piece via Fatknee. Are you going to Velocity Invitational?

BTW I called Holly to get a policy for my 1962 Mini but it didn't qualify for you guys, have to stick with Hagerty, oh well :)
Fatknee? No idea what that is :) Googling didn't help.

I just asked about the phone call. Turns out I was on that bike ride I mentioned in my post. In the end I decided to go to Fort Ord instead. Took the coast trail which I haven't used before. I saw a couple spots that make me want to try and get down to the water with that fat bike. I can air the tires down and back up again afterwards thanks to the small bike-battery-driven pump I carry.

Just an FYI Hagerty has the same requirements we do but since they use intermediary agents, its not unusual to be able to skate past some of those if the agent doesn't disclose something or the application process had an information hole in it that wasn't plugged at the time. Not the sort of thing that puts coverage in any kind of jeopardy.

Ruff I read contradicting torque numbers on the Ludicrous X1 ... do you think 160 is in the ballpark?
It should be in the ballpark. But thats it. A stock BBSHD is (rated for) 160 Nm (by Chinese business people). The Kindernay hub is the only one I am aware of that has no stories attached to it of destruction with a BBSHD. The Rohloff is *almost* all good reports with only one or two explosions. As I understand it its rated for 140 Nm.

Something that was never discussed above: Whats your front chainring size? More Bigger = more bad. I am running a 36T Lekkie on my BFD now for trails and - just as Karl Gesslien said in his article on them - it seems to be wonderful middle ground. But maybe you should go smaller with a 30T Mighty Mini or the really really small Lekkie 28T... if you haven't already. This however is more better for motor preservation than it is drivetrain preservation I suppose.