would like to buy worn out old style prodeco battery for the case


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i have an older mariner, think it has the oldest style kind of boxy battery
has a light on the back
the battery is fine but the case is cracked, if someone had an old one that does not hold a charge good i would be interested in buying it, think i could swap out the cases
this one works ok but would be nice to have a more solid case on it

Ann M.

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@vincent , is the case cracked on both sides, top and bottom or just one side? Prodeco Tech does sell the cases; however it's generally been the bottom section that's broken and it requires some work and delicate solder skills to replace. All doable though. Don't remember how much the base was but not much. I recommend talking with the technical support folks at Prodeco Tech (Luis is very knowledgeable) 800-943-6190. They have a YouTube video that walks you through the base replacement. The professional tech makes it look sooo easy! and quick, don't be deceived :D


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thanks for that info

mine is cracked at the bottom under the light, where the 2 screws hold it together
is this where you are meaning they usually crack?

will look up that youtube video tonite

have considered just trying to glue it back together but not sure that is a good idea...
think everytime i pull on the handle to get it off the bike it is pulling it more loose

my plan was to take it to batteries plus or somewhere like that and have them change the case if i could find one

will call prodeco monday and see what they say

thanks for the help


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looked up the youtube video real quick, that is not my battery

that one looks "sleeker" more rounded, mine is basically a rectangle
thinking it is one of the first battery styles, will try to post a pic tonite

and will update this on what prodeco says monday

Ann M.

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Batteries Plus does not work on Lithium batteries, which is good...nice folks, but not trained to work on those. Search for someone, could just be an independent repair place that specializes in electronics repair to help you. Do you not have any electric bike shops in your area at all? If any of their shop folks have been to electronics college or the Electric Bike repair school, they would be qualified to do the work. Please post your pic, since Prodeco Tech did have some very different first generation battery cases; however, that will still be something that their tech folks can help you with! Find your ebike's serial number, I think it is pressed into the underside of the crankset. That series of letters & numbers will have the production year which will help them get you the right parts & info.


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wanted to update this
talked to prodeco and pretty sure this is the first battery they ever used, there are no more parts for it

it is metal and the piece on the end where the handle, light, plug etc is cracking is plastic
they said i can unscrew the plastic end if i am careful not to unhook/tear any wires

other option is to upgrade everything, controller, battery, etc etc to the latest which would make the bike much lighter but will cost 700 or more just in parts

this battery works fine, i will possibly try to glue the area and see if that holds
right now i am just careful with it

if anyone does come across the oldest style battery that is no good i would be interested in purchasing it