WTB - 1st gen Turbo parts - 2015-2017

Douglas Ruby

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I have a 2015 Specialized Turbo (base model) with the 200W motor. I have already upgraded the battery and derailleur to the Turbo S spec of those same years (691Wh bluetooth and Shimano XT-8000 11 speed with 11-42 cluster). The stock brakes, fenders, seatpost, lights, stem, grips, etc. have also been upgraded over the years. This is now a terrific long range bicycle in excellent condition. I am trying to extend its life for a few years.

If anyone is parting out a Turbo, Turbo X, or Turbo S of this vintage, I am looking for two things:
  1. I am looking for the 2015-2017 Turbo S rear wheel (500W not the earlier 250W). Must be in good working order with good freewheel. A broken spoke or two is not a problem. I do not need cluster, axle, tube, tire, or liner.
  2. I am looking for the "joy stick" handlebar control used on this vintage of Specialized Turbo (any model). The mounting system is slightly different between the Turbo, Turbo X, and Turbo S, but I can make any of these work. It needs to be 100% functional.
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Doug Ruby