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Thomas Jaszewski

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I think it's an unfair comparison when Luna offers $50 off . I mean good for you, but that's not an everyday pricing for comparison. It's comparing apples to oranges IMO. For those of use who like building our own packs it's a good price structure. AND I know exactly how good or bad my build is. Luna batteries are a good deal for some, but there are better batteries that are worth the extra $$. I have a Luna mini but its configuration doesn't fit my bags. Another advantage for Micah's battery...were able to configure to custom fitting.
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I agree with you on the Mini's form factor. Bulky, even though it's small. I would have liked a lower height, but maybe it's stronger this way.

It got its first run last night, on my BBS02 equipped beater bike. Seemed like I picked up a few extra mph at my usual pedal effort with the 52 volts vs 48 volts. Brrr. Extra wind chill that I didn't need. Its main use will be on a 250W bike though which doesn't need much battery.

Hey. best wishes to you for good health, Tom. I'm back into biking for mine.

George S.

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Wow, we all have the Mini. I have the 30Q. I wish it was 36 volts. I've actually found it fits in my handlebar bags, my seat bag, and a tube bag. I feel like they pushed the voltage to 52 because the high capacity cells drop off a bit more quickly. My ancient LiFePo pack holds at or above 36v, the nominal rating, until it pretty much craters. My Luna packs spend a lot of time way below the nominal rating. This picture shows a well regarded cell that is discharged about 1400 mah. So there are about 2000 mah left in the pack. The voltage is now 3.3v, and for a 48v pack (13s) that's about 43 volts. Meanwhile my LiFePo is probably around 38 volts. Makes me wonder. We are being sold a certain amount of snake oil here. Low volts means you have to draw more amps to get the constant watts, and the capacity is rated in amp hours, not watt hours. Yeah, I know. No one cares. Give me another 'bar' on my battery meter and tell me I can go 85 miles in the sales lit.

My Luna packs are working. There are very easy ways to test the true capacity, and that will go a long way to 'prove' you have the cells they say you have. If the BMS on my Shark goes bad I might split the pack and set it up for use with LiPo chargers. It would be an uneven split, and maybe not worth the trouble. I saw a 36v/10ah pack on YouTube yesterday. Probably Chinese in origin, but US seller. Around $200. That's a price that would let people into the game with a $100 hub. I'd rather go with the Maker system than a battery that cheap. I always like to see batteries and motors at the low end, but the best builds possible. Performance has so much collateral damage.

These guys offer a lot of cells. They get mentioned on YouTube, along with GearBest and Bangood. Next year should be interesting.

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