XL Trek Super Commuter 8s 1700 miles


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Seeing if there’s interest out there—I’m I. Sacramento but can bring down to Bay Area as well.

I’ve highly upgraded this bike with carbon wheels, tubeless tires, carbon handlebar and seatpost, xtr cassette, and more. Lowered rotational weight nearly 8lbs. It is very quick and gets great range.

Looking for around $4400 with mods or $3200 without. I can put all stock equipment back. Bought new from Trek Store October 2018.
Always practiced 20%, 80% battery discharging/charging. Just had update done and can get a full tune up before selling.

Please let me know if you have questions.




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Need more specs/details before I can make an offer. Mileage?...Frame size?
I live on the Ca. coast 250 miles north of Bay area but could drive down & pick up in San Francisco if need be.
I could do $4200 cash. Once we agree on a deal we can schedule a date & place for the transaction.
RSVP in this forum or email ericrobie@yahoo.com. I've been lusting for the SC 8S+ for a long time.

bob armani

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I am but I think there’s issues with shipping the batteries...maybe check with bikeflights.
I've checked with BikeFlights for battery shipments and it is a no go! They will not Haz-Mat ship anything over 100AH. You will jump through hoops to get someone to ship with batteries judging from my own experience. Good Luck!


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I contacted a store in the bay area that can ship the bike and battery for a small fee. Would you be willing to drop off the bike at the store and have them ship the bike? If you would like contact me directly my phone number is 312-720-9771.