XM700+ Desired Upgrades


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Hey all, I've got an XM700+ since a chronic knee injury put me off the road bike. It's great, but I find myself constantly missing the road bike feel. So there are some upgrades I'm working on and some I'd like to do. Sorry for the laundry list, but hopefully you can just point me in the right direction.

  • I'm in the middle of doing a drop bar conversion. I have the microshift bar end shifter that works with Shimano MTN rear derailleur. I've also bought the drop bar and some TRP Hylex brakes. But how do I route the new brake and cable for the internally routed rear brake? It seems I could either somehow leave the hydraulic cable that's on there now and disconnect at the brake and lever (without trying to spill?), or I might have to re-route the new cable through (without spilling - is there some kind of cap I can put on?). I imagine I have to bleed after this.
  • I dropped the chain for the second time last night in the freezing rain and it sucked. Has anyone had any luck removing the chain guard that comes with it and putting a better one on just around the chainring and a chain watcher for the inside?
  • This one is a stretch, but the shock absorbing fork is a pig and feels unnecessary and like it is just extra weight. Any nice looking rigid, road/hybrid like forks that people have found to work with the right geometry?