Xtracycle longtail cargo kit


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Xtracycle sell a successful line of cargo bikes including the edgerunner, rfa, and stoker ebike models. Xtracycle have a longer history selling longtail cargo bike extensions for conventional bicycles. The current iteration is the Freeradical Leap. Given the front spar clamps to the chainstays behind the seatpost like a kickstand the Leap ought to be compatible with most mid-drive or front hub motor ebikes, a rear hub kit motor wheel might work if you used an extended power cable but the extra length you are adding would prevent using a prebuilt rear hub motor ebike. The basic Leap kit is $600, or you can buy an edgerunner frameset for a grand to build up, Xtracycle provide extended brake and shifter cables while you supply a longer chain, the accessory seats/bags/footrest/handbars, etc. add cost.

An example bike converted to a longtail cargo ebike using the Xtracycle Leap kit and Bafang mid-drive kit motor
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I saw a used xtracycle added to a diamondback mountain bike for $900 at a LBS. It had steel frame, rim brakes, and a 6 speed shimano rear cluster of the type I have broken the axle with gross weight under 300 lb. They wouldn't let me step over it to measure frame size without my helmet. (at home). I turned it down. Instead I bought the cargo bike left from yubabikes.com for $2000 with integral aluminum welded frame, fenders, 8 speed shimano rear cluster with sram shifters, 10 mm axles, mechanical disk brakes, panniers, passenger foot rests, front basket that doesn't turn with the front wheel, and double leg stand. It was perfect when it came in requiring only handlebar footrest & pedal installation.
The fact that the xtracycle requires me to balance the bike and dance around while I try to lift my foot over the bar is another huge sales barrier. Some of us are not even age 58 anymore. (when I started having trouble lifting my leg over my mountain bike.) My legs are as strong as they were 10 years ago, but my flexibility is certainly not the same.
Electric conversion with a 17 ah luna battery & a 1000 w dd hubmotor was $820 for kit and $20 for sundry supplies.
Plusses for the xtracycle, it comes with standard seat post & steering stem diameter. The yubabikes ones are a weird size, which saves weight.
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