Yamaha Cross Connect


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We are looking for two Ebikes and I am leaning towards the Yamaha Cross Connect. I was wondering what owners actually thought of the bike (any anyone for that matter).
How are they on hills?
Is riding slow (4-5mph) doable with the Yamaha moter?
Is it possible to add a higher (Adj) riser or stem to get a little more upright (wife sort of likes the more upright seating)

Any other thoughts on the bikes or something else I should look at?

Saratoga Dave

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It’s got the same series motor as the Civante, but assist tops out at 20mph. It will definitely climb. Doesn’t have quite the gear range of the Civante, but 34/30 will climb a steep hill just fine.

You can ride it slowly either with the assist at 0 (off) or in the lowest level, +Eco. That level effectively counters the extra weight of the bike over a non ebike.

Yep, stems are replaceable.


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THANK YOU! We are hoping to get to test ride this weekend. They seem to be a well made bike for the price but finding much on the forums about them is tough. Thank you for your input and if anyone would like to comment I would love to hear it!
I also own a Civante but I test rode a Cross Connect. It will go slow just fine and also has enough oomph in higher assist to make hills easy. It seems like a good comfort hybrid style bike, if that's what you're after.

The Yamaha system will still require you to pedal, in that you will need to apply progressively more force to the pedals to go progressively faster at a given assist level. The other mid-drives I tried in this price range (Bosch and Brose motors) seemed to have less torque on test rides, so they required more input or force from me. On the other end of the spectrum, a strong cadence-based hub motor will let you pretend to pedal - as long as the pedals are moving, even if you're just spinning without much force, the motor will apply a set amount of power. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, but I wanted a higher level of assist/torque while still putting in my own effort and Yamaha was my Goldilocks. I'm sure there are motors/systems that are even better, but they'll cost more (or require you to build it yourself).

I like it a lot, but I'd still say the best thing you can do is try out different brands with different motors before settling on a bike. If the dealer you're visiting sells other brands, try them out too even if you don't think you'll buy. Feel out the differences between brands/models and figure out which system you and your wife prefer.


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Code54- We have 2 cross connects and have put over 1,000 miles on both of them this summer-fantastic ebike! I had a rad ro er previously which was decent but these are much better-are typical ridez are 25-30 miles in moderatly hilly terrain-central ny-
and we usually only use about 50% of battery in that distance-on the flat 70-100 miles should be doable.Even if battery ran out they are nice pedaling road bikes so no big deal- only issue so far is mine just started a little creaking from motor mou t bolts which is a known issue on yamaha powered ebikes (giant also) usually just removing greasing bolts and retorqing them cures it-I just redid mine and will test in next day or so