Yamaha PW-X or Bosch CX Performance


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Hey there
I'm 51 and first time e-bike buyer.
Haibike Sduro Hardnine 7.0 2017 or Haibike Xduro Hardnine Carbon 8.0 2017. 80% main road and 20% offroad. I have a bag injury and have only 50% power in my left leg. PW-X or CX Performance. Please help
Bobby from Denmark.


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I'd get the Sduro Hardnine 8.0 (rather than 7.0) because it has a GPS tracker included with E-Connect.

In any case, let us know what you end up buying. It's always interesting to hear about people's experiences.


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No pw x in the US, most of us won't be of much help! Knowing that I'd take the normal Yamaha over the Bosch, I'd go pw x myself though.


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You'll have to ask yourself "which one would Don Henley or David Bowie choose"? You look like a cross of those two.
That's a compliment, of course.