Yamaha pwx fault


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Hi Folk..
I thought I'd join this excellent forum after reading it for some weeks..
I own a Haibike fullseven 7 which is a good bike and I have been pleased with it until recently..it has a 5 year frame warranty but only a 2 year warranty on the electrics...it is now 8 months out of warranty for the electrics and the motor has packed in...fault code 062 flashed up...motor controller it says..I contacted haibike who said too far out of warranty goodbye!..new motor £900...so I'm pretty annoyed really...I've been told water damage is nearly always the cause..you cannot just buy the PCB board...seems like its not fit for purpose as I've never pressure washed it or been in deep water with it..my mates have older bikes of different makes and have no trouble..I thought Yamaha would be a reliable choice given they have been making e-bike for a long time..have any of you folks had any trouble or issues with the same motor...any help or advice would be great..thanks