Yamaha unveils new full-suspension electric mountain bike

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@Stefan, how would you compare the 2021 Stance E+ to the 2020 Trance E+ ? From my limited mtb. exp. , i read it has an improved, larger battery size (625wh) vs 500wh. Other then that what are other key differences ?

It is a good e-MTB. Especially, the 625 Wh battery is gladly welcome. It is a basic trail e-bike with very good specs. Highly recommended!

Differences: First of all, the Trance represents the next level of a trail e-MTB. It has longer travel and lighter shocks. The Pro version offers more powerful motor. The Trance's tyres are fatter. The tyres in Trance are tubeless, while I can read the Stance's are "tubeless ready". The drive-train and brakes in Trance are a level up.

Yet don't be deluded by the Trance. @PDoz (whom I trust) had explained to me I wouldn't need the Trance (too much of e-MTB for me) unless I had money to burn or my ego dictated me the purchase. I took Trance because I had money to burn and my ego dictated me buying the Trance :) Honestly, Stance is a very good e-bike and what makes me a little bit upset about my Trance is the 500 Wh battery (to get the 625 one, I need to pay a lot of money and the waiting time becomes months now).

Unless you need to ride a Giant really technically, the Stance is a very good choice. You might invest the money saved in a better dropper post, for example :)
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The Trance’s Maestro rear suspension is a worthy upgrade. It just works better, and the overall spec is better. Unless money is really tight, the Trance is a much nicer bike.
But yes, it will take you to the same places. LOL

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Are you sure, Chris? Maestro is this one:


Trance E+


Stance E+

Maestro is the Giant brand name for the type of the rear suspension link. Another link is found in Specialized FS bikes:


FSR link, once only found in Specialized and Norco bikes until the patent expired.


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Maestro is a four-pivot system, a more compliant range, with better pedaling support. Yes, there's a difference. :)

There's also a BIG difference in suspension action and damping control on the higher end forks.

The Stance is their entry-level model.

I'm not sure how they compare to MORO!! 😁

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The 'futuristic' part of the article is obviously based on the writers ignorance that split frame designs have been used on motorcycles with similar suspensions, for oh I'd say at least 40 years.

Full suspension ebikes are a real challenge to accomplish and to build it well, and have it remain reliable for years in the 'future.' Yamaha appears to have gotten this right and the price is no surprise, which is what I would expect a real full suspension ebike to cost. I would not question this design one iota, with their eons of experience in moto-cross and motorcycles etc. Their motocross products are well known as being the best of the best in the industry. Super tough and super reliable.