Yamaha vs Dapu motors


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Which one you think is better?i like very much bh rebel 27.5 lite with the yamaha motor and the bh evo 27.5 lite with the dapu motor...
I don't have the opportunity to have a test ride as i live in europe Greece and they only make orders
Thank you!!!

Chris Nolte

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I would recommend the Yamaha over the Dapu. They're both pretty good, but the Yamaha will be a bit more refined in power delivery and more reliable. Having a center drive also helps when you need service and the shop isn't comfortable with ebikes.
I am a big fan of Dapu motors. Tried several brands like o2, Ariel Rider, BH. All were very responsive, fast . I always feel hubs are more fun to ride.
If you want to use it like a mtb then mid drive is better.

For service mid-drives are easier just more compact. But if a bike store is comfortable with e-bike they can repair both. If not comfortable they will be helpless for both versions (at least for electronic parts)