Year-End Holiday Sale! Save $300 + Free Shipping on 2019 Models!


Acey DC E-Bikes Are the Result of Our Relentless Pursuit of the Ultimate Riding Experience.

Our obsession for ride quality is the reason Acey e-bikes are among the smoothest, most responsive and natural-riding hub motor electric bikes available - at any price. We are the ONLY e-bike brand that combines the unmatched precision and response of a genuine bottom bracket torque sensor (like those found in the best mid-motor e-bikes) with the zip, power and reliability of a geared hub and throttle.

Our tech is incorporated into premium quality bike platforms with upgraded parts, components and safety features that enhance the performance of the tech. The result is an incredibly natural ride experience that feels exactly like riding a regular bike, but with "magic pedals" that make it twice as easy to pedal.

Please visit us at and see why we say "You won't find a better e-bike for less, but you will find lesser e-bikes for more."

Sale Ends 12/31/19 or when 2019 models are sold.

Current 2019 Inventory: we have fewer than 10 e-bikes remaining of each model. Please check the site for updated model and color availability, but be please be patient because our site is very slow and won't be replaced until next year. (Court, we now fully understand the problems you had with EBR earlier this year. P.I.T.A.)

Our History: For the past two years, we've been serving local riders and cycling "purists" who are transitioning to e-bikes, but don't want to lose the pure and natural feeling of riding a bike; they want it to feel easier, not different.

Notice of Closure from 1/1 - 1/6/2020. We will not be shipping any e-bikes and providing only limited email assistance during this time.

EDITS: Corrected typos and dates.


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Thank you to everyone who participated in our sale! All orders placed prior to today have been picked up by FedEx and should be arriving in 3-5 days. Check your email for a tracking number to monitor whether any delays are caused by higher volume Holiday mailings. You can change delivery locations or delivery dates with the FedEx app.

Acey will be closed the first week of January to be with family during a difficult time. We will re-open on January 8, 2020. No orders will be fulfilled until we re-open, but they will be treated with priority upon our return. I'll try to respond to any customer service email/text inquiries within 24 hours, but your understanding and patience is appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is any shipping damage. All shipments are insured.

After we re-open, I'll post an update on availability for those who were considering an Acey E-Bike and hadn't made up their mind yet. My heart hasn't been into promoting this sale, so it will be extended.

Have a safe and joyful New Year! May all your destinations be down hill and may the wind always at your back! And hug your loved ones like there is no tomorrow!