Yet another request to help find a bike :)


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I am from the UK and come from quite a sporty family, except for me who is a chair sitting geek/nerd. One of the lock-down issues that has occurred for me at least is that I am starting to develop a Covid Belly, so I am looking for an E-Bike that will allow me to first of get me fitter, then commute to work, and then hopefully allow me to go on mini adventures.

I am 170cm tall with an inside leg of 80cm.

What I would like is for people to tell me what I need to ask and look out for in bike because to be honest the specs make very little sense to me, as well as any manufacturers or retailers in the UK that I need to avoid.

(Aged 52 1/2) :)

rich c

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I've been riding eBikes since 2016. Your first choice is do you want a natural biking feel (torque sensor) or a scooter feel (cadence sensor and throttle). Then hill climbing ability (mid drive for steep hills, geared hub motor or more moderate, and direct hub motor of flat commuting.) Maybe the throttle is not an option in the UK? Then you have to decide position style, upright (riser handlebars), partially bent (straight handlebars) and aero position (drop bars). Then figure range (battery capacity), and finally ride comfort (full suspension, suspension fork, and then suspension seat post). I would never buy another spring fork, it barely has any give in it. After that, ride as many demos as possible.


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Hi Peter. As a relative whippersnapper at 50 3/4. I - like you - decided I better get out and about more. My brother has ridden for years, but a road bike and in full Lycra... not exactly my thing, but I did like the idea of 2 wheels. We (Missus and I) went for a couple of Moustache bikes having done “extensive” YouTube research. They seem to be good quality bikes and I’d strongly recommend them. Without being technical. I wanted comfort - so full suspension - due to a dodgy back; a good motor with plenty of oomph (so everything really can be easy...); a fairly upright sitting position (I’m not chasing white vans) and faith that what I buy won’t fall to bits in a year or so. The Moustache fitted my criteria and budget and I liked the reviews from the chap at FullyCharged in London and Chris (Propel) in the States. Lastly, the local Moustache dealer is about a km from us so easy to pop to. I ended up with a Friday FS 5 (2020) and the missus a Samedi X Road 5 (2020). I would have gone for the X Road 7 (nice red colour) but for some reason there seem to be a few folks with the same idea about addressing that covid belly and I couldn’t get my hands on one here (Montréal). So I stuck the bigger battery in mine to make sure I could keep up with the wife and “cheat” when needed and overtake anyone in Lycra struggling up a hill and then apologize profusely. Very happy!