Yukon vs Mariner


I'm going to buy an electric bicycle soon and have narrowed it down to either the Yukon 750 Ltd or the Mariner 500 Ltd.

My mission for this bike is to get some exercise and get to town and back. At nearly 300 pounds and 63 years of age, it's a little too far to do the round trip on a regular bike. The ride includes some trails with a couple patches of soft sand, and the rest is mostly pavement.

I would especially like to hear from someone who has experience with both models to see which they prefer to use and why. Foldability would be nice, but less important to me than being a good solid riding bike. If the riding is the same, I'll take the folding and the ease of getting on and off of the Mariner, but if the Yukon turns out to be way better for this commuting, then I can pass on the folding.

Thanks in advance for your comments,
Coombs, BC,
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Hi Claudio,
I ended up getting neither the Yukon nor the Mariner. I found another Canadian company called Teo Fat Bike with a great product. Apparently the bike frame is an upgrade and the bike has 15 other important upgrades, making it a better bike all around. The upgrades that sold me on it were the 17 amp hour battery vs the 10.4 amp hour one the Yukon LTD uses, this means nearly twice the range, and the Teo has hydraulic disc brakes vs the mechanical ones on the Yukon and Mariner.

The list price for both basic versions is the same, though there is a $200 off sale on the Yukon currently. The Teo S Ltd version is a couple hundred more, but is well worth it. I believe it to be a better bike all around. You can check out the Teo Fat Bike here:


If you decide to buy one, please use the above link and I'll get a small commission for promoting the bike. You can sign up for that too once you buy a Teo. Not that I do it for the few bucks it makes me, the important thing is that this is a great bike and the owner of the company, Benoit, is a really nice guy, very helpful, and his goal is to make happy customers.

I got the medium frame version in White with Brown seat and handlebar grips. See below. :)
Teo Medium.jpg


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I would stick with voltbike the teo does not even look good nor is it price competitive looks like someone bombing the thread with their ads for teo we have 2 Mariner Voltbike's and totally enjoy them

Jeff McNab

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The Teo sounds like a good option but at a height of 6'3" that seat tube is too short.

The large Teo has a 16" seat tube length.

The Voltbike Yukon has a seat tube length of just longer then 19".

With a lot of exposed seatpost the Yukon fits me and gives me a nice reach to the bars. My daughter is 5'5" and can ride my Yukon with the seat height lowered. There is about 8-10" of seatpost exposed on my Yukon when she rides it.

My daughter rides a 16" Specialized, that is properly fit, so I don't understand how the Teo is supposed to fit adult males.

Also, the website is all in French. - doesn't work for me.

Edit to add: the Teo actually has a 18" seat tube - It looks smaller in the photo. The Teo looks very similar to the Yukon except for some details - nice details too. Also, I found I can select English on the website at the top (my bad)

Let us know how the Teo works out? Looks cool.
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Jeff McNab

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What was assembly like?

What was the shipping packing like?

Did you have to pay for shipping?

I'm intrigued.