Zemo Announces Bosch Bike with 1000 Wh Battery Capacity


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Zemo is the first company to take advantage of the new Y-cable Bosch configuration allowing two 500 Wh batteries to be used simultaneously. The controller draws from both batteries at the same time. One battery sits on the frame and the other under the rear rack assembly.

Although this specific bike probably won't make it to the US, dual battery bikes from Bosch eventually will.

The link below is in German, but you can paste in Chrome for a translation.

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Ann M.

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What an incredibly practical setup! Nice weight distribution of the two batteries on the Zemo and a thoughtful inclusion of a usable rack above the rear battery. I'm surprised that there aren't more commuter ebikes with a design like this. Golden Motor conversion kits offer a Y type harness to accommodate custom builds.



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Nice step through. Great solution for extended range and weight distribution at the same time in a package that isn't an eyesore


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That's a lot of battery power. I'm not a fan of derailleurs though. I prefer the cleaner look of an internally-geared hub.

Look good yeh. Otherwise, heavy, heavy heavy. Less efficent. EXPENSIVE!! Oh and if it malfunctions, no LBS is gonna work on it. You're shipping the wheel back to the maker for service.