Zero electric motorcycles


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Hi, I have been reading and watching your reviews with great interest.
Have a few e-bikes for commuting and like them.

Recently, decided to step up into the more powerfull electric off road bikes. Was thinking about the Stealth Bomber type of bikes, but than stumbled upon the Zero Fx electric off road motorcycle.
Decided to purchase it and been having the time of my life on this great machine.

I know it's not an electric bycicle but would love tobsee you review thismachine from an e-biker professional point of view.

In the meantime, I opened a Facebook page for the Zero Fx with videos and photos. It is not related to the manufacturer so anything can be written there.

Thanks, Oded.

zerofx4 (2).jpg


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Nice. I've been motorcycling for 50 years! Been watching Zero and Brammo (now bought by Victory, watch out!) since their introduction. At first they weren't much more than glorified E bikes. The suspension was a joke. The range and power have at least doubled, if not more!
If I was buying new I'd consider, but you can get a lot of bike (used) for 5k which is what I spend.
What kind of real world riding range you getting?