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Hi folks,
I used to mountain bike following a heart attack at 42 (bad genes, worse lifestyle) and triple bypass about ten years ago, and got up to doing 20 miles rides on local rails to trails. Unfortunately I ended up with chronic tendinitis (and probably longitudinal tears) in the peroneal muscles on the outside of both ankles, which forced me to give up traditional bikes.

In the spring of 2016 at age 50, I had 5 strokes which left my left arm and leg paralyzed and ruined my balance and coordination. They put two heart stents in my brain, and after several months of intensive therapy I regained use of my left arm and most of my left leg, though it’s still weaker than my right.

Because I was still having trouble with balance, I tried several reverse trikes, but just riding several models for an hour at the local dealer flared up the ankle tendinitis within 48 hours, even though I had not ridden a bike for 6 years.

During PT I was able to use a stationary elliptical machine without flaring up the ankles, so I started researching upright elliptical bikes. Unfortunately my residual balance trouble at the time precluded riding a two wheeler, and there were no decent three wheel elliptical trikes on the market.

So I adapted a Zike Saber with a trike rear axle off eBay. Unfortunately due to the much larger rear wheels (24” vs the original 16” rear wheel) and inability to “skate” the trike to get it moving with the wider rear axle, I couldn’t get it moving.

Therefore I put a 20” front wheel ebikekit motor and controller on the front and was able to start riding this trike for continued outdoor exercise.

I sold this trike to a very eager young man this summer who was recovering from a pretty severe neck fracture and had just graduated to being able to use an elliptical machine in rehab. He was really excited by the potential of the design for his own recovery, and I thought the idea might help others.

I’m now able to ride a two wheel bike again, and I’m back on a full size motorcycle. (Because of the residual weakness in my left ankle, making shifting more difficult, I picked up a Honda NC750X with DCT. It is an “automatic” 6 speed and has no foot shifter.)

However, due to the chronic ankle tendinitis and residual post stroke fatigue, I’ll have to have a mid motor with PAS as well as throttle and reliable battery range, and I hope to pick one up this spring.

Thanks all for a great ebike forum!

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