Zooz Bikes launches 3 new BMX-style electric bikes


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Looks like an interesting eBike for Millennials who grew up with BMX style bikes. ;)

Zooz Bikes has just announced the launch of its new electric bike model known as The Urban Ultralight. The bikes are available in three versions: The Zooz Urban Ultralight 250, Urban Ultralight 750, and Urban Ultralight 1100. As you probably guessed, those figures relate to the wattage of the bikes’ motors. While the three different models are differentiated by motor power and battery capacity, all three share many similarities.

The bikes are not heavy on technology like some other e-bikes we’ve seen lately. Instead, Zooz is adopting “a less-is-more approach, focusing on quality components, design, and the ride instead of gadgets and racks and gimmicks,” explained cofounder Chris Zahner. He continued, “Urban dwellers are looking for exploration and excitement on top of simple mobility as social distancing measures not only affect your commute but also minimize our daily dose of excitement. Zooz offers thrill-on-demand.”

All of Zooz’s e-bikes feature minimalistic, chromed-out 4130 Chromoly steel frames, long bench seats for two riders, and hydraulic disc brakes. While they certainly have a BMX-meets-minibike appearance, they aren’t actually sporting typical BMX wheels. Instead, you get an option of either 24″ or 26″ wheels (only 26″ on the higher power models), as well as an option for low or high handlebars on all Zooz models. The Urban Ultralight 250 (or UU 250, as Zooz calls it for short) has a rear geared hubmotor rated for 250W continuous or 500W peak. Its 36V 17.5Ah battery packs in 630 Wh for a “minimum range” of 25 miles (40 km). The 44.1 lb (20 kg) bike can support riders up to 200 lb (90 kg) and rider heights of 5’0″ to 6’5″ (152-195 cm). The top speed is only 16 mph (25 km/h), but this is the base model after all. All three bikes are now available for pre-order with delivery by April of next year. The Zooz UU250 is on sale for $1,500 (regularly $2,000), the UU 750 is on sale for $2,000 (regularly $2,600), and the UU 1100 is on sale for $2,500 (regularly $3,200).