Zuma price


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This is a nice cruiser at a nice list price.

What am I missing? Used to be in $2,500 ballpark... Now $1,700 ... Has a decent battery ...


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Thats not a big difference in battery. The 1700 is an excellent deal and the 36v is all most people need.


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...or if you want to accelerate faster, or pull a trailer, or carry a load, or any other use for which you would like more power.

I pull a trailer and carry a load with both my 36v bikes. No you don't NEED 48v. Like i said.

joshua kirst

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i just bought a 2014 zuma 36v and a 2015 48v. the power and duration difference is negligible. my girl friend can t tell the difference either. we both get same speed. both seem to run out around same time.....excellent range on both....great acceleration on both.