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My Bafang mid drive motor was cutting out. I received suggestions regarding the battery terminals. What I discovered was that on rough roads the battery was actually dropping down and loosing a good contact. I reversed the cradle and the battery now sits with the prongs down. Riding on rough roads doesn't cause a loss of contact. I haven't had the motor cut out once since following all the suggestions.
Ebike novice, I have converted my mountain bike to a 250w frort hub drive, here in the Uk.
I have ignored indianajo because of his attitude. You may want to also. I have a Rad Mini. The other brands are comparable. You need the 750 watt motor. I ride half pavement, half forest roads. Good Luck in your search.
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I just skip over his comments. LOL
I think he likes to hear himself talk.
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I had this dream, that all EBR forum posters who posted more than 300 times per year were put on mute. Sadly it was only a dream. ;)