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Just an adventure boy, born and raised in south Detroit...
but deivijones theres no such place as south Detroit, I live west of Detroit in Ann Arbor, just received my Eahora snowx6 today, but you can take midnight train anywhere
Hi it's Bill from the brake thread.
I think I'll take you up on the shifter. I read your post on the other thread about ripping off the front gears etc. and I think I will end up doing the same.

email me at billruff@comcast.net and I'll pay for it and shipping.

Thanks for all your help.
email sent...
I am an 87.8 year old who has had an X-treme e-bike for 5 years in February. Bought it as part of the company's intro of the bike for only $499 on the web. Love it! Local bike shop changed tires at my request from knobbier to non-aggressive road tread. Battery is beginning to drop off a little; top speed with throttle is about 17.5. 99% of use has been with throttle.
More--Pedal assist was single step only and obnoxious to use. It has been dead for a year or so and I don't plan to revive it. At nearly 88 energy and endurance have peaked. Believe e will help prolong the riding.
Good riding to you! SOunds like both you and the Xtreme are doing well!