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Hi Tomdav, What model of Frey did you get? I live in Selah, by Yakima and make it to our boat at Salmon Bay often... Any chance of seeing it when you get it?

Thanks, Don
Hi All, I’m new to this site. I have an Iaccoa 24v ebike. My question is about the on/off module adjacent to the throttle lever. When I turn it on it goes green, but as soon as I begin riding it immediately goes to amber. This is strange as I have new batteries in the bike. Please, any suggestions are welcome including where or how to repair or replace the module. Bill
Hi all, I have 2 Iaccoa ebikes which run fine. My question is regarding the on/off module next to the throttle. With new batteries the throttle goes green when turned on, but immediately amber once I start riding. Is there a fix or trouble shooting for this???
Folding eBike Reviews
As I am getting older I am looking to purchase a folding ebike. I have been looking at the Blix Vika +. I had noticed in a EBR review recently that it was one of the top rated ebikes. When I did a search for top rated ebikes for 2020 by EBR it is no longer listed. What has changed top drop the Blix Vika+ bikes EBR rating, as the earlier top rated review seemed current for 2020?
Hi I live in Wellington, New Zealand and have a Moar ebike which has developed a fault. All the power is connected but there is no drive being transferred to the motor from either the throttle or the pedals