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Hello Everyone,
I am Peter from Budapest in Hungary.
  • BH Emotion Xenion 700 with Bosch Classic 2013
  • Haibike FS RS 2015 (45km/h)
  • Plan: Probably KTM Macina Style 610 model 2020.
I found this forum when I was searching for feedback on tuning set (SpeedBox 3 for Bosch).
I am glad to join this community.
Best regards,
I have a daymak arrow , new in June 2019. Turned ignition on and display flashing , voltage going up and down, reads in the 73.7 bolts at charging port some on app. Batteries all tested fine , all connections at handlebars seem fine and snug, any ideas?
Hi Harry, Nope, no bikes allowed to drive across that bridge. Motorcycles yes, no problem. If your bike could maintain 50 mph then maybe. I believe that they have a van that carries bikes and riders across. There is an annual swim across, 9 miles and some people consider that quite doable.
Also we have some nice bike paths but sadly e-bikes not that popular here.
Nice to hear from you. Don (Old Don}
Just an adventure boy, born and raised in south Detroit...
but deivijones theres no such place as south Detroit, I live west of Detroit in Ann Arbor, just received my Eahora snowx6 today, but you can take midnight train anywhere
Hi it's Bill from the brake thread.
I think I'll take you up on the shifter. I read your post on the other thread about ripping off the front gears etc. and I think I will end up doing the same.

email me at and I'll pay for it and shipping.

Thanks for all your help.
I am an 87.8 year old who has had an X-treme e-bike for 5 years in February. Bought it as part of the company's intro of the bike for only $499 on the web. Love it! Local bike shop changed tires at my request from knobbier to non-aggressive road tread. Battery is beginning to drop off a little; top speed with throttle is about 17.5. 99% of use has been with throttle.
More--Pedal assist was single step only and obnoxious to use. It has been dead for a year or so and I don't plan to revive it. At nearly 88 energy and endurance have peaked. Believe e will help prolong the riding.
Good riding to you! SOunds like both you and the Xtreme are doing well!
What a lovely picture you have for your profile. If possible, tell us more about it. Thanks!
I love water sports... I'm very active in the summer with my jetski and going on trips with a jet ski club I've joined.
I see you've just recently started posting, and are from my neck of the woods (I'm in Victoria BC). Welcome to the forums! I've just recently become active in them myself. :)
I just can't bring myself to ride my EBike in wet weather. Water has a way of getting into places.
Rob NJ
Rob NJ
We took our Trek Supercommuters over on the ferry from Boston to Cape cod for a week. Only transport we had. Rode in the pouring rain many times. Also took them on a bike rack across the country, and down the east coast. Of course we don’t do stupid things, wipe them off, protect them as well as we can, but zero problems.
Me and my wife got stuck in a sudden torrential downpour for several kilometres on our Pedago bikes. Dried them off when we got home and no problems.
Currently riding the 2019 Giant Explore E+3 With Origin8 Citadel pedals, Satori suspension seatpost, Selle Royal Seta saddle, and Easton stem for reach adjustment. Motor-Giant SyncDrive Sport, 80Nm powered by YAMAHA, 350% tuneable support ,
Battery-Giant EnergyPak 400, 36V 11.3Ah Rechargeable Lithium-Ion, Shimano Deore derailleur.
How do you like the Explore E+ 3? How does it compare to what you were riding before?

A wonderful Rail Trail in Central CT. I've ridden it countless times and it's always a joy. My Fav !

Another nice CT Rail Trail.

Thanks for posting your list,

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Thanks John

I didn't know about these. Close enough for me to do in a weekend. I'll add them to the list.

Thanks again

Bought the Ripcurrent S from Juice Bikes Nov. 3 I love it so much I just had to buy another one so my GF can ride with me..