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So today I received my Sondors fold xs rack and fenders,and now waiting for them to ship out my bike.
My order was for July delivery, and they are saying it should ship on our before Aug.24.Has anybody else experienced this delay shipping with Sondors
Just gotta ask, do they call you the breeze? ...keep rollin' down the road:) I usually see music references even when there aren't any, due to very eclectic interests. As a teen of the 70's this one seemed obvious.

Welcome to the forum!
Mr. Breeze
Mr. Breeze
Why yes they do J.R. :) Goes back to my early motorcycling days and the Lynyrd Skynryd version of the J.J. Cale song was my nickname and anthem...still is. (although perhaps the slower versions - J.J. Cale and John Mayer may be more appropriate for the speeds I ride now... :). Thanks for the welcome J.R.!
Hello...I am new too the forum and just got my first e bike( como 4.0 low entry ). I live in the catskill mntns of n.y. The bike is a perfect fit for riding up here and i love it ! Now heres my problem......I got a flat on my rear wheel .Do i have to have it fixed or replaced by a dealer. The nearest dealer,bike shop is 40 miles away! Is their a product or sealent (fix a flat) i can use? any recomendations
Generally speaking you wold fix the flat like any normal bicycle. Remove wheel from bike. Remove tire from rim. Find and remove what ever caused the flat. Install new tube. Reassemble. If you have never fixed a flat before. Maybe you have a friend how has And can help you. Good luck
Wow thank you so much for all that info you posted. Is there any downside you can think of with going with the e+1 over the e+2 other than extra cost? Is there anything superior on the e+2 ? (did you test ride both?)
The past 5 months have been interesting with the virus concerns and my family medical problems, so I am now back out on my bike and need old batteries to be rebuilt. Does any one know local battery shops. Fort Worth Tx area.
You’ll like it:

Thanks Marci Jo. I believe our Pups are At Least as excited as we are.
And, I do believe that pulling those trailers with them in them will take some practice.
Have a Great One.
Still riding my Aventon Pace 500, doing mostly rail trails, have over 750 miles on it and enjoying it every time I take it out.
I am currently looking for a comfort/hybrid style e-bike. What I have found that seems to fit me so far are the Trek Verve+ 3 low-step 2020 and the Specialized Turbo Como 3.0 650b Low-entry. Could these names be any stranger? Frame geometry is extremely important to me as I get older, now 74, and have neck issues. I have only rode the Como and still trying to see the Verve.
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What did you think of como 3.0 , I was thinking of that also, I think it is a little lighter than verve 3, looks like it would be comfortable riding too
Between the two, the Como is the more comfortable.

Not the greatest on hills, but not awful. The scooping seat position is something it sounds like you would find comfortable, given your desire to not be hunched over in a ’sporting’ position.