Electric Bike Guides

November 24, 2017

Bosch Ebike Battery Design Comparisons and Considerations

    Bosch has been a lead designer and manufacturer of electric bike drive systems and batteries globally since 2010 according to their official website. I began seeing them arrive in the United States… read more

    January 28, 2017

    10 Essential Accessories for New Electric Bike Owners

      Electric bikes are great but depending on your budget, intended use and environment the bike alone may not completely serve your needs. That’s where accessories come in! But before we dig in, I want to… read more

      January 27, 2017

      Is it Safe to Ride an Electric Bike in the Rain? Can I Wash it After?

        Are electric bikes waterproof? Can an ebike be ridden in the rain and mud? How can I clean it safely afterwards? This is a series of questions lots of people ask when considering the purchase… read more

        January 26, 2017

        Electric Mountain Bike Trail Etiquette

          As motor and battery technology has become increasingly durable, lighter weight and more powerful, electric mountain bikes have become a reality and are now widely accepted worldwide. The video below talks about what an electric… read more

          January 25, 2017

          Insurance for Electric Bikes

            Electric bikes have a lot in common with cars, certainly more than regular bicycles do. They’re expensive, usually more complex with mechanical, electrical and computer driven systems and they tend to travel faster and for… read more

            January 24, 2017

            The Best Electric Bikes for Large People

              Electric bikes can empower you to overcome physical challenges that might be getting in the way of riding a traditional unpowered bicycle. I discovered the technology in 2012 when a knee injury started making my… read more

              January 23, 2017

              The Best Electric Bikes for Small People

                Bicycles can be a wonderful tool for saving money, staying in shape and connecting with your community but you need one that fits properly to be safe and that can be a challenge for smaller… read more

                January 22, 2017

                A Professional Guide to Fitting and Adjusting Your Electric Bike

                  Recently I purchased a new Specialized Turbo Levo full suspension electric mountain bike from Peloton Cycles in Fort Collins Colorado. This ebike uses the Brose motor system and seemed like an excellent way to learn… read more

                  January 21, 2017

                  Electric Bike Mid Drive Motor Comparison

                    Mid drive motors are becoming more popular on electric bicycles because they offer certain strengths over traditional in-wheel hub motors. These include: Improved frame balance front to rear and reduced frame flex The ability to… read more

                    January 20, 2017

                    What’s the Difference Between Electric Bike Motors?

                      One of the biggest questions about electric bikes is “What’s the difference between motors?” and that’s because there are several different types including geared and gearless hubs, mid-drives and shaft drives. Not to mention brushed… read more

                      January 19, 2017

                      How to Securely Lock and Fully Protect Your Electric Bike & Accessories

                        Bike theft is a concern for any cyclist but when you add an expensive battery, sensitive display panel and a bunch of high-tech accessories like lights, a seat post suspension and phone mounts to the… read more

                        December 23, 2016

                        Introduction to Bicycle Shoes and Pedals for Electric Bikes

                          For the longest time I was confused about the term “clipless” as it relates to bicycle pedals. Why are they called clip-less if they utilize a clipping mechanism to hold your shoe in place? As… read more

                          December 22, 2016

                          Tips for Long Distance Electric Bike Trekking and Touring

                            In 2016 Sushil Reddy took on the ultimate challenge, riding an electric bike more than 4,600 miles (7,500 Kilometers) across nine states in India! He had to deal with a wide range of street conditions,… read more

                            November 1, 2016

                            The Environmental Cost of Electric Bikes vs. Cars and Motorcycles

                              We live in a consumer based society, which ultimately amounts to both waste and environmental impact. Without getting too far into the political implications of our effect on the planet, this article aims to investigate… read more

                              October 21, 2016

                              The True Costs of Owning and Using an Electric Bike

                                This guide is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the short and long term costs associated with electric bike purchase, use and ownership. I’ve listed dates for the first section to help orient you… read more

                                October 10, 2016

                                What Are Electric Bike Classes and Why Do They Matter?

                                  As electric bicycles have become more popular in Europe, Asia and the Americas, different types of products have entered the space. Some could be considered “low speed electric bikes” as defined by U.S. Public… read more

                                  October 9, 2016

                                  How to Replace an Electric Bike Battery if the Model is Discontinued or the Company is Out of Business?

                                    Introduction… skip to the third paragraph if you’re in a hurry :) Some products are designed to be disposable… this may be due to health and sanitation reasons or simply because producing and delivering a… read more

                                    October 8, 2016

                                    Interbike 2016 Videos and Updates

                                      2016 was the fourth year I got to attend Interbike but this is only the third guide posted about it… and that’s because I got really sick in 2015 after eating a taco (served by… read more

                                      May 30, 2016

                                      Electric Bike Flat Tire Fix and Tips

                                        If you ride any bicycle long enough and far enough, you will eventually succumb to an un-welcomed flat tire. Changing said flat on the side of a busy road for the first time may feel… read more

                                        May 5, 2016

                                        Ebike Battery Safety: Storage and Charging at Home

                                          In recent years I’ve heard about a few incidents of electric bike shops burning down due to damaged batteries and chargers. These shops often perform maintenance/repair work on ebikes that have been subject to wear… read more