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This site is designed to help people discover electric bikes and make informed decisions about which one to buy. Every review and comment reply is hand written and unpaid however there are general advertising relationships in place that fund the site and provide exposure for select brands.

Ad space limited with the goal of reducing clutter and distraction. Ad types include right rail banners, promoted reviews and geo-targeted placements for local and national shops. Please contact me for more information.

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Electric bikes tend to be more complex and expensive than traditional bicycles and other sporting goods. As a result, the purchase process may become highly involved and require extensive research. The reviews here support this process and strive to provide unbiased feedback to visitors. The image below shows unique visits clustered by location over a 30 day period in late 2013.


Further supporting the reviews I publish on the main site is a network of Community forums designed to help users connect and fully flesh out their purchase intent. Each brand with reviews on the site gets a special forum area where enthusiasts and customers can connect.

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This website and associated forums are responsive meaning they literally respond to a user’s chosen browsing platform and screen resolution. Content and ads look great on desktop, tablets and smartphone mobile devices. Go ahead, change the size of your browser window right now and see it in action!

New web-enabled technologies have changed how readers ingest content. For example, discovery and research may begin on a smart phone, continue on a tablet and commence on a laptop. This site and its respective ads are designed to work well in all cases.

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This site is a part of the Google Display Network which includes DoubleClick for Publishers and YouTube. Google is a leader and innovator in Internet advertising. They also strive for environmentally conscious business practices which reflects well on the clean technology and transportation space that ebikes are a part of.

All visual assets and location data settings are managed by me directly. As an advertiser, it is your duty to provide appropriate and legally viable imagery and shop data as well as keep it up to date.

What are Promoted Listings?

Reviews with the “Promoted Listing” tag (as shown in the screenshot below) have been elevated to the top of their respective category on the site in order to generate more awareness. receives payment for this exposure but does not alter or enhance the reviews in any way. All reviews on the site are provided free of charge and it is my goal to provide unbiased, quantitative content that can help inform the best purchase possible.


If you represent a company that is looking to increase exposure for one of your reviews, please contact me for more information. Only reviews that have received 4+ stars are eligible for promotion and they may only be promoted within qualifying categories on the site.