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Put Your E-Bike Shop on the Map!

Every day, tens of thousands visit with the aim of selecting the perfect product for their lifestyle and budget. But that’s only the beginning! Where will they actually buy their Ebike, accessories, and cycling gear? Well, our local listing service is designed to highlight the nearest, most relevant shops for a seamless handoff.

You’ve probably noticed the little map widget? How about the full sized directory page? Local listings also appear as static minimaps in the footer of most pages, and in text form below our review videos. Shops pay a low monthly fee to be included, and there are no set contract lengths to join. This is pay for performance, and you’re in control.

Register Your Shop Now

If you’ve got questions about the local listing program, contact us through the support request page or call (970) 632-7870 and our dedicated operations manager will help you right away! Several screenshots and more details about the local listing service follow:

Designed to be highly visible, accountable, and affordable, the local listing service was launched in 2017. Today, it is the largest, most diverse, and detailed listing service for electric bicycle shops anywhere on the web. This is our alternative to flooding the site with banner ads or compromising our review perspectives based on affiliate commissions. We built this for you, and at great expense. We know that each local Ebike sale means a properly assembled product, professional fitting, accessory sales, and ongoing support. Every bike sale becomes a relationship that builds the community and spreads awareness about important topics like safety, etiquette, and events.

For regions where local dealers have not been established or added to our directory, select national dealers that carry relevant brands will be shown. For brands that only sell direct online, manufacturer listings are available. Local dealers will always be given priority over national and manufacturer listings, but our aim is to help individuals discover the most relevant seller.

Register now to add your shop and brands to the EBR directory and local listing placement. You are welcome to call us directly at (970) 632-7870 for help registering, so that we can walk you through the process and answer any questions. We want to make sure that every shop understands how the service works, and feels confident in it. Again, this is a month-to-month service that can be paused or canceled at any time. We are confident that this service will help grow your sales, and pay for itself quickly. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied partners already listed, we continue to refine this tool and always appreciate your testimonials, input, and feature requests. We view this as a partnership.

Unbiased Electric Bike Reviews

EBR is designed to help people discover electric bikes and make informed decisions about which product to buy. Every review and comment reply is completed with care. Our forums are moderated, with each new member being approved by hand. Our review team frequently engages with YouTube comments and all website comments are read and answered individually. As a shop owner, you are invited to join the EBR forums and engage directly with the audience, free of charge. You can post your own photos, videos, and updates there… but please do not be overly promotional or disparaging to other shops and brands, or you will be banned.

Qualified, Engaged, Informed Visitors

Electric bikes tend to be more complex and expensive than traditional bicycles and other sporting goods. As a result, the purchase process may become highly involved and require extensive research. The reviews here support this process with complete specs and measurements that are taken by hand. We measure the weight of each bike by hand, we measure the frames manually, and we offer a comparison tool to make it easy for visitors to sort through our thousands of reviews.

The image below shows unique visits clustered by location over a 30 day period in early 2017. Traffic has grown a lot since this was taken, as the industry has reached new geographies and technology has advanced. Electric Bike Review started in 2012 and we are so thankful to all of the shops and companies that have supported us along the way!

Platform Agnostic Experience

This website and associated forums are responsive, meaning they literally respond to a user’s chosen browsing platform and screen resolution. Content looks great on desktop, tablets, and smartphone mobile devices. Go ahead, change the size of your browser window right now and see it in action! The screenshot below is from 2014! Usability has been a driving focus since the beginning, and is better than ever today!

New web-enabled technologies have changed how readers ingest content. For example, discovery and research may begin on a smartphone, continue on a tablet, and commence on a laptop. This site and its respective ads are designed to work well in all cases.

What are Promoted Listings?

Reviews with the “Promoted” tag (as shown in the screenshot below) have been elevated and pinned to the top of their respective category in order to generate more awareness. receives payment for this exposure, but does not alter or enhance reviews in any way. It is our goal to provide unbiased, quantitative content that can lead to informed purchase decisions.

If you represent a company that is looking to increase exposure for one of your products, please contact us for more information. Reviews may only be promoted within qualifying categories on the site, one bike per category, and most categories are full at this time. However, we welcome interest so we can create a backup list and adjust year to year. Many of the currently promoted products were invited by our marketing team, based on the quality of their products and our good experience reviewing them.