Best Electric Bikes

I've been reviewing electric bikes since 2012, and one of the most common questions I get asked is: "What is the best electric bike?" My answer always comes in the form of a question: What type of riding do you plan to do, and what is your budget?

With this information in hand, I can usually suggest a category of bike, and begin narrowing down by brand and model. But there are so many models available today that many brands and models overlap! So how do you decide? Check if there are any local shops that sell the type of ebike you're interested in, and go with the brand they carry. Buying local brings many benefits:

  • Ensures the product has been properly assembled.
  • Allows for test-rides, confirms frame sizing, and adjusts the fit.
  • Provides ongoing tune-ups, repairs, and replacement parts.

My website and forums are dedicated to helping you find the best electric bike for your lifestyle and budget. I am not recommending products based on affiliate commissions like other sites, I'm not building an email list to send marketing materials out, and I've created many free tools to help you narrow down to the right bike and then find local shops that sell it. Yes, online ebikes can also be great, I've purchased and enjoyed many myself! However, I always recommend visiting a local shop first when possible.

If you're at the beginning of your ebike journey, bookmark this page and follow these five steps. I promise it will lead to some amazing discoveries, and help you find a bike that truly satisfies long term. I say this as someone who was disappointed with my first purchase... I wished that I had spent more time and money to get the right ebike, because I loved riding it so much!

  1. Explore the full list of electric bike categories here. Based on the type of riding you plan on doing, click into a category.
  2. At the top of the category page in the navigation bar, click the Filters button and input more details (year, price, etc.)
  3. Explore the results and click +Compare for any bikes that seem like a good fit, you can also Veiw Details to learn more.
  4. Use the local maps and dealer links on each review page to call for test rides, or visit their website to learn more.
  5. Report back to EBR with comments on our reviews, or join our ebike forums to ask questions and share updates.

The following lists were created to help you dig deeper into popular electric bike categories and searches. Each list provides an explanation of the benefits you could expect, and a dynamic list of recent reviews that fit the criteria. More lists will be created and added over time, so check back regularly, and visit the homepage to see our most recent reviews.

Below is a dynamic list showing recent reviews from this year and last. It's similar to what you would see on the homepage of EBR and may be interesting to explore if you're just brainstorming.