Best Folding Electric Bikes

The following tips will definitely help you choose the best affordable electric bike for your budget and lifestyle, please consider them carefully:

  • Intended Use. There are many variations of folding electric bikes to choose from... and each sub-category has its own strengths and weaknesses. The solution is to step back and think about your use case. Do you need the lightest and most compact, even if it means less comfort? Would you prioritize traction and off-road stability, even if it meant adding weight and size? What about fenders and lights for commuting? I know people who never actually fold their ebikes, but chose this type based on their compact size and approachability (low stand-over height). Think about your situation, then start narrowing down.
  • Battery. Cell quality is important. How far will it take you and how long will it last? How expensive is a replacement? Battery location also impacts performance. Those located near the rear wheel are easier to remove but shift weight towards the back. Having it on the main frame spreads weight evenly, improving handling, but makes attachment more difficult. Easy attachment is nice when you remove the battery for lifting the bike or to store and charge the battery separately. This is especially important for folding electric bikes that may be lifted and transported more frequently than traditional ebikes.
  • Size and Weight. How small does it collapse when it’s folded? Will it fit into your space? How heavy is it to lift? Will you be able to load or carry it? Can it be rolled when folded? Can the bike handle your weight and cargo? Some of these questions may not have clear answers, but you can leave comments here and in the forums, and contact local dealers for more feedback.
  • Component Quality. When portability is the primary focus, the quality of parts may be neglected. Make sure the core components can deliver the performance you need. is the the drivetrain, battery pack, shift mechanism, and display protected when the bike is folded?

What follows is a dynamic list of folding electric bikes. The list will update over time as new models are added, so bookmark this page and check back often if you're about to buy! You can also add these ebikes to the comparison tool, and post and read comments at the bottom of the page :)


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