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Latest Electric Bike Reviews

Outrider Alpha 400 Series Review

  • MSRP: $ 14985.00
  • MODEL YEAR: 2016

A high speed capable (20 mph to 45 mph top speed settings) recumbent electric trike with full suspension (three RockShox Monarch shocks) and a custom foam seat for maximum comfort, highly adjustable body position and angle. The tadpole configuration (2 wheels in the front and one in the back) provide complete…...

Easy Motion Evo Jumper Pro Review

  • MSRP: $ 4399.00
  • MODEL YEAR: 2016

A full suspension trail ready electric bike with beautifully integrated frame-matched battery pack and compact, nimble hub motor offering 500 watts of power, battery can be charged on or off the frame. High quality, light weight air suspension from RockShock with rebound adjust and remote lockout up…...

Easy Motion Nitro City Review

  • MSRP: $ 4399.00
  • MODEL YEAR: 2016

A speed pedelec capable of 28 mph top speeds in pedal assist mode, also has a twist throttle that can reach ~12 mph for moments when you need a break, extra large 504 watt hour battery pack with Samsung cells. Feature complete with plastic fenders, a chain guard, rear rack with reflectors and bungee cords…...

Easy Motion Evo City Wave Review

  • MSRP: $ 3099.00
  • MODEL YEAR: 2016

One of the most popular Emotion bikes in the line because it's easy to mount and handle at rest thanks to the step-thru frame and comfortable to ride thanks to its suspension fork, gel saddle, riser bars and ergonomic grips. Relatively affordable, only $100 more than 2015, and you get a more powerful motor and…...

Easy Motion Evo Jet Review

  • MSRP: $ 3099.00
  • MODEL YEAR: 2016

An elegant looking city style electric bike with several comfort-oriented accessories including suspension fork with lockout, ergonomic grips and larger 2" tires by Schwalbe with puncture resistant layer. Performance level Shimano Acera drivetrain offers 24 gear combinations for efficient pedaling, upgraded hydraulic disc…...

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        Electric Bike Laws in the United States

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          March 29, 2016

          Electric Bike Mid Drive Motor Comparison

            Mid drive motors are becoming more popular on electric bicycles because they offer certain strengths over traditional in-wheel hub motors. These include: Improved frame balance front to rear and reduced frame flex The ability to… read more

            March 21, 2016

            Electric Mountain Bike Trail Etiquette

              As motor and battery technology has become increasingly durable, lighter weight and more powerful, electric mountain bikes have become a reality and are now widely accepted worldwide. The video below talks about what an electric… read more

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