Best Electric Fat Bikes of 2020

These are our recommendations on the best fat electric bikes of 2020. These top five fat ebikes offer the best combination of features and value today, but you can see all 132 of our detailed electric fat bike reviews listed here. Reviewing electric bikes is what we do, EBR has the industry’s most wide-ranging and impartial reviews. Since 2012, we’ve helped millions of people discover the best ebike for their needs and budget. Let’s go!

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Things to Consider:

  • Intended Use. Do you only want the rugged looks, comfort, and flexibility of an in-town fat ebike? In that case, a less powerful, heavier, cheaper model will do. However, if you plan to climb mountains, cross sandy beaches, or carry heavy loads, then you’ll want a more powerful motor, larger battery, and upgraded components. Look and pay for the things you will actually use.
  • Throttle. Depending on your location, throttles may or may not be allowed. Most North American countries allow them, while European countries do not. If you plan to ride on dry sand, packed snow, or soft damp forest trails, a throttle can help you start and balance more easily.
  • Motor. Think about the total combined weight of your body, bike, and cargo. Next, think about the terrain. Will you be riding off-road, navigating through soft terrain, or climbing steep mountains? Get the right type of motor with enough power to meet your needs. Motors can range from 250 to 750 watts depending on the laws where you live, I consider a 500 watt nominal motor to be very powerful. Mid-drive motors tend to be more efficient and make servicing the drivetrain and fixing flat tires easier. However, mid-drives usually cost more than hub motors, and rarely offer throttle operation.
  • Battery. Match the needs of your motor and type of riding with battery power and capacity. 36 volt battery systems are typical, but 48 volt batteries are efficient and improve power output. When sizing batteries, think about total weight, terrain, and distance. You want enough capacity to get there and back, even if it means buying a second battery. Fat ebikes are heavier, and the tires produce more drag, so it’s no fun if you run out of power and have to pedal back unassisted. Consider bringing a charger along, just in case you hit a detour or want to ride farther.
  • Brakes, Frame, and Suspension. Hydraulic brakes are easier to use but mechanical brakes cost less and are easier to adjust. Large disc brake rotors improve stopping power and maximize cooling. This is important as fat ebike wheels, tires, and frames are all bigger and weigh more. Planning to climb mountains, go off-road, or carry cargo? Then look for a stronger frame, nicer components, and perhaps a suspension fork and seatpost or full suspension.
  • Wheels and Tires. Larger wheels ride smoother, smaller are more maneuverable. Most full-sized electric fat bikes use 26″ wheels because the extra-wide tires add additional height to the wheel. You may see 20″ wheels with fat tires on folding fat ebikes. Select a tire size and tread that suits your terrain. Use knobby tires for climbing, smaller knobs or checkerboard for cross country, and lower tire pressure when riding on sand. For city use, consider smoother tires which are quieter and have less resistance.

Best Premium Fat Electric Bike for 2020

If money is no object, and you want one of the best electric fat bikes on the market right now, The BULLS MONSTER E FS is an excellent choice. It features premium hydraulic disc brakes (quad piston calipers up front), two shock absorbers that are highly adjustable for rider weight and terrain, and one of the best mid-drive motors on the market (Bosch Performance Line CX). This motor is responsive and powerful enough to handle soft sand, damp forrest flors, and packed snow even without a throttle… The benefits are that both wheels can be easily removed for easier transport and maintenance, and the bike is rated Class 1, which is allowed on more mountain bike trails. Fat tires already provide added comfort and stability, but full suspension takes that to an entirely new level and allows you to set a higher tire pressure for more precise handling while still enjoying comfort on bumpy trails. Compared to the other winners in this list, the MONSTER E FS is very light at just 56lbs, especially considering it has two shocks! If you don’t really need a FS build, BULLS sells a standard MONSTER E S that weighs 52lbs and costs $500 less. What I love about both of these products is that they are available in two frame sizes! That’s almost unheard of with value and affordable priced fat bikes right now. Furthermore, the 11-speed drivetrain offers 11-40 tooth cassette, which means that starting from standstill and climbing will be a lot easier. Many competing products don’t have such a large rear sprocket, which provides you with a mechanical advantage. BULLS is a German company that distributes globally and has been in North America since 2016. I’ve covered over 50 of their other models, visited dozens of their dealers, and recommend them as a top pick whether you’re getting a fat bike or not.



  • MSRP: $5,499
  • MODEL YEAR: 2018, 2019

Top of the line, full suspension, fat tire electric trail bike with RockShock Bluto and Monarch air, remote lockout for the fork, 11-speed Shimano Deore XT drivetrain with Shadow Plus clutch, robust skid plate and alloy drivetrain guides. High-torque Bosch Performance Line CX motor with eMTB drive mode, sand and snow capable if…...

Best Value Fat Electric Bike for 2020

Not everyone has $5k+ to spend on a fat tire electric bicycle, but there are plenty of options that still offer great value for less. The Surface 604 Boar Hunter is a great value, offering a unique camouflaged look with proven drive system, components, and included accessories. The sturdy rear rack and front rack with baskets both have pannier hangers, for side-mounted bags. This would be an excellent choice for hunting, bikepacking, or multi-surface touring. The tires are oversized 26″ x 4.5″ while a standard feat tire is just 4″ wide. They also have really big, deep knobs! This means it will perform especially well in off-road scenarios. Only one frame size, but the top tube is sloped for easier mounting and stand-over. That’s important if you’ve loaded both racks with gear. The front rack has a headlight, and it runs off of the main battery pack, which has a USB charging port built-in. The battery pack can be used as a portable power back when not mounted to the bike! Powerful hydraulic disc brakes, a large color LCD display with additional USB charging port, and rugged thru-axle front fork set this electric fat bike apart from the rest… but it’s not perfect. Not everyone will love the camo paint, there’s only one frame size, and there’s no rear light. Optional steel fenders and suspension seat post are worth considering, because this electric fat bike does not come with a suspension fork. Surface 604 is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, where the phone numbers start with 604. The name was chosen because Vancouver has beach, forest, and mountain terrain… and the first product they designed and sold was a fat bike! I trust this company, having seen them grow and adapt over time. I know the know the original founder personally, and he is still in an ownership/leadership position today. We first covered their products back in 2014, and they remain a standout in the fat bike space today.


Surface 604 Boar Hunter Review

  • MSRP: $2,499
  • MODEL YEAR: 2020

A purpose-built fat tire electric bike designed with hunters and campers in mind. The frame and fork are painted with matte Kryptek camouflage to blend into wilderness environments while nearly all accessory hardware is black. Comes with a sturdy rear rack and front basket system, both capable of supporting pannier bags (up to four in total). Extra large 26" x 4.5" fat tires provide traction and float, lower the PSI to…...

Best Affordable Fat Electric Bike for 2020

And now we come to the RadRover… one of the best and most affordable fat ebikes around. This is a long-running product that I credit with helping to start and mainstream the whole electric fat bike movement. The first time I covered any model from Rad Power Bikes was back in 2014, and it was indeed the original RadRover. Based in Seattle Washington, not far from Vancouver, Rad Power Bikes now offers a whole range of products, but the RadRover and RadRover Step-Thru remain very popular. This product uses a hub motor and mid-frame battery, much like the Surface 604 Boar Hunter, but the battery box is not sunk into the frame. It comes with durable plastic fenders, but front and rear racks are sold separately. You get a full sized USB charging port on the display, but not on the battery pack. No hydraulic disc brakes here, but the large 180mm rotors match the BULLS and Surface 604 picks above, and the brake levers are rubberized for comfort and to be less cold to the touch. Unlike the Boar Hunter, this electric fat bike comes with an adjustable suspension fork. They also sell suspension seat posts, and the tire pressure offers 5 to 30 PSI for great comfort. Notice the checkerboard tread pattern here vs. the deep knobs from BULLS and Surface 604. This makes it smoother and quieter for around town riding. Just like the Boar Hunter, the RadRover offers pedal assist and throttle on demand, but it does not have a torque sensor. This means that the motor won’t kick on as smoothly or quickly… and it may continue for a moment after you stop pedaling. Thankfully, both brake levers have built-in motor inhibitors to cut power quickly and keep you safe. To me, this is the best option for people who want an SUV type of ebike for rides around town and light off-road and gravel. It only comes in one frame size and one color (black), but the company also sell a step-thru version that comes in white. It’s hard to go wrong with this product, but the ~70lb weight makes it less nimble in technical conditions and the spring fork isn’t as adjustable or responsive as the air forks that BULLS chose for their MONSTER models. I think the biggest wins are the front and rear integrated lights (with brake light activation when you pull either brake lever), the reflective and puncture resistant tires, and the mid-rise handlebar with ergonomic grips… It’s a fun bike to ride with a less aggressive geometry and seating position, and it comes at an excellent price with top-notch customer service.


Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 Review

  • MSRP: $1,499
  • MODEL YEAR: 2020

An updated 5th generation full sized, high-step, fat tire electric bike from one of the originators in this category; Rad Power Bikes. Features comfortable 4" wide knobby tires with puncture protection and reflective sidewalls. It's stable and capable in soft terrain like mulch and sand if the tire air pressure is lowered. Features a curved top-tube, short sturdy stem, and mid-rise handlebar for approachability and comfort.. Adjustable suspension fork offers preload adjust for heavy loads and lockout for smooth terrain. Upgraded…...

Honorable Mention Fat Electric Bike for 2020

Rounding out this list is the iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0, which wins our Honorable Mention award for 2020. iGO is another company that we’ve been reviewing for a long, long time. I visited their headquarters in Montreal, Canada in 2013, before they offered any sort of fat-tire ebike product. Back then, they were using a proprietary canister mid-drive motor system that wasn’t especially powerful or fast… this was the early days of ebikes, so I consider iGO to be a pioneer in the space, and it’s amazing to see how they continue to innovate. For a bit more money than the affordable winner in this list, you’ll get fenders, integrated lights, and a rear rack stock, plus an extra-sensitive cadence sensor that’s well protected inside of a mid-frame box, and a custom frame with semi-integrated downtube battery pack. It offers pedal assist as well as throttle on demand, but it does not have hydraulic disc brakes, a USB charging port, color, or size options. The bike is sold throughout North America, and may be available in store or direct online. You might notice that the more expensive products are exclusively sold through dealers, while the value and affordable products are a blend or direct-only. I like that iGO has gone with a blend of shops and stores, since receiving and assembling such a large heavy product can be intimidating. This bike uses knobby tires that are very off-road capable, and a hub motor with plenty of power for trail riding, but they aren’t as wide as the ones seen on the Boar Hunter. This ebike could be used in neighborhoods or light trail, but I feel that it is a step up in terms of durability and repairability from Rad. Notice how the controller is hidden inside the box where the chainring and crank arms are vs. fastened to the seat tube like Rad has done. The battery is positioned closer to the ground and fixed to the frame in a very sturdy way. The low-rise handlebar isn’t as upright and comfortable as RadRover, but the adjustable angle stem gives you options for casual riding or more sporty aggressive aerodynamic riding. This is a great fat bike option that blends value with performance, and iGO has an even fancier fat bike product as well, but we haven’t reviewed it yet.


iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0 Review

  • MSRP: $1,999
  • MODEL YEAR: 2020

A feature-complete fat tire electric bike with durable plastic fenders, a sturdy rear rack, and integrated lights. Advanced 32 pulse cadence sensor is more responsive and durable than average. Powerful 48 volt battery system with independent 22 amp controller and 500 to 750 watt hub motor are very capable off-road. Great attention to detail with sturdy 12 gauge spokes, a steel derailleur guard that also…...

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