2016 Trek XM700+ Review


Technical Specs & Ratings


2016, 2017, 2018



Class 3


Front Suspension



Hydraulic Disc



396 Wh

396 Wh

46.5 lbs / 21.11 kgs


1-1/8" Threadless, Semi-Integrated, Semi-Cartridge Bearings

Bontrager Race Lite, 31.8 mm, 7-Degree

Bontrager Urban Alloy, 31.8 mm Diameter, Zero Rise

Bontrager Satellite Elite, Rubber Ergonomic with Lockers

Bontrager SSR, 2-Bolt Head, 12 mm Offset


Bontrager H1 Nebula

Wellgo M-21 Track-Style Aluminum Platform

Hydraulic Disc

Shimano M445 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Front Rotor and 160 mm Rear Rotor

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Written Reviews

The XM700+ is Trek’s speed pedelec offering, capable of reaching 28 mph top speeds. It’s perfect for commuting, touring or trekking but you’ll need to add a rear rack for the later two unless you’re a super minimalist or okay wearing a backpack. I enjoyed riding this model more than the less expensive Trek Conduit+ (which tops out at ~20 mph) because the geometry is less aggressive. The handlebars are swept back, you get rubber ergonomic grips with lockers and a mono-shock built right into the fork. It’s a neat setup and those comfort features really prove themselves when you get up into the higher speeds and find yourself an hour into a ride. The tires offer more comfort and are slightly wider than what you’d find on a road or city bike but they are still efficient and I love the reflective sidewalls and GreenGuard puncture protection. Both wheels feature quick release for easy maintenance and transport.

Driving the bike is a Bosch Performance Speed motor offering 350 watts of power and 60 Newton meters of torque. It’s my favorite motor on the market right now in the USA. Mounted low and center, it improves handling and balance over a hub motor design and using a smaller sprocket it spins at higher RPM’s for better response times. The Bosch Centerdrive system measures rear wheel speed, pedal cadence and pedal torque ~1,000 per second and is so fast the brake levers don’t need motor inhibitor switches. My favorite design feature is shift sensing which works better than the Shimano STePs system used on the Lift+ and Conduit+ from Trek. You can hear the motor whining in the video review above but keep in mind I was riding at the highest level of assist and spinning faster, for most steady riding the motor noise is acceptable.

Powering the motor and integrated Supernova headlight is a 396 watt hour Bosch Powerpack with Samsung cells inside. It also matches the black frame nicely and is mounted centrally for improved balance and protection. I love that Trek has managed to fit in bottle cage bosses along the seat tube here despite the battery also being mounted in the main triangle. Why not really? Many traditional bicycles have two bottle cage mounting points and the Bosch battery isn’t much larger than a water bottle. I’m just glad you get the extra storage space for adding accessories or transporting water in a reachable fashion. You could always add a rear rack but that increases weight. One thing I would add is a rechargeable rear light and if you can pick up a Micro USB cable you’ll be able to tap into the Bosch system at the Intuvia display panel (there’s a charging port with a rubber cover on the right edge)

Operating the trek XM700 Plus is intuitive, you don’t have to turn the battery on separately – just press the power button on the LCD display panel and watch it boot up quickly. The display is large, making it easy to see and includes a remote button pad mounted near the left grip. I found that it was easy to understand and operate even without looking down (the i button in the middle switches readouts on the display and the up and down arrows cycle through assist levels). This is a pedal assist only electric bike so the grips aren’t compromised with trigger or twist throttles but you will have to pedal in order to activate the motor. Using Eco or Normal will decrease power and speed, perfect for crowded areas or neighborhood riding. I noticed that there’s a walk mode button on top of the button pad but was unable to make it work… this may be a response to the new ebike classes in the US which seem to limit throttle operation on Class 3 bicycles like this. In any case, there’s a new shift assist readout that recommends when to shift up or down and a higher Eco mode output of 55% vs. just 50% on the Bosch Performance Cruise model. The display is backlit and if you press the light icon at the lower right it will activate the Supernova headlight.

For $500 more than the Conduit+ you get a lot of cool features with the MX700+ model. The Bosch drive system is better in just about every way (though the battery is slightly lower capacity). I’d probably consider adding a Body Float suspension post for longer rides (get the 31.6 mm width) but love the minimalist head shock. One extra color like silver or white would be nice and possibly a step-thru frame eventually but three sizes here is pretty good. The hydraulic disc brakes performed well and I appreciate the larger 180 mm front rotor given the higher speed operation that this e-bike is capable of. It would be a blast to ride in a variety of environments.


  • All Trek bicycles have to be shipped to a local Trek retailer but this is free of charge, from there some retailers will deliver to your house
  • Awesome two year comprehensive warranty, they recommend storing the battery in a dry room at 60° to 70° Fahrenheit and keeping it fully charged, expect a 5% degrade each year
  • Should be more comfortable to ride over long distances and high speeds given the monoshock suspension fork, slightly swept-back handlebar and large ergonomic grips, body position isn’t as aggressive as the Trek Conduit+
  • The plastic wheel fenders offer great coverage and are reinforced in multiple places (with support arms) so they shouldn’t rattle at high speed or go out of alignment as easily, I like the mini chain guard built into the Bosch Centerdrive to protect your pants and the aluminum scuff-guard below for added motor protection (it’s almost overkill for a road bike like this)
  • Premium E3 E-Bike V6S Supernova headlight helps you be seen (like the smaller LED light on the Conduit+) but offers more lumens (165 lumens) for actually tracking the road and oncoming obstacles – it’s built into an aluminum casing and features adjustable angle
  • Quality Schwalbe Energize Plus tires are designed with GreenGuard to reduce punctures and have bright reflective stripes on their sidewalls to help you be seen when riding in the dark
  • You get bottle cage bosses on the seat tube with this model! Perfect for adding a folding lock, presta mini pump or water bottle cage and there are mounting points on the seat stays for adding a disc brake compatible rack as well if you need more space
  • High quality, light weight drivetrain with Shimano SLX derailleur for lasting performance and lighter weight build (this is an upper mid-level part), 10 gears is enough for climbing and reaching the ~28 mph top speed offered by the Bosch Performance Speed motor
  • Both wheels are quick and easy to remove for transport or service (ie. fixing a flat on the road) because the skewers have quick release, as a mid-drive powered electric bike the XM700+ will be easier to service by shops because the hardware is more like a traditional bicycle
  • The battery pack and LCD display unit are also removable helping to reduce weight during transport or protect against weather wear and potential vandalism
  • Electronic wires, shift cables and brake cables are all run through the frame helping to reduce snags and making it look better… where they are exposed the still look good because the plastic covers are black matching the black frame


  • The battery pack can be charged on or off the frame which is great but make sure you push hard and listen for a click when re-mounting it because otherwise it could tip off and get cracked or scraped up (like the demo model I was reviewing here)
  • No integrated backlight here, if you ride in the early morning or at night when it’s dark out I’d recommend adding a rechargeable light like this with Micro USB that can be charged using the Bosch Intuvia display (not when riding, just to top off when it’s light again)
  • I’m glad this bike comes with a kickstand and I understand that in Europe it’s a requirement to make it spring up (so you don’t forget and trip or maybe so it doesn’t flop down as easily) but it’s just a little bit trickier to work with in my opinion

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