2021 Blix Packa Genie Review


Technical Specs & Ratings


2021, 2022

Packa Genie


Class 2




Hydraulic Disc



614.4 Wh

614.4 Wh

67.7 lbs / 30.74 kgs


NECO, Threadless, Sealed Cartridge Bearings, Straight 1-1/8"

Zoom, Aluminum Alloy, Adjustable Angle 0° to 90°, 90 mm Length, 65 mm Height, 15 mm Tapered Base Spacer, 31.8 mm Clamp Diameter

Promax, Aluminum Alloy, Swept-Back, 15° Backsweep, 640 mm Length

Velo Ergonomic, Non-Locking

Aluminum Alloy, Single Bolt 6 mm Hex, Quick Release Collar


Selle Royal Hertz City

Wellgo B249DU, Aluminum Alloy Platform, Silver

Hydraulic Disc

Bengal ARES3 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Dual Piston Calipers, Three-Finger Bengal ERES3 Levers Adjustable Reach with Brake Light Activation and Motor Inhibitors

More Details

Neighborhood, Cargo, Commuting, Urban

United States

1 Year Comprehensive, Extended Warranty Options (2 Years $160, 3 Years $220)

7.6 lbs (3.44 kg) (7.2lb Optional Second Battery Pack)

8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)

17.25 in (43.81 cm)

17.25" Seat Tube, 23" Top Tube, 15.5" Reach, 21.5" Stand Over Height, 32" Minimum Saddle Height, 40"Maximum Saddle Height, 26" Width, 53.75" Wheelbase, 81" Length, Rear Deck: 26" Usable Length x 6.75" Wide

Gloss Slate Gray, Gloss Bright White, Gloss Teal

175mm Hub Spacing, 12mm Keyed Threaded Axle with 18mm Nuts

Fender Mounts, Front Rack Mounts, Rear Rack Mounts, 2 Bottle Cage Mounts

Spanninga Axendo 40 Integrated Headlight (40 Lux), Spanninga Flexio Rear Light (27 Small Constant LEDs, 2 Brake Activated LEDs), Deflopilator Stabilizing Spring, Flick Bell on Left Brake Lever, Plastic Fenders with Mud Flaps (75mm Width, Matte Black), Extra-Strong Double Leg Kickstand (Adjustable Length Legs), Optional Bamboo Running Boards, Optional Bamboo Rear Deck, Optional Rear Rack Seat Pads, Optional Additional Charger, Optional Second Battery Pack, Optional Alloy Front Rack, Optional Alloy Small Basket with Integrated Cup Holder, Optional Alloy Large Basket with Bamboo Deck, Optional Alloy Platform, Optional Thule Yepp! Maxi EasyFit Child Seats, Optional Alloy VIP Child Surround Rack, Optional Custom Designed Bags (Rack Compatible)

Locking Removable Semi-Integrated Color-Matched Downtube Mounted Battery Pack, Optional Second Battery Pack Mounted Behind Seat Tube, 1.2lb 2 Amp Charger, Basic Assembly Toolkit, 250lb Rider Max Load, 150lb Rear Rack Max Weight, 50lb Front Rack Max Weight, IP65 Rated Electronics, 15 Amp Continuous 25 Amp Peak Potted Controller, 3-Bolt Head Tube Badge Rack Mount

Independent Button Pad on Left, Buttons: Up, Down, Mode/Power, Lights: Hold Up Arrow, Cycle Display: Press Mode Button, Walk Mode: Hold Down Arrow, Settings Menu: Hold Up and Down, Charge Level Indicator on Battery Pack (4 LEDs), On Off Button on Battery Pack, Second USB Charging Port on Downtube Battery (5 Volt 1 Amp)

Battery Level (5 Bars), Assist Level (0-5), Speed, Average Speed, Max Speed, Assist Level (0-5), Trip A, Trip B, Odometer

Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle (12 Magnet Sealed Cedence Sensor)

20 mph (32 kph)

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This review was provided for free, but Blix split the cost of travel with me so I could meet the team and spend more time with the bikes. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of Blix products. I welcome your corrections, additions, and feedback in the comments below, and the Blix electric bike forums.


  • Amazing value here… I practically couldn’t believe that they priced the updated Packa at $1,699 with so many improvements. It still comes with extra wide fenders, integrated lights, and a high quality rear rack with lots of cargo options. I do expect that the company will raise prices as time goes on, due to supply chain constraints that everyone is facing… but wow, they are really committed to value here.
  • Beautiful custom frame design, it was redone since the last generation to improve stiffness and add functionality without adding weight. I love that it’s now available in three frame colors vs. just two, and that the fork and battery cover are paint-matched!
  • Blix was able to fit two bottle cage bosses onto this frame! That’s awesome, because one could be used for fluids while the other supports a folding lock or something. This leaves the rear rack more open for child seats etc. If you opt for the child surround bar accessory, it adds an additional four bottle cage bosses for maximum utility!
  • Lots of great accessories for hauling cargo or additional passengers (infants, kids, and adults). Blix designed many of the bags to work in combination with the bolt-on cargo racks so you don’t have to choose one or the other. I love the dedicated pannier hanger rods, bungee loop at the back, redesigned running boards (and easier to attach footboards), and trailer hitch mount (10mm holes on both sides).
  • The bike is rated to carry a lot of weight! You get up to 250lbs for the rider, 150lbs on the rear rack, and 50lbs with an optional front rack. I rode around with an adult male passenger who weighed 150lbs plus and the bike performed well. Note that a fully loaded bike will flex a bit more
  • Blix decided to use matching 24″ tires on the Packa, so you don’t need as many different sized replacement parts. By choosing 24″ vs. 26″ they gave the motor a greater mechanical advantage, added wheel strength, and kept the rack lower to the ground for easier to load, but didn’t sacrifice as much comfort as 20″ wheel size.
  • I love that they chose puncture resistant tires that have reflective stripes for safety, and made the front wheel quick release for easier maintenance.
  • Mounting and loading the bike is very easy thanks to the giant double-leg kickstand and stabilizing “deflopilator” spring at the front fork. I like that the kickstand offers some adjustment too, so you can make it fit your environment and fine tune things over time.
  • The drivetrain is pretty good for around town riding with a wider 14 to 34 tooth cassette (vs. 14-28 on most of their other models) and an alloy chainring guide to reduce chain drops. The chain is also rust-resistant, and should last longer than average.
  • Safety is important, especially if you’ve got passengers along for the ride! so I really appreciate the reflective tires, premium integrated lights, and brake bright activation. Basically, whether the lights are turned on or not, the rear light goes bright whenever you pull one of the brake levers! This action also cuts motor power for faster stopping. Note that the white frame option is probably the safest for night riders, because the entire frame will stand out more.
  • The bike felt very comfortable to me, even without suspension, because of the higher volume 2.4″ wide tires, upright adjustable angle stem, swept back handlebar with ergonomic grips, and steel fork (which helps to dampen vibration).
  • The LCD display panel is center mounted and fairly large, making it easy to read. Most of the controls on this ebike are intuitive, including the half-grip twist shifter that switches gears. It has an optical window on top that displays the gear you’re riding in.
  • It’s neat that both the LCD display and battery pack have 5 volt 1 amp USB charging ports built-in! This could be useful for charging portable electronics, additional lights, or even for picnic situations where you remove the main battery and bring it with you. I like that the main battery has a USB port built into the side, so you can run portable electronics in a tent or at a picnic separate from the bike itself (if you remove the battery).
  • Blix has left the display panel open, so you can adjust the settings… including top speed. You can lower the top speed to improve range and add some safety, or raise it a bit and operate the bike more like a Class 3 speed pedelec if you’d like. They ship it at 20mph 32kmh to comply with legal framework for Class 2 ebikes. You could unplug and remove the throttle easily and ride this as Class 1 if you wanted.
  • Blix is using a high resolution cadence sensor with 12 magnets, so pedal assist feels very responsive. The sensor is compact and appears to be well sealed against water and dust, good choices.
  • Updated battery pack design (only for the optional second pack). They are using very high quality Panasonic cells and spacing them apart in the casing for improved air flow and durability. The 48 volt system provides efficiency for sending energy and also increases the potential power output. This enabled them to increase motor power to 700 watts and get that high 90 newton meter torque rating.
  • Notice the wide rear hub spacing (175mm like you’d see on a fat tire bike), which provides more space for the powerful motor. Blix also increased the motor controller amp output to 15 amps continuous and 25 amps peak, so the motor can operate efficiently. And, they moved the motor power cable to the non-drivetrain side of the bike to reduce clutter and add physical protection if the bike tips.
  • The electronics are all modular, using press fit connectors, which makes them easier to replace if damaged. I was told that this used to be more difficult, especially for the main controller. Considering that the bike is primarily sold direct to consumer, it’s nice that they are making it easier to maintain.
  • The original Packa Genie electric cargo bike came with an empty battery box and mount interface if you chose not to upgrade. I think they did this to make upgrading later easier, and to protect the electronics. With this new generation of bikes, they do not include the mount or empty pack, which cuts down on waste and confusion. The trade-off is that you must mount the second pack yourself if purchased later. I think the modular controller improvements make this fairly easy though.
  • The optional second battery pack is much easier to mount, remove, and interact with. It’s mounted to the seat tube vs. rear section of the frame, so weight distribution is better and there’s more space around it. There’s an on/off toggle switch on this pack, so you could disable it and only drain the main battery if you wish. When both packs are mounted and switched on, the Packa Genie controller alternates between them automatically, to drain them evenly as you ride.
  • Geared hub motors are known for being compact, lightweight, and efficient. I’m familiar with the Shengyi brand. This bike felt very powerful, and I was able to test it out by climbing a steep hill on throttle only (no pedaling). It seems like a solid choice, based on what I’ve observed from competing hub motor powered e-cargo models.
  • I love that Blix has updated their throttle behavior to allow for full power output at any level of assist, even zero. This is handy for getting started from stop signs or traffic signals, catching up with friends, or focusing on balance vs. pedaling when transporting kids and other cargo. The trigger throttle offers variable power output too, so you can be gentle by only pressing part way.
  • The bike isn’t as long as I thought, possibly due to the medium 24″ wheel size. The full length is ~81″ which is very close to the Blix Sol Eclipse electric cruiser model that they also sell. In short, it won’t stick out as far at bike racks and might fit into your garage more easily.
  • I saved one of my favorite upgrades for last, and that’s the hydraulic disc brakes! They are still using large 180mm rotors that offer improved mechanical advantage and cooling, and I love that the levers have motor inhibitors, brake light activation, adjustable reach, and there’s a bell attached to the left lever!
  • Blix has been in business since 2014, I’ve reviewed a bunch of their products and met the founder on many occasions. They seem to offer great customer support, especially for the low price point.


  • The headlight used to be mounted to the front fender, which positioned it forward and reduced any blockage by the fender… but it would bounce around more and seemed a bit vulnerable. Blix has now moved the light onto the fork. It’s a decent solution, but there is some fender blockage and if you get an optional front rack, it can be even harder to see from the sides and front. Some competing ebike designs include an extension cable to mount their lights onto front racks, but then the light doesn’t point where you steer… I prefer handlebar or stem mounted lights due to the higher positioning and improved visibility, but they can get blocked by cargo piled up in a front rack. I guess that no solution is perfect ;)
  • This is a direct-to-consumer electric bike, meaning that most customers order online and have to receive and unbox it. There aren’t too many steps, but there’s definitely some extra time required to attach the handlebar and get the bike going compared to buying from a local dealer. I was told that they work with some shops to showroom their bikes, but ordering is still direct… and that’s part of how they keep the price so low.
  • Blix no longer includes a bamboo deck and running boards with the Packa, you have to pay extra for these options. I don’t see this as a big negative however, because some people who plan to attach child seats probably didn’t use the decking and they definitely added weight.
  • Minor consideration here, but if you opt for the child surround bars, note that they only use a single outer tube. This makes it easier for fingers to be pinched vs. a double tube that lets kinds hold to one tube and be protected by the second outer one. Perhaps you could look at Yuba’s accessory to see if it will fit on the Blix bike.
  • The new battery charger feels solid and looks great, it’s fairly small and lightweight, but I think it’s slower than before. You get a standard 2 amp charger here vs. 3 amp, and it can only charge one battery at a time (if you opt for a second battery pack). It could take 7 hours to charge each pack from empty, so consider buying a second charger if you plan to get the second pack use both batteries regularly.
  • Similar to the need for two charger situation, if you opt for the second battery pack, it will come with a unique locking core and key. This means that you’ll have to keep track of more keys and spend more time trying to figure out which one is for which battery. Perhaps you could paint a dot on one or use some colored tape to save time?
  • It would also be nice if both batteries were the exact same design so they could be interchangeable with other Blix models and simpler to replace. I suspect that the colored cover for the main battery requires extra money could take more time to find and replace someday if needed.
  • The bike is fairly heavy at 67.7lbs (or 76.8lbs with a second battery attached), and this does not included additional racks and accessories. Keep this in mind when receiving and unboxing the bike, or trying to lift it for transport if you get a flat tire or are doing maintenance. I usually remove batteries before trying to lift any ebikes :)
  • While it can be useful to have a second battery pack, for extended range, this does cost more money, adds more weight, and requires a second key to unlock… the locking cylinders will not match, so you have more to keep track of and more time to unlock.
  • The long chain and mid-level derailleur results in some bouncing, producing noise and possibly marring the frame. I was surprised that Blix had not added a slap guard. Consider using some box tape to protect the right chain stay as a cheap and easy solution.
  • Minor complaint, the frame only comes in one size… but the mid-step design is fairly easy to approach and the adjustable angle stem, swept back handlebar, and adjustable seat height offer a wide range of fit options.
  • The charging port for the main battery is low down on the left side of the frame, directly in the path of the left crank arm, so be careful not to bump the pedals while it’s plugged in or the plug and socket could get damaged.
  • The display isn’t removable for protection at public bike racks or from inclement weather but at least it can be angled to reduce glare while riding. I was surprised that the battery charge level is actually split into 5 bars even though there are 10 lines… it would be more precise if you actually had 10% increments vs. 20% here.
  • Sometimes, adjustable angle stems can start to wiggle loose and then strip. I’ve experienced this with some cheaper stems and would just keep an eye out this part and keep the bolt tight to avoid issues. The one Blix used here appears to be higher quality.

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