Easy Motion Atom Diamond Wave Pro Review

Easy Motion Atom Diamond Wave Pro Electric Bike Review


  • A feature-complete city electric bike with approachable but sturdy step-thru frame, the all-black paint scheme hides the compact motor and cables (which are mostly internally routed), only one frame size
  • Comes with durable but lightweight Curana alloy+plastic fenders, a premium rear rack with standard gauge tubing for compatibility with most panniers, and a triple-bungee strap for light cargo
  • Integrated lights and reflective tires keep you safe, the headlight has windows along both sides for increased visual footprint, the tires have K-Guard 3 puncture protection and offer comfort with higher air volume, hydraulic rim brakes are tough and powerful
  • The Brose S motor feels very natural but offers more power than the older T, I like the new color LCD display because it's removable and has a USB Type A charging port, the ebike battery charger is a bit large and requires a dongle adapter to charge the battery when off of the bike frame

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Easy Motion


Atom Diamond Wave Pro



Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Commuting

Electric Bike Class:

Pedal Assist (Class 1)
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2 Year Comprehensive, Optional 5 Year Upgrade When Registered (Does Not Include Battery)


United States, Worldwide

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

59.3 lbs (26.89 kg)

Battery Weight:

8.2 lbs (3.71 kg)

Motor Weight:

7.72 lbs (3.5 kg)

Frame Material:

Hydroformed Alloy

Frame Sizes:

18 in (45.72 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

Medium Frame Measurements: 19" Seat Tube Length, 22.25" Reach, 22" Stand Over Height, 29.5" Width, 73.75" Length

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

Matte Black with Metallic Grey with Blue Accents

Frame Fork Details:

SR Suntour CR8V HLO Spring Suspension, 63 mm Travel, Compression Adjust with Lockout, Preload Adjust, 100 mm Hub Spacing, Traditional Quick Release Skewer Going Through a 4 mm Hollow Axle

Frame Rear Details:

135 mm Hub Spacing, 12 mm with 9 mm Flats Threaded Axle with Nuts

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses

Gearing Details:

8 Speed 1x8 Shimano Nexus Inter8 Internally Geared Hub, 18 Tooth Sprocket

Shifter Details:

Shimano Nexus Half-Grip Shifter on Right


FSA CK-746, 170 mm Arms, Sealed Cartridge Bearing, 44 Tooth Alloy Chainring


Wellgo Alloy Platform with Rubber Tread


FSA, Integrated, Threadless Internal Cups, Sealed Cartridge Bearing, Tapered 1-1/8" to 1-1/4"


Alloy, Adjustable Angle -40° to 40°, 110 mm Length, Two 10 mm Risers


Alloy, Low-Rise, 740 mm Width

Brake Details:

Magura HS-11 Hydraulic Rim Brakes, Magura Four-Finger Levers with Adjustable Reach


Ergon GP1 Ergonomic, Locking


Selle Royal Royalgel

Seat Post:

Alloy, Forged Head

Seat Post Length:

350 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

31.6 mm


6061H-T6 Alloy, Double Wall, 36 Hole, Machined Sidewalls, 622x18


Stainless Steel, 14 Gauge, Black with Nipples

Tire Brand:

Schwalbe Balloon Big Apple, 28" x 2.0" (50-622)

Wheel Sizes:

28 in (71.12cm)

Tire Details:

35 to 70 PSI, 2.5 to 5.0 BAR, K-Guard 3, Reflective Sidewall Stripes

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Hebie Chainglider, Curana Fenders Plastic with Alloy Coating, Lumotec Lyt Integrated Headlight, Toplight View Integrated Backlight, Flick Bell on Right, Rear-Mount Adjustable Length Kickstand


Locking Removable Downtube-Integrated Battery Pack, 1.8 lb 2 Amp Charger

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

Brose Drive S (Sport)

Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

250 watts

Motor Peak Output:

530 watts

Motor Torque:

90 Newton meters

Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

16.8 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

604.8 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

5.5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

40 miles (64 km)

Estimated Max Range:

85 miles (137 km)

Display Type:

Easy Motion, Removable, Backlit, Color LCD


Speed, Battery Level (Infographic and Percentage), Assist Level (Black, Green, Blue, Pink, Red), Range, Trip Stats: Instant Power, Trip Power, Instant Cadence, Trip Cadence, Motor-User Balance, Assistance Mode, Consumption, Trip Speed, Total Speed, Trip Distance, Total Distance, Trip Time, Total Time, Range (Only Boost)

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad on Left, Buttons: +, - and Lights, Power, (Hold + and - for Settings), Full Sized USB Port Under Display

Drive Mode:

Advanced Pedal Assist (Measures Wheel Speed, Pedal Cadence and Pedal Torque, Power Output: 50%, 120%, 280%, 320%)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

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Written Review

EBR charges a service fee to manufacturers to produce ebike reviews and videos, this began in 2018. It’s the same flat fee for each bike, and it helps us to keep the site going while limiting ad clutter. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you with our opinions and data but respect your right to know that we receive compensation :)

The Easy Motion Atom Diamond Wave Pro is an enhanced, yet less expensive, version of the original Atom Diamond Wave that I covered back in 2017. I have always appreciated how quiet and smooth the Brose motors could be, and was very impressed with the new Model S drive uni which is featured here. You get an increase in efficiency and power, with just a little bump in noise… but it’s still one of the quietest mid-drive units I have reviewed to date. While the bike is only available in one frame size and color, it’s lower step-thru design makes it approachable for most. The stem can be angled up or down, but requires a tool this year vs. the tool-free version on last year’s model. I was able to spend time with an Easy Motion rep during the test ride and was told that they switched stems to increase strength. The grips have also been upgraded; you get Ergon ergonomic locking grips that work great and look beautiful. I really love the aesthetics of this model because the motor is so compact and integrated, the custom battery pack seats down into the lower frame tube, and the all-black color scheme ties everything together while hiding cables. Easy Motion is part of the BH company, which has been in buisness since 1909… They offer an incredible warranty and one of the largest dealer networks in North America. With the Atom Diamond Wave Pro, you’re getting a high capacity battery, reliable motor, gorgeous color display with integrated USB port, hydraulic rim brakes, puncture resistant tires with reflective sidewalls, integrated lights, a semi-basic suspension fork, and a unique fully-enclosed chain cover. Some of the little trade-offs that I noticed include increased rattle from the chain cover (because it isn’t connected to the frame for support), slightly smaller surface area and reduced traction from the pedals (which have rubberized grip vs. metal spikes), and a heavier charger with dongle adapter that’s required to charge the pack directly… Otherwise, the product is excellent and well priced at roughly ~$3k.

Driving the Atom Diamond Wave Pro is one of the quietest, most efficient motor systems on the market right now… Yet it still offers up to 90 newton meters of torque and support for 120+ pedal strokes per minute. Don’t let the 250 watt nominal rating fool you, it peaks around 530 watts and is so capable that many electric mountain bikes, like the Bulls E-Stream EVO AM 4 use it as well. The S stands for sport, compared with the older T, which stood for trekking or touring. As you shift gears, the motor is empowered and benefits from the same mechanical advantages as you do, as the rider. What’s cool about the Atom Diamond Wave Pro is that it comes with an eight speed internally geared hub, which can be shifted at standstill. As noted in the video review above, shifting will not proceed if you’re pedaling hard–a clicking noise will be heard until some tension is relieved and the gear can fall into place. This is a self-protection mechanism, and it works pretty well… just ease off for a moment as you shift or rock the pedal around if you’re stopped. Other benefits of the Shimano Nexus Inter8 drive system include cleanliness and durability. There’s no cassette of sprockets or derailleur hanging off of the side of the bike, and the chain itself is kept tight because there’s only one chainring and one cog in the rear. As mentioned earlier, the fully enclosed plastic chain cover is meant to keep your pants or dress ends clean, but does produce some noise. Overall, I was very impressed with the rage of gearing and the speed with which the motor could start (listening for pedal cadence, rear wheel speed, and pedal torque), as well as stop. Some drive systems sort of fade out and coast to a stop, but the Brose S is very efficient at stopping. Furthermore, the hydraulic rim brakes used to stop on this bike are both powerful and durable. I’ve seen rim brakes used on some Kalkhoff and Gazelle models in the past (both from the Netherlands) and learned that they hold up better at crowded bike racks. Hydraulic disc brakes tend to stay clean, and are the leading choice for mountain bike models, but rim brakes are positioned higher and less likely to get bent. Anyway, inside the motor, a planetary gearing system converts high RPMs into high torque which is transferred through a carbon reinforced belt (like you’d have in an automobile) to smooth things out and reduce the electronic whirring noise that many other ebike motors produce.

Powering the bike for long-range rides is a new lithium-ion ~605 watt-hour battery, built into a custom pack by Easy Motion. This high-capacity battery is part of what the “Pro” name designates. Brose is one of the few ebike motor / drive system makers that allows partner companies to design their own packs and displays… and Emotion has done great things with this opportunity. The battery is paint-matched to the frame, seats solidly into the downtube (keeping weight low and centered), and even has an LED power indicator built in so you can see how full it is before mounting it to the bike. This is particularly useful if you store the bike in one place (perhaps a bike rack or garage) and charge the battery pack in another (the office or your home). Lithium-ion batteries are renowned for being light weight and long lasting… and you can help to extend their lives by storing them in a cool and dry location. Extreme heat can cause premature wear, and this is one of the more expensive parts of the bike. Expect 1,000+ full cycles and rest easy with Easy Motion’s excellent 2 year guarantee and nation-wide dealer network. In so many ways, the battery works great, and I love how it can be charged on or off the bike, but not where the charging port is located (near the left side of the bottom bracket where the crank arm is). Same goes for the locking cylinder, used to unlock the battery before trying to take it off. If you have the bike plugged in and turn the pedals at all, it could collide with the plug or a key left in, and bend the tip or cause the bike to fall over. Note that you also need a special plug adapter to charge the battery pack off of the frame. It uses a separate interface than the one on the side of the bike… and this presents an opportunity for misplaced accessories. There’s no leash on the charger cord adapter, so keep an eye on it! Keep an eye on the keys and also the charger… which is a little slow considering how large the battery is. At 2 amps, I’d call the charger average vs. 3 and 4 amp chargers now being released by many brands. It’s the same charger as the original EMotion Atom Diamond Wave which only had a 500 watt hour pack. One final note, the battery casing is so beautiful that it’s worth taking care of. There is no handle to lift the pack with and it’s a pretty tight fit seating just under the sloping top tube. Ease it out and avoid banging it on the surrounding tubing then set it down gently (and not upside-down) to avoid scratching the paint and exposing the white plastic beneath.

Once the battery pack has been charged and properly mounted to the frame, turning the bike on is pretty straightforward. There’s a plastic control pad mounted near the left grip with three buttons: +, -, and power. The pad is reachable from the left grip and appears to be well sealed against water and dust. When yo press the power button, the backlit LCD blinks to life and you’re treated to color readouts. There has been a trend in color displays recently, vs. the older grayscale units, that aims to make interpretation faster and easier for nearsighted riders such as myself… By memorizing the different colors, you’re able to interpret which power level has been selected without squinting to read labels. It’s a cool trend, and I was excited to see it in action here. Being a Class 1 electric bike, there’s not throttle present here and the top speed is 20mph. You get five drive modes, starting with Black for off, Green, Blue, Pink, and Red for high. The higher power level you choose, the more zippy the ebike will feel, but it will also drain the battery faster and produce a bit more noise. As you might expect, the + and – keys allow you to navigate up and down through these different levels. By holding the – key, you can activate the integrated LED lights. Unlike the 2017 model, you don’t need to be riding in order for the lights to be turned on and stay illuminated. That model used a dynamo hub in the front wheel vs. the 2018 model which taps directly into the high capacity battery. I love that the display unit itself is removable, for protection against weather and safe storage. There’s a full sized USB Type A port built into the mount, beneath the display, which is great for maintaining a smartphone if you like to use GPS or listen to music etc. You could also wire in an additional front light, which might not bounce around as much as the stock fork-mounted light. The fork itself is fairly streamlined and capable, with lockout on the right side of the crown and a preload clicker under the cap on the left. You could pre-load the spring to reduce dive (where the bike dips forward when stopping) or if you’re a heavier rider. Being a spring fork, it’s just not as light or fine-tunable as an air fork. Anyway, the final callout with the display system is the settings menu, which is very rich and deep. Just hold the + and – key simultaneously to enter into the settings, then click +, -, and power to navigate and select. I was amazed that you can actually adjust how much power and acceleration each of the four assist levels offer. You can even remove menu readouts from the display… since there are so many. I really like that one of the readouts is battery percentage, because it’s so precise. Range is another readout, but it doesn’t seem to update instantly the way that Bosch does with their displays. I guess you have to ride for a bit, in order to see it respond.

This is a very feature-rich electric bike with some great options, but I can see why they had to limit the frame sizes and colors, in order to keep it so affordable. For such a great drive system, fancy display, and nice large battery pack, you’re really getting a bargain at $3k, in my opinion. Easy Motion has been transitioning more towards the BH brand in recent years, so future battery pack colors and decals could be mismatched to this one if/when you need a replacement. I was a little bummed to see that they were not able to include bottle cage bosses, but I understand why they wouldn’t fit perfectly. The bike weight was also higher than I expected, considering how beautiful and elegant it looks. Weighing in at ~59.3 lbs, this is definitely on the heavier side for having such nice fenders, a standard rear rack vs. welded on, and minimalist chain cover. I guess the reinforced frame and larger 8.2lb battery pack just add up. I mentioned the Ergon locking grips, but the Selle Royal saddle is also very nice. Higher volume Schwalbe Big Apple tires offer low attack angle and some air comfort because of the 28″ x 2.0″ sizing. They’ll provide some stability as well… For those who want even more comfort, consider adding a 31.6 mm suspension seat post. The Easy Motion rep who joined me for this video did liken this product to an upright Dutch style city bike, and I can see that. Many European electric bicycles (which are known for their high quality and durability) also include frame locks at the rear, for quick stops, but Easy Motion skipped that… it’s another weight and cost savings decision, I’m sure. You really shouldn’t have to do much maintenance on this bike because of how well protected the drivetrain is. That internally geared hub does add a bit of weight too, but is so durable and clean. It won’t shift as quickly as a cassette and derailleur, but that’s alright for a product like this. Rear wheel maintenance is going to be more difficult without quick release or a spring loaded derailleur, but the front wheel does have a quick release skewer. Do keep an eye on your tire pressure to reduce the potential for flats. In closing, Easy Motion was one of the first big ebike brands to enter the USA in 2012. I’ve been reviewing their products for a long time, and the Atom line is one of my favorites because the Brose drive system is just so impressive. You can see a comparison video of this motor to the Bosch CX and Shimano E8000 here. Big thanks to the team at BH for partnering with me on this review and to the Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, California for loaning us the 2017 Atom Diamond Wave to compare back to back! I’ll do my best to answer questions and comments below and invite you to connect and share your stories, photos etc. in the Easy Motion electric bike forums.


  • This ebike comes feature complete and is ready for commuting if you wish; you can haul cargo with the rack, stay dry with the alloy-reinforced fenders, and be seen with the quality integrated LED lights
  • The body position is very comfortable and this ebike is easy to approach thanks to its “wave” step-thru design, sturdy adjustable angle stem, Ergon ergonomic grips, and Selle Royal comfort saddle, consider a 31.6mm suspension seat post for even more comfort
  • The fenders are made from plastic and Aluminum so you get the best of both worlds… strength and rigidity from alloy and lightweight flexibility from plastic, I also appreciate the fully-wrapped plastic chain cover that keeps your pants or skirt clean and won’t get bent or broken as easily
  • You won’t have to worry about dropping the chain or tuning a derailleur with this ebike because there are only two sprockets (a rear cog and the chainring); the chain is kept tight and all of the gearing is protected inside the Shimano Nexus Inter8 internally geared hub
  • In addition to integrated lights that run off of the main battery pack, this e-bike comes stock with reflective tires! You get to see where you’re going and have a larger visual footprint from the side with both elements, I like how the headlight has side windows so it can shine in more directions
  • These new displays are removable for safe keeping and reduced damage at bike racks; they are larger than the older units and positioned in the center of the handlebar which makes them easier to see
  • The battery pack is beautifully integrated into the downtube to keep weight low and center vs. on a rear rack, I also appreciate how nicely it matches the frame paint color… almost disappearing; the motor also blends in and all of the cables and wires are routed through the frame for added clean look
  • All of the cable housings are black, which matches the paint, and they are internally routed through most of the bike frame with large openings for easier maintenance, the plastic grommets are larger than on some other brands of bikes
  • Brose makes the quietest mid-drive motors I have tested for electric bikes, and they are still incredibly powerful! The Brose S is definitely louder than the older Brose T but still features a durable Gates carbon belt drive inside to operate smoothly and reduce grinding sounds and vibration for the rider, it can support up to 120 RPM pedal cadence
  • Internally geared hubs allow you to change gears at standstill, which can help prepare for climbing if you make an unexpected stop; do take care shifting because the Brose motor does not offer shift-sensing… but that’s less important with an internally geared hub which automatically waits to shift itself until load is reduced
  • Mid-drive electric bikes are excellent climbers and tend to be very efficient if you shift gears thoughtfully to empower the motor, The motor weight is positioned low and center on the frame and this new Brose S model offers efficiency gains of 1.25% but actually puts out 15% more power than the Brose T model from years past
  • Hydraulic rim brakes are very strong and don’t overheat easily, the levers are adjustable so you can bring them closer if you have small hands or are wearing gloves, they don’t get damaged as easily when parking at bike racks with bars that slot your front wheel
  • The rear rack is very impressive, it comes with some proprietary KLICKfix system to use with specific bags and accessories, but otherwise has standard gauge rails that would work with clip-on panniers
  • The rear rack also comes with a triple-bungee strap for light cargo, it supports the rear light, and connects to the fender to reduce rattling, it can support up to 55 lbs of cargo which is at the higher end, and is compatible with most child seats
  • Many of the other Brose powered electric bicycles I have tested offer just three levels of assist but you get four on the Easy Motion Atom line
  • The Brose mid-drive motor is much more responsive than the Dapu hub motors that the Easy Motion uses on the Neo and Evo model lines, it’s not as sensitive to wheel adjustments and doesn’t make you work as hard to start
  • Little detail here, but I really like the kickstand that they chose for this ebike because it’s positioned out of the way, supports the weight of the rack, and offers adjustable length
  • The display mount has a full sized USB Type A port for charging portable electronics, like cell phones or an additional headlight, I like that the tires offer puncture protection and the bike comes with a little flick bell for signaling as you ride
  • BH, the parent company of Easy Motion, has been around since 1909 and has an extensive network of dealers (around 200 in North America) with a leading warranty: 5 years on everything except the battery, 2 years battery, 1 years paid service at authorized dealers for the original owner
  • The Brose S motor is so responsive and natural, it cuts out extremely quickly despite using a full sized chainring… I noticed a big difference compared to the Easy Motion models using the Yamaha PW-X motor which spins down a lot slower.


  • Only one frame size and colorway to choose from with the Easy Motion ATOM Diamond Wave… it’s a universal “medium” and can feel a little tall because of the larger 28″ (700c) wheel size
  • All of those nice accessories add weight and you end up with a bike that’s about 59lbs vs. many competing ebike products in the 55lb range
  • For a larger ~600 watt hour battery pack like this, I was disappointed that the charger is a standard 2 amp vs. many 3 and even 4 amp chargers out now from other companies that would fill faster, it weights a bit extra and has this dongle adapter piece that is required to charge the pack off of the bike… which would be easy to lose, would be nice if it just used the same plug style for the bike and the battery port
  • The battery looks beautiful but the shell is fragile plastic, so be careful taking it off and setting it down or it could scratch and reveal white underneath, there’s no handle built in
  • I love that you can charge the pack on or off the bike, but was disappointed when I found out you need an adapter plug to do so, be careful not to lose this piece! I wish it came with a leash or rubber connector but appreciate how it can twist-lock to the end of the default connector
  • The locking core for the battery mount and the female charging port are both located near the left crank arm and could easily get snagged if the cranks spin backward, be careful with this as it could damage the bike or knock it over if you trip on the cable while charging
  • With a double-tube design, the stand-over height is raised five inches compared to deep wave designs like this, the upside is that this frame doesn’t flex as much and the battery is protected from the top
  • The wraparound chain cover is cool but produces a bit of friction and noise compared with other systems that mount to the bike frame directly… the Hebie Chainglider just sort of floats there on the chain
  • It’s a minor complaint, but there are no bottle cage bosses built onto this frame, consider getting a trunk bag with a bottle holster or bar mounted cup holder instead
  • Both the battery locking cylinder and charging port are located directly in the path of the left crank arm which could lead to a bend or break if the crank passes by accidentally, I do like the smooth rubberized covers (with connector leashes so they won’t get lost), but wish that the ports were mounted up higher


Comments (6) YouTube Comments

Gary W Gresch
3 months ago

Small point of order…You called out the school you were riding past as California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). The school was Fullerton High High School. The design and architecture was modeled after Stanford University. Excellent review as always, keep up the good work.

3 months ago

Oh, thanks for the heads up Gary! I didn’t realize that… is Fullerton High School located near CSUF? I always visit Sam at his shop there on Commonwealth and knew that CSUF was nearby but not exactly which buildings it was.

Tim G
3 months ago

I didn’t notice you mentioning “Walk Assist” in the review video, and don’t see it here, so is it safe to assume that Easy Motion omitted this feature on the Pro?

3 months ago

Hi Tim, I believe that you’re correct… I was just reviewing some notes and extra footage of this display to help you out, and it appears that holding + does not activate walk mode as it did in some past years. The – key navigates menus and also activates backlighting (and any integrated lights) but that’s it. You can hold both the + and – for settings.

3 months ago

How would you expect the Atom Diamond Wave Pro to perform on long steep hills? Will the brose S motor provide adequate support? As an older rider that is my biggest concern. Thank you.

2 months ago

Hi Al, the Brose Drive S is one of my favorites in terms of noise, vibration, responsiveness, and I feel like the company is big enough (along with Easy Motion) to provide great support. I’ve owned a Brose powered ebike before, an electric mountain bike from Specialized, and it used the older Brose Drive T… so the S should be plenty powerful for you as long as you shift into low gears when climbing. I hope this feedback helps, and that you enjoy whatever you get!


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