Elby City Review

Elby City Electric Bike Review
Elby City
Elby City Bionx D Series Gearless Hub Motor
Elby City Battery With Cover Removed Locking Core And Handle
Elby City Locking Ergonomic Grips Internally Routed Cables
Elby City Supernova E3 E Bike Headlight Custom Shell Led Blades
Elby City Tektro Auriga E Sub Hydraulic Brake Levers
Elby City Comfort Saddle With Integrated Handle Extra Wide Seat Post
Elby City Sram X5 Nine Speed Drivetrain
Elby City Aluminum Alloy Bash Guard Chain Guide Vp Grip Tape Pedals
Elby City Fender Integrated Pannier Bar 180 Mm Disc Brakes Kickstand
Elby City Bionx 3 45 Amp Compact Charger
Elby City Electric Bike Review
Elby City
Elby City Bionx D Series Gearless Hub Motor
Elby City Battery With Cover Removed Locking Core And Handle
Elby City Locking Ergonomic Grips Internally Routed Cables
Elby City Supernova E3 E Bike Headlight Custom Shell Led Blades
Elby City Tektro Auriga E Sub Hydraulic Brake Levers
Elby City Comfort Saddle With Integrated Handle Extra Wide Seat Post
Elby City Sram X5 Nine Speed Drivetrain
Elby City Aluminum Alloy Bash Guard Chain Guide Vp Grip Tape Pedals
Elby City Fender Integrated Pannier Bar 180 Mm Disc Brakes Kickstand
Elby City Bionx 3 45 Amp Compact Charger


  • A highly polished, purpose-built electric bicycle with easy-to-mount frame, adjustable bars and ergonomic touch points, available in five colors, additional $99 shipping with assembly by Velofix
  • Custome extra-wide Aluminum fender that don't rattle, integrated Supernova LED lights with a custom light blade up front, large hydraulic disc brakes, internally routed cables
  • Available in a single speed or nine speed configuration, BionX D-Series motor is an excellent climber and near silent, throttle on demand and torque sensing assist, removable color LCD and USB charger for phone with optional Bluetooth app
  • Regen and motor cutoff switch is only built into the right brake lever, the bike is well balanced and surprisingly stiff for a wave frame, higher price tag here but you get nicer parts and a great warranty

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$2,999 ($3,499 for Single Speed, $99 Extra for Shipping + Velofix)

Body Position:

Upright Relaxed

Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Cruising, Urban, Commuting

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Comprehensive, 3 Year if Registered


United States, Canada, Europe

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

56.8 lbs (25.76 kg) (55 lbs for Single Speed)

Battery Weight:

7.8 lbs (3.53 kg)

Motor Weight:

8.8 lbs (3.99 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy, Plastic Covers

Frame Sizes:

16.5 in (41.91 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

16.5" Seat Tube, 25" Reach, 18.5" Stand Over Height, 72" Length

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

White, Silver, Black, Orange, Blue

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid Aluminum Alloy, 9 mm Axle with Nuts

Frame Rear Details:

10 mm Axle with Nuts

Attachment Points:

Fender Bosses, Pannier Rack

Gearing Details:

9 Speed 1x9 SRAM X5, 11-34T (Single Speed Uses 15T Cog)

Shifter Details:

SRAM X5 Triggers on Right Bar


Lasco Aluminum Alloy, 170 mm Length, 38 Tooth Chainring with Alloy Guide


VP Composite Plastic Platform with Grip Tape


Custom Cane Creek, Sealed, 1-1/2"


Adjustable Angle -20° to 40°, 31.8 mm Clamp


Swept Back, 620 mm Length, 31.8 mm Clamp Diameter, 33 mm Rise, 45.8° Bend

Brake Details:

Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Tektro Auriga E-Sub Levers with Motor Inhibitor and Regen Activation on Right Lever, Adjustable Reach Levers


Ergonomic Rubber, Locking


Elby Branded, Velo Comfort with Integrated Handle

Seat Post:

Custom Aluminum Alloy

Seat Post Length:

500 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

39.9 mm


Alex Rims, Double Wall, 32 Hole, Reinforcement Eyelets


Stainless Steel, 14 Gauge, Silver with Nipples

Tire Brand:

Continental CruiseCONTACT, 26" x 2.2"

Wheel Sizes:

26 in (66.04cm)

Tire Details:

SafetySystem Puncture Protection, Reflective Sidewall Stripe, 35 to 65 PSI

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Adjustable Length Kickstand, Wide Aluminum Alloy Fenders with Support Struts, Pannier Hanger Bar (Max Weight 11 kg / 24 lbs Per Side, 22 kg /48 lbs Total), Flick Bell, Integrated Supernova E3 E-Bike V6s LED Headlight (165 Lumens) with Side Accent LED Blades, Integrated Supernova 3-LED Rear Light, Sturdy Bash Guard Chain Guide, Fully Enclosed Plastic Chain Cover on Single Speed


Locking Removable Battery Pack, 1.5 lb 3.45 Amp Charger, Internally Routed Cables, 3 Minute Auto-Off, Automatic Deep Sleep Battery Protection, 273 lb Max Weight

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

BionX, D-Series

Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Motor Peak Output:

1000 watts

Motor Torque:

50 Newton meters (Nominal 25 Nm)

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

11.6 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

556.8 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

25 miles (40 km)

Estimated Max Range:

70 miles (113 km)

Display Type:

BionX DS3 Removable, Backlit, Color LCD


Speed, Battery Level (10 Bars), Battery Percentage, Assist Level (1-4), Regeneration Level (1-4), Odometer, Trip Timer, Trip Distance, Average Speed, Clock, Setup, Lights Indicator, Assist Level Gauge, Assist Percentage

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad, Phone Mount Adapter, 5 Volt Female USB Charging Port, Bluetooth Application (iOS or Android)

Drive Mode:

Torque Sensing Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

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Written Review

Elby is a special creature, an electric bicycle designed from the ground up to be approachable, comfortable and responsive. Seriously, the drive system on this city/cruiser is also used on e-mountain bikes! It packs a lot of power and zip along with some cool power regeneration features and is near silent. The drive systems are all produced by BionX, a fixture in the industry and partner to other premium manufacturers like Mercedes SMART. The only real complaint I have is that the motor looks large, it’s like a gray pizza stuck in the middle of the rear wheel… but at least the other gray plastic accents on the bike (like the battery box) are matched. This is a nod to Elby and their attention to detail. You can choose from five glossy frame colors including white and silver (for increased night riding visual footprint) and I love that some of the plastic accents and fork are color matched for a cohesive visual appearance. Yeah, aside from the motor, the battery, compact control system and even the wires ae mostly hidden. And while the Elby City only comes in one frame size, it’s designed to be highly adjustable, accommodating riders from 5 foot to 6.5 foot tall. The extra-long 500 mm seat post is thick and sturdy, the stem swivels up and down, even the swept-back “gull wing” handle bar can be swiveled to raise or lower and change reach. I love the ergonomic grips and slightly large but active saddle. Between these touch points and the thicker tires, you end up with a comfortable ride despite there being no suspension hardware. This keeps the bike lighter, cheaper and stiffer. Many wave style deep step-thru frames used for electric bikes have this bendy feeling about them, as you pedal, turn and stop the frame flexes. That is not the case with the Elby thankfully and I’m glad because it honors the motor and premium hydraulic braing systems. This is an awesome ebike, it’s just more expensive than some. And that’s interesting considering the direct to consumer model being tried out. You order online then pay an additional $99 for shipping/assembly and if you’re in a city where Velofix operates, they deliver it to your doorstep and set it up just right… even returning 30 days later for a free tuneup and adjustments.

Driving the Elby is one of the most unique and effective hub motor systems I’m aware of. Yes BionX is an advertiser for EBR so you may interpret some of this as bias… but I invited them after having tested a number of systems across a range of electric bikes. This thing is years in the making and only compromises on visuals in my opinion. By designing something extra wide, they were able to achieve higher torque and better heat dissipation. The casing for the D-Series is plastic, keeping it light and durable, and it has an internal torque sensor that works well consistently. It’s one of the quietest high powered motors and I love how they tucked the power cable leading to it on the left side low and out of the way for snags or tips. Notice also that the rear wheel spokes connect to the hub and rim of the wheel, not to the hub motor casing. This provides a more natural ride and a bit of flex… so spokes don’t tend to loosen as much or break. I was told that the max weight for the Elby was 280 lbs by the rep but believe it’s actually 273 based on some literature at their site and some quick math. That’s still above average where many ebikes say 250. This allows for the addition of bags on the rear rack or for larger riders, tall, boxy and overweight. In my opinion, it has the power needed to move larger loads effectively, something people ask me about regularly. You get 500 watts nominal peaking around 1,000 with 50 Newton meters of torque that can be controlled with a throttle… that’s very unique in a world where more electric bikes are using mid-drive systems that require pedaling.

Powering the motor, backlit color display and premium ebike specific lights is a high quality, custom designed, Lithium-ion battery pack. It offers 48 volts and 11.6 amp hours which is above average and the cells inside are produced by Panasonic, one of the top brands in the space. You can charge it on or off the bike and it locks securely with a key… but is kept hidden and perhaps protected by a plastic shell with stylized metal step pad. Now, I’m not sure I’d actually want to step on that, it looks too nice and might scratch over time. The downtube is low enough that most people should be able to step over easily. However, if you do scratch this plastic part or end up losing it (as you have to take it off for battery removal) I was told the company does sell replacements. One unique and semi-confusing aspect of the battery is that it interfaces with the bike using an EnergyBus Rosenberger plug (very high quality, magnetically connected). The plug is floating so it self-aligns easily and can transfer data and power… it’s like top of the line as far as plugs go :P but on the outside of the batter pack, the charger plug is more basic. It’s not magnetic and could get bent or pull the bike over like other more basic plugs. At least it’s kept mostly clear of the left crank arm and pedal but why not use the magnetic port there too? Yes, it would add to the already high cost of the bike and perhaps would have required a larger heavier charger. That’s one thing I love about the Elby and other BionX e-bikes, the charger is fast at 3.45 Amps but also super small and light weight making it very easy to take along to work or a friend’s house for a quick fill. One other grip I have about this mid-section of the bike is that the kickstand is mounted very near the left crank arm and will collide if you back the bike up or try to spin the cranks when parked. Many ebikes manufacturers are moving to a rear mounted kickstand but some feel these don’t look as nice (sticking out towards the back). I guess it’s just a small note and consideration.

So the motor and battery are great, the display system and control pad follow along as being some of my favorite. The bike powers on with one click on the control ring (near the left grip) and the color backlit display blinks to life. The really neat thing here is that if you didn’t have the display, the control ring functions just fine on its own! It has an LED charge level chart and LED assist level chart that blinks when you go into regen (by pulling the right grip). It’s slim so it doesn’t block the shifters or brake lever, mounted close so you can reach it easily, and intuitive with a plus and minus for assist level navigation and forward back for changing menu readouts. There’s a separate button just for the lights and that power button to turn it off again. But if you forget to turn it off, no worries… it powers down automatically after a few minutes on its own. We went in-depth on video above showing all of the settings and I listed them as well but this shouldn’t be overlooked. The button pad is great and the display is also awesome. I love being able to take the fancy pieces off of electric bikes when parking in the elements or sketchy neighborhoods. Nobody wants their fancy bike scratched or tinkered with and you might be wondering about the button ring… Couldn’t someone turn it on and press the throttle at the bike rack? Yes, they could turn it on and turn the lights on maybe but the throttle won’t activate until the bike is moving 5 km/h (for safety reasons) so this has the fortunate side effect of making it tamper resistant as well. So you get a bike only mode, four levels of assist, four levels of regen (which can slow you when coasting down hills or act as a fun workout mode) and regenerative braking activated by the right brake lever. As mentioned earlier, the brakes on the Elby are wonderful… You get 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable reach levers that are ebike specific. Or, at least the right one is, the left one does not have a motor inhibitor regen switch in it unfortunately. This is another area that I’d like to see upgraded. You’d pay slightly more and have one tiny more wire but it would also add a bit more complexity to the control system. The way it is now is fine, but many other ebikes have two levers with motor inhibitors and I like that.

It may seem like I’m gushing over the Elby City and that’s probably true. I’m a huge fan of the drive system and can see the care that went into its custom frame, light interface, optional phone mount and Bluetooth app. They give you basically everything here, the fenders are custom and oversized but still tight and out of the way when pedaling (specifically the front one which is pushed forward thanks to some rake in the fork which also stabilizes the ride). I’m excited about the experience and quality here but recognize that you really are paying for it. I wish the price was lower considering the Velofix delivery model. Perhaps some dealers will have the bike as well and it is available to test ride at the traveling ebike expo so check it out for yourself. Other highlights for me are the reflective and puncture resistant tires, upgraded Alex rims with reinforcement eyelets, reflective saddle with built in handle for easy lifting and moving. You may need a platform rack to move this electric bike with a car and in that case check out the Thule EasyFold Carrier with ramp which makes loading easier.


  • The Elby City looks beautiful and comes in five colors which all include reflective tires and accents on the saddle and pedals, I’d opt for white or silver to stand out even more during night or early morning rides… I love how the fork and plastic covers are perfectly paint matched
  • You get to choose a nine speed or single speed drivetrain (which saves weight and cost), in both cases there’s an excellent guide system so the chain shouldn’t fall off easily
  • I love how smooth and immediate pedal assist feels, the BionX torque system is very natural and shouldn’t ever surprise you or make you strain your knees the way some delayed cadence sensors do
  • Throttle mode is awesome, the throttle is easy to reach and offers variable speed response depending on how far you press it, I hit the top speed of 20 mph quickly and felt smooth bursts to maintain me at that speed as I held it down
  • Not only do you get four levels of assist, you also get four levels of regen (extremely unique in the world of electric bikes), I love how you can immediately activate regeneration by pulling the right grip too
  • Comfort touch points like the ergonomic grips and wider (but still active) saddle make the bike ride comfortably even though there are no suspension points, I like the wider tires and might run at a lower PSI to improve comfort further (I believe the range is 35 to 65 PSI)
  • I really like the idea of their Velofix partnership, it’s a way to reach a wider audience and ensure the bike is built well, it’s not available everywhere but does give them a jump start over dealer networks and you get a 30 day tuneup… in some ways I would have expected a lower overall price for the bike since there is no middleman, or maybe free shipping at least?
  • Considering the pedals are plastic, they felt stiff and grippy, I usually complain about flexy small pedals but these ones were unique and might not scrape your shins the way metal spiked ones cand
  • Beautiful color display that’s easy to remove on a solid adjustable angle mount, it’s cool that they also provide a phone mount adapter and 5 Volt USB port so you can use their app and completely replace the stock display if you want
  • The display panel gives you a lot more feedback than basic ones and is intuitive to use (left and right bars change views or enter setup if you hold the left one while on setup, the up and down bars raise or lower assist/regen, there’s an independent light button and power button too… I believe the control ring works even without the display panel if you want (it has two LED light strips that indicate charge level and assist/regen setting
  • Super small, lightweight charger would be easy to toss into a backpack or perhaps pannier bags if you get them, it’s one of the most compact I’ve seen from any company but still delivers a whopping 3.45 Amps for fast charging! Most chargers just put out 2 Amps
  • The display automatically shuts down after three minutes and if you stop using the bike to conserve battery, there’s also a Deep Sleep feature whereby the battery limits power draw after weeks or months of non-use (great for winter or times when you’re on a trip) to protect itself
  • Given the extra-long seat post (500 mm long) the Elby website says this e-bike can accommodate riders from 5′ to 6’5″ tall which is great
  • The power cable for the motor is tucked away nicely, most cables are internally routed but the motor cable is especially important and potentially vulnerable if the bike tips… for the Elby it seemed well protected
  • I like that they positioned the charging port on the battery towards the front of the bike, mostly out of the way of the left crank arm and pedal… many other ebikes have the port situated where it could get bumped or snagged easier


  • Given how deep and wide the step-thru portion of this frame is, it’s fairly stiff but there’s still a touch of frame flex, I like the metal accent on the downtube but some other curved parts are plastic and I’m guessing they could get kicked and scratched easier when mounting (so be careful)
  • The rear rack pannier bar thing is cool but only holds up to 40 lbs vs. a traditional platform rack which is usually rated at 55 lbs, it’s also a bit thick so I’m not sure all clip-on bags will work and there’s nowhere to put a trunk bag on top and no bottle cage bosses on the frame
  • This electric bike is on the expensive side (although the price dropped a bit in March 2018), but you do get a premium drive system, in addition to the price of the bike you also pay $99 for shipping and Velofix assembly
  • While I love how powerful the BionX D-Series motor is, the casing is large and stands out on most bikes, the rest of the systems are all mostly hidden however
  • The seat post is unnecessarily large and I’m told that was due to a previous design goal (to have a pump built in) but the company that makes that accessory went out of business so they were stuck with this really large post, I’d like it if they included a 39.9 mm to 27.2 mm shim so people could use their own seat posts with suspension perhaps
  • If you back the bike up with the kickstand down, the left crank arm will collide because it’s mounted near the center of the bike, this also limits ground maintenance like chain lubing if you want to pedal backward
  • When you add the bike to your shopping cart on the website, I think it should take you to the cart… instead you’re left on the same page you were before and have to look around to actually buy, they could make that easier (especially given this will be sold online mostly)
  • The battery charging port is a more traditional plug even though they use the magnetic EnergyBus interface from the battery to the bike… I wish they kept the magnetic design on the side of the pack too so the plug would pop off easily and not get bent or tip the bike as it is designed now


Comments (24) YouTube Comments

3 years ago

Thank you so much for reviewing the Elby – I have been waiting anxiously to see this! The one statistic remaining that I need is the height from the top of the saddle seat, in its lowest position, to the ground – do you have that please?

I have had a test ride on the 2017 Electra Townie Go 8i and found that it fit me very well and felt good riding however the two negatives (brakes and lack of Throttle-on-demand) keep me from taking the plunge. I do feel that I need the “flat-foot technology” though.

I am a female senior citizen living in a ski-resort town with many groomed/paved bicycle trails but not a level one in sight near my home or anywhere else in the area for that matter. There is a fairly long and steep hill leading to my home so I worry about getting back up the hill after a long ride especially if I only have pedal-assist. I need a step-thru bike. I am a casual/cruiser style rider and not particularly interested in speed but must have hill climbing power when I need it. I also like the idea of regen to slow the bike down when going down-hill. The Elby specs seem to fit all my needs except that I don’t know whether the seat will go down low enough for me to reach the ground when seated (28″ inseam) – I can adjust the seat to a more appropriate height if needed as I become more comfortable with the bike.

Do you have any thoughts/guidance about making a choice between the Elby and the Electra?

3 years ago

Hi Pamelae, I just reached out to the Elby rep and asked him to do the measurement for you (top of the saddle when it’s in the lowest position down to the ground), he said it’s 33.5″ high. I do think this ebike would be a good fit for you as it’s one of the very few with step-thru and a fairly powerful motor and throttle mode. I usually post stand over height as the top of the frame to the ground because I tend to start standing up and kicking off then pushing myself up to the saddle. With this approach I think you’d be able to get into the saddle and use the throttle for near-instant power. I do love the Electra Townie Go! but can see how the lack of throttle might be a big decision point. That ebike does have “flat foot” technology, meaning the cranks are slightly forward, but the ride isn’t substantially different from Elby and some others due to their more angled seat tube. In fact, you can see how the cranks on the Elby actually are positioned slightly forward imitating the Electra design here.

Darrell Clausen
1 year ago

I test drove the Elby at electric cyclery where Kevin answered all my questions. I live in an extremely hilly neighborhood but I think this bike is going to do the job. I test drove a much more expensive (and supposedly high quality ebike) and I found the Elby much for suitable for me.

1 year ago

Awesome! Glad to hear that Kevin was good to you, I like their shop because it has so many great choices and demo bikes to explore. Yeah, Elby is great because it offers throttle mode and is super approachable, the BionX drive system is pretty great, the D-Series is one of my favorites because it’s so quiet and smooth… even offering regeneration!

3 years ago

Thank you, Court, for finding out that information for me. Looks can certainly be deceiving – it looks as if the seat would slide down lower so that the height would be in the 29-30″ range . I will have to give it a test ride to see how it feels. Thanks again for your help and great reviews.

3 years ago

Sure thing Pamelae! I’m glad we were able to get you this info quickly and hope you’re able to take one out. I realize it can be tricky locating the proper size ebike in some cases… I’m excited to see more brands coming with versitile frames and even multiple frame sizes to explore :)

George Pelton
2 years ago

Hi Court! Can you tell me if there are any differences between the 2016 and the 2017 models of the ELBY? I’m about to purchase this bike after seeing your review, and the dealer has 2016 models in his shop. They look exactly the same as the bike in your review, which is dated as a 2017 model. But I’m wondering if there are any technological differences.
– George

2 years ago

Hi George! I reached out to a lead at Elby with your question to get an accurate statement and received the following from their Director of Global Sales and Marketing “Elby distinguishes product changes by version number rather than model year. The Elby S1, is the same version number (1) in 2016, 2017, and 2018 and therefore identical.” so it sounds like you’d be fine with the 2016 model. I hope it works great for you! Elby is doing something special with their e-bikes and it’s neat to also see how quickly they respond to comments and questions to provide support.

2 years ago

I just test rode the Elby 9 speed. I really like the balanced feel, the power, and the throttle. Having a throttle really helps getting started from a stop especially going up a hill. I also like the regenerative motor, it helps slow you down when going downhill a little bit like hill descent on a car. I’m not sure about the styling, maybe it’s just a hangup of mine. One styling issue I have that’s easy to make would be to make the motor casing round. I’m a graphic designer, I find the flat edges on the motor casing awkward in the round wheel. It would be great if they made the casing round and added a reflective ring on it.

Other bikes I’m considering at the Gazelle Arroyo, Kalkhoff Agattu B7, and Stromer ST1 Elite.

Do any of the guys out there feel odd riding a step-through model?

— Bryan

2 years ago

Hi Bryan, all great feedback! I like your idea about a reflective ring on the hub motor to make the bike safer from the side, to increase its visual footprint. I personally do not feel uncomfortable or awkward when riding a step-thru but might opt for a mixte (mid-step) frame or get a masculine color on a wave frame. Once I’m riding, it’s all about having fun but there is something to be said for appreciating the aesthetic of your bike too. The knee pain I sometimes experience when riding a traditional bicycle is what led me to big, heavy, expensive electric bikes five years ago… and now I feel less sensitive about the trade-offs because my pain is less of an issue. I feel like I have also become less sensitive about the visuals of an electric bicycle and more focused on functionality instead.

tom sprecher
2 years ago

Court, I am 5′ 10″ and would like to have feet flat on this bike is it possible

1 year ago

Hi Tom, I cannot guarantee it… but my guess is that YES, you would be able to put feet flat on the ground if you have an inseam of roughly 30-inches. Elby designed the step-over portion of the bike to be very low and they also kept the seat post low. This way, you can put the saddle in a very low position that is just above the rear wheel height. Since these are 26-inch wheels, I just added a few inches as an estimate of saddle height to answer your question. These days, I am trying to measure and include “minimum saddle height” in all reviews, to be more accurate with this sort of question. I hope my feedback helps you and invite a response if you do get an Elby City electric bicycle :)

1 year ago

Court, what is Sam’s and your take on the elby and bionx

1 year ago

Hi, Tom! My personal guess is that the company will go through this receivership and restructuring process but come out still supporting and producing products. They have some great IP for the internal torque sensor design and have already done the heavy lifting to create molds, circuit boards, and get their products tested and certified for sale in Canada, North America, and Beyond. I spoke with Michael (from OHM) about BionX, since they use the BionX hardware on all of their ebikes, and it sounds like he is still getting support and moving forward. I cannot say for sure, but maybe this is just a necessary transformation to deal with the General Motors situation (I think a deal went sour over pricing estimates and there was a legal outcome that forced BionX’s hand). Hopefully, BionX will trim the fat and become a leaner company that can still offer their special products for many years to come :) you could get more feedback in the BionX forums from other people too if you’d like.

Sookoor Ali
1 year ago

Sir, I have one simple question about all ebikes. Q. Why don’t they have a key to start the bike, but more important, the key to shut everything off, I sometimes pass through questionable neighbourhoods in Toronto, (yes folks, we have them too) and I want to stop at a shop for ethnic food, someone can easily .. well you know the rest.

1 year ago

Hi Sookoor, some electric bikes do have keys that operate the bike but most just have removable displays or battery packs so you can disable them that way. It’s always a good idea to lock the bike up too. I hope this helps a bit and would suggest exploring this guide about how to lock the bike up securely :)

Cheryl L BOUMA
1 year ago

I am wondering what type of car bike carrier will accomodate the elby. We presently have an awesome Thule that is quite adjustable but the swival adjustable clamps must attach to the frame of the bike. I am interested in the elby but I am not sure our present carrier will work when looking at the frame shape of the elby.

1 year ago

Hi Cheryl, can you please link to the Thule rack you have or tell me the model and year so I can investigate a bit more? I personally use a Küat rack like this which secures the front wheel from above and rear wheel at the bottom (with a ratchet strap). Sometimes the front portion does not work perfectly with fenders and I’ve learned that the bar can pull down on the main frame in that case. It would be great if you could test a step-thru bike that is similar to the Elby first or maybe visit a shop that carries them and test it out. I hope these thoughts help you and suggest maybe posting in the Elby electric bike forums too so that others can chime in with ideas.

Susan Miller
10 months ago

Can panniers or a bike rack or a front basket be put on the Elby? Is it possible to take off front wheel easily to fit in back of a small car (Prius C). I am 68 with a hip replacement and a step through that is very stable is important to me. I will use for errands around town and going with husband on fun rides (he is a serious biker). Not sure if I should go with single speed or the 9 speed. Money not critical but the other bikes I am looking at are under $2,000. Is this the right bike for me? I don’t seem to have anywhere close to try it. (Live in Richmond, VA Velofix in DC).

10 months ago

Hi Susan! Yes, I believe that pannier bags would work with the little hanger bar that is included with the rear fender. You could get a bag or two to carry accessories, food, and other cargo. I would not recommend a front basket because it could interfere with the display mount and also slow your steering. Yes, the front wheel is removable but does not come with a quick release skewer, you could replace the axle with nuts by getting a quick release set on Amazon, just look for 100mm hub spacing 9mm axle size, this is the most common size and style for front wheel QR. I also have a Prius! but mine is a standard sized one. Honestly, even though the front wheel and battery could be removed for transport, I would recommend buying a 1-1/4 hitch mount for your car and then getting a platform rack. I own the Küat rack like this that folds up and doesn’t impact mileage. I leave it on all the time and have a MUCH easier time transporting my bike. Ebikes are heavy, so not having to lift and position it is a big deal… you and your husband could both put your bikes on this rack when you go for rides. If you aren’t super price sensitive, it’s a great way to enjoy your bike more and avoid back injuries and hassle every time you want to go for a ride. It has allowed me to enjoy riding more frequently because of the ease and speed of loading. Küat now has a ram accessory to make loading even easier, but there are other companies like Thule that have an EasyFold rack with similar features :)

Susan Miller
10 months ago

How about the metal baskets that go in the back off a metal bike rack? I already have two of these. Can you answer the question about the one vs 9 speeds?

Cecil Harold
2 months ago

Hi guys, I have not been able to ride my Elby very much lately because it is just so hot here in the desert in Las Vegas! When I have been able to ride, I have noticed that the Controller suddenly powers down while I am riding and then it powers back on. Then it powers off and then powers back down. This has happened on instances where I was riding in moderate Temps.Temps outside were below 90 degrees and once it happened during a short night ride.

Reading the User Manual there is a section that says NOTE: The system performs a self check approximately every hour. Do not be alarmed if the system turns itself on briefly and off again, or if the TOUCH PORT flashes momentarily. The instance when I have been able to ride the most was a weekend when I went over to California and rode on the beach. Went for miles and miles and was riding most of the day. If the controller (system) turned off on any particular hour that day I did not notice it.

Any ideas? Loose Connections?


2 months ago

Interesting… Thanks for explaining the situation so thoroughly, Cecil. I don’t have an immediate solution for you, but perhaps someone else will chime in, and maybe you could get additional feedback help from the EBR Elby Forums here. Someone might know about this model or the BionX system and chime in to help :)


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