2019 EUNORAU E-FAT-MN Review


Technical Specs & Ratings





Class 2




Mechanical Disc



500 Wh

500 Wh

63.6 lbs / 28.87 kgs


Threadless, Sealed Cartridge Bearings, Straight 1-1/8"

Aluminum Alloy, Telescoping Height, 260 mm Base with 140 mm Extension, 10 mm Spacer, 25.4 mm Clamp Diameter

Alloy, Low-Rise, 620 mm Length

Flat Rubber with Lock-Rings

Aluminum Alloy, Dual Rail Clamp with Tilting Latch


Selle Royal Freway, Soft Gel

Wellgo Metal Folding Pedals, Black

Mechanical Disc

Promax 310 Mechanic Disc with 160 mm Rotors, Three-Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors

More Details


2 Year Motor and Battery, 5 Year Frame, 1 Year Other Electric

Europe, United States, Canada, Australia



17" Seat Tube, 21" Reach, 24" Stand Over Height, 32" Minimum Saddle Height, 23.75" Width, 68" Length (Folded: 39" Width, 17.5" Height, 20.5" Length)

Black (Step-Through in White, Orange, Cream)

Rear Fender Bosses, Rear Rack Bosses

Promax 310 Mechanic Disc with 160 mm Rotors, Three-Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors

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Written Reviews

To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I charge a universal service fee for my reviews. This review was sponsored by Eunorau. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and written review are not meant to be an endorsement of Eunorau.

Eunorau has released their new E FAT MN bike, a hub-drive fat-tire folding bike made to take on just about anything you can throw at it. I was happy to have the chance to review it along the Jordan River in Utah, which let me really put it through its paces and see what it was all about. The E FAT MN (MN being a shortened version of ‘mini’) is a value priced folding ebike at $1,199 and comes in 1 color (matte black) and 1 frame size, but 2 frame styles, step-through and mid-step. The mid-step frame we are looking at today is very approachable, and these smaller 20” wheels give it a good stand over height. Although there is only 1 frame size, you do get some adjustability with the telescoping stem. Usually when I see these on folding bikes, they can be stretched and strained so that that wires and tight and don’t allow you to make a sharp turn. However, Eunorau supplied the E FAT MN with plenty of wiring slack in the front to alleviate this problem and I really appreciate it. The E FAT MN can handle quite a bit, and that is thanks to the Kenda Krusade Sport fat tires with 60 threads per inch casing. As mentioned before, the tires are 20” x 4” and rated for a 5psi-30psi… the lower levels, such as 5psi, really work well on various terrain such as sand or snow, I highly recommend dropping that tire pressure if you want to take it out on adventures because it makes a world of difference. But these tires here keep everything comfortable since each of those little knobs somewhat act as mini absorbers for the bumps on the road. Unfortunately, there is no puncture protection or reflective sidewall here. I love these extra thick spokes in the rear and 135mm hub spacing, really just making the experience sturdy overall. Looking around the bike I notice that it has this awesome included rear rack. The rack has some really thick tubing which is very sturdy, but probably would work best with double sided panniers. I do love the locking grips, 170mm crank arms, and Wellgo metal folding pedals. There is also a battery integrated 2 LED headlight, a nice feature, however, there is none on the rear. Other features include an adjustable kickstand mounted in the rear to eliminate pedal lock, integrated bell, gel saddle, and these included steel fenders to keep you dry.

Diving the E FAT MN is this 500 watt Shengyi hub-drive motor with 5 modes of pedal assist and a thumb throttle located on the left. It has an 8 magnet cadence sensor, which is somewhat older technology for cadence based pedal assist. Compared to todays top of the line systems, it tends to feel sluggish because it has this very pronounced on or off feeling, so I recommend using the throttle to ramp up your speed if you want that smoother feel. It kicks up to 20mph with no problem and stopping is nice since they also equipped it with motor inhibitors. On the mechanical side, they have a 6 speed Shimano Altus derailleur which is a step up from the typical entry level derailleurs I usually see on value priced ebikes. I love that it has a derailleur guard too, that really helps protect these systems in the shipping process of if the bike gets knocked over. It has a 13-38 tooth on the cassette while in the front you have a 48 tooth chain ring. A thumb shifter is here, and I have never been a big fan of these, but I do see the benefit as these are really comfortable to use with gloves on for example. Stopping the E FAT MN are these 160mm rotor mechanical disc brakes with motor inhibitors. 160mm may not sound like the largest setup, but it works well given the smaller 20” diameter wheel size since you don’t need that much stopping power.

Powering the Eunorau E FAT MN is a 48v 12.5ah lithium ion battery pack. I would consider this a high capacity battery with that 12.5ah rating. The amp hour designation refers to how long the battery can perform at its peak, while the volts act as the peak itself. With a rating such as this, it would be able to go the extra mile and then some. The battery has an LED charging indicator and mounts behind the seat post. The bike is setup very well, but most of my gripes have to do specifically with this battery. Mostly, you must have the keys in at all times to operate it, so it can be annoying to have them jingle and bounce around. In addition to that, you have to take the seat all the way off if you want to remove the battery and charge it off the bike. Luckily for us, Eunorau added a seat latch so it you merely have to recline the seat forward and out of the way to reach the battery. Charging is done with this 1.4lb 2amp charger. To really care for this and other lithium-ion packs, I have heard that storing in a cool dry location vs. extreme heat or cold will extend the life and try to keep it about 50% full when not using for long periods so you won’t stress the cells. Try not to let it run down to zero, because that’s really hard on the cell chemistry.

Operating the Eunorau E FAT MN is pretty straightforward. The LCD is large, backlit, and adjustable angle to reduce glare. It is not removable, but there does appear to be a disconnect spot for easy replacement if you experience damage at some point down the line. All of the standard readouts about current speed, battery capacity, and assist level are shown, and if you tap the power button, it will cycle through advanced readouts like average speed and max speed. Pressing the up or down button will change the pedal assist mode. I think my only real gripe here is the 4 bar battery info graphic. A lot of newer bikes are going with a battery percentage so you know exactly how much battery is left. I wasn’t able to do a range test, but I think this may be a 5 bar infographic, with the last bar being the battery outline itself. Anyways, at 4-5 bars, that means you only get a battery readout at 20%-25% per tick. If you only show one bar left, do you have 1% or 25%? A big difference, and you won’t know until you try and ride to home and hope it doesn’t die. I guess it is not a huge deal, a lot of ebikes have similar setups, I just am looking forward to the changes that I see on the horizon.

All in all, the E FAT MN is a great bike if it falls under your consideration, but there are some tradeoffs I should mention. For example, when folded, the bike cannot be walked quite as easy as some of the other competing folding bikes currently out there and there are no straps or magnetic claps to keep it folded. Also, the older 8 magnet cadence sensor means you will probably want to get going at first using the throttle, especially if facing a hill. Probably the biggest tradeoff however would be with the battery. You have to keep the keys in at all times to operate it leaving them to bounce around and make noise. All these may seem like nitpicking, and for a bike priced at $1,199, it is hard to fault. Eunorau offers not only top notch support, and I love that they have a headquarters in Vegas instead of dealing with staff all the way in China. I would like to thank Eunorau for inviting me out to check out their lineup.

As always, I welcome questions and feedback in the comment section below. Whether you own the bike, have taken a test ride, or are brand new to the space, my goal is to provide an objective and honest resource. You can also join the Eunorau Ebike forums and share your own photos, videos, and review updates to help others! Have fun out there, and ride safe :)


  • A value priced, sturdy, and very approachable electric folding fat-tire bike at $1,199 and comes in 2 frame styles (step-through or mid-step) 1 color (matte black), and 1 frame size
  • Kenda Krusade Sport 20” x 4” fat tires with 60 threads per inch casing, rated for a 5psi-30psi, and has some bump absorption with its knobby tread
  • 160mm mechanical disc brakes here have not only motor inhibitors, but are easy to adjust, maintain, and have a great mechanical advantage with the smaller wheel diameter
  • Comes standard with a battery integrated headlight, something that more bikes are doing these days and I love since it adds visibility and safety
  • The adjustable kickstand included is mounted away from the pedals in the rear, so that eliminates pedal lock, an annoying occurrence when reversing a bike with the kickstand down that this bike doesn’t have to worry about
  • Shimano Altus setup is a nice step up from typical value priced bikes that choose the entry level, the derailleur guard makes a big difference too if the bike takes a spill, it will stay protected
  • You do get some adjustability with the telescoping stem, usually when I see these on folding bikes, they can be stretched and strained so that that wires and tight and don’t allow you to make a sharp turn, however, Eunorau supplied the E FAT MN with plenty of wiring slack in the front to alleviate this problem and I really appreciate it
  • The 500watt rear hub motor is powerful and I love that the throttle and cadence based pedal assist, overall a really capable electric setup
  • The 48v 12.5ah battery is a high capacity for this setup, it really can go the extra mile since it doesn’t have to work as hard with these smaller diameter wheels with a mechanical advantage
  • A lot of cool little touches like a gel saddle, derailleur guard, Wellgo aluminum alloy folding pedals, included steel fenders
  • You can order the bike online and it is backed by a company with a real US presence as their headquarters is in Las Vegas


  • I noticed when folded, the bike cannot be walked quite as easy as some of the other competing folding bikes currently out there and there are no straps or magnetic claps to keep it folded
  • A basic 8 magnet cadence sensor means more effort to pedal to get the electric system to kick in, if you have any physical considerations, or perhaps want to get a quick start at the bottom of a hill, I recommend using the throttle first to get up to speed before pedaling
  • It is great that there is an integrated headlight, however, there is none in the rear, it would be nice to see as more bikes are adding them in both places
  • To operate the bike, you have to keep the keys in at all times on the side of the battery to operate it, this leaves them hanging around to bounce while riding as well as make noise

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