2022 Serial 1 RUSH/CTY Speed Review


Technical Specs & Ratings





Class 3



Hydraulic Disc



706 Wh

706 Wh

59 lbs / 26.79 kgs


Integrated, Sealed Cartridge, Tapered 1-1/8" to 1-1/2"

Proprietary, 75 mm Length, 0° Rise, 31.8 mm Diameter, One 5 mm Spacer, One 10 mm Tapered Base Spacer

Aluminum Alloy, Low-Rise, 670 mm Length

Rubber, Ergonomic, Inner Lock Ring

Aluminum Alloy, Dual-Bolt Integrated Clamp


Active Saddle with Integrated Handle, CroMo Rails

Wellgo Aluminum Alloy BMX, Black

Hydraulic Disc

TRP Hydraulic Disc with 203 mm x 2.3 mm Heavy Duty Rotors, Quad Piston Calipers, Three Finger Levers with Adjustable Reach

Ebike Systems

Class 3


Brose TF Mag (Magnesium)


Brose Display Allround Transflective 1.5" Color LCD Display Control Pad, Fixed, Buttons: Power, Select, Lights, +, -, Walk Mode, Lights: Press Light Button, Walk Mode: Hold Walk Button Then Hold - Button

Serial 1 App

706 Wh

706 Wh

21700 Cell Size 36 Volt, Lithium-ion, 19.6 Amp Hrs, 8.4 lbs

1.9 lb 42 Volt 4 Amp Charger

More Details

Urban, Commuting

United States, Canada, Europe

Two Year Comprehensive, 5 Year Frame

8.4 lbs (3.81 kg) (Optional 529wh 6.2lbs)

6.56 lbs (2.97 kg)

15 in (38.1 cm)18 in (45.72 cm)20 in (50.8 cm)22 in (55.88 cm)

Large: 19.75" Seat Tube, 23" Top Tube, 17" Reach, 29.75" Standover Height, 33.5" Minimum Saddle Height, 27.5" Width, 46.5" Wheelbase, 76" Length

Pearl Peacock Blue with Gloss Orange and Black Accents, Pearl Midnight Black with Matte Black Accents

Rigid Aluminum Allow, Boost 110mm Hub Spacing, 15mm Thru-Axle 5mm Hex Bolt

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses

Serial 1 Badge Running Light, Integrated BAF Headlight (900 Lumens, Aimable, Alloy Housing), Integrated Rear Light with Brake Activation (Accelerometer Activated, 2 LED), Flick Bell Near Right Grip, Custom Plastic Fenders with Rack Support (76.5mm Width), Front Rack (10kg 22lb Max Load), Rear Rack (10kg 22lb Max Load, Bungee Loops), Tool Free Adjustable Length Kickstand

1.9lb 42 Volt 4 Amp Charger, Max Weight Limit 275lbs, ABUS Keyset with Plus Code for Keyed Alike

Light Sensor on Control Pad, 4 Bar Charge Level LED Indicator on Battery, Optional Serial 1 Smartphone App (iOS, Android), Optional Enviolo Smartphone App to Adjust Pedal Cadence or Gear Ratio Equivalent (iOS, Android), 5 Volt 2 Amp USB-C Charging Cable at Stem

Lights Indicator, Charge Level Indicator (5 Bars), Current Speed (MPH or KMH), Assist Level (Off, Eco, Tour, Sport, Boost), Trip Time, Trip Distance, Avg Speed, Max Speed, Odometer, Clock, Walk Mode Indicator

Advanced Pedal Assist (Measures Rear Wheel Speed, Pedal Cadence, Pedal Torque)

28 mph (45 kph)

Video Reviews

Written Reviews

This review was provided for free using a demo bike. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of Serial 1 products. I welcome your corrections, additions, and feedback in the comments below, and the Serial 1 electric bike forums.


  • The Serial 1 brand name is a reference to the first Harley Davidson motorbike called the Serial Number One, which was a pedal start moped. The brand is actually a Spinoff from Harley Davidson, which remains a stakeholder, and they operate independently. You can find Serial 1 ebikes being sold through many physical Harley Davidson dealers, over 120 independent ebike shops or buy them direct online.
  • Serial 1 has a special partnership with Google, using their Cloud AI, SIM chip, and mapping technology. This allows for accurate GPS mapping with street and bike path data, as well as security features like bike tracking and remote disable with flashing lights. The service is free for two years, then requires a service fee. You’ll need the Serial 1 smartphone app to fully utilize these features. Note that these features were not available on the 2021 models, and I was told that those older ebikes cannot be retrofitted. The best way to tell 2022 models and beyond is that they will have a USB-C cable at the stem.


  • This is a Class 3 product, meaning that it is capable of reaching 45km 28mph top speeds vs. 35km 20mph. This will speed up your commute, command more respect from motor vehicles, and potentially make the ride more fun. In order to support the higher speed, Serial 1 upgraded the battery pack from 529wh to 706wh.
  • The bike looks amazing, very professional and refined. Notice the premium paint and two color choices, the black highlights that make the frame look thinner, the hidden wires that route through the handlebar, stem, and body.
  • It comes with everything you need for riding in all sorts of conditions. The plastic fenders are sturdy, relatively quiet, and wide and long enough to provide good coverage. The lights are bright, visible from multiple angles, and run off the main battery pack. The tires are puncture resistant and have reflective sidewall stripes!
  • Many ebikes come with a rear rack, but this one also has a front rack! I think they would work well for trunk bags and panniers, but the rear rack also has a bungee loop for a simple tie down. Note that overloading the front rack could impact steering because it’s fork mounted vs. steer tube mounted.
  • The weight isn’t too bad at roughly 26.7kg 59lbs considering it includes so many accessories, is using a CVT hub, and has Boost hub spacing with plus sized tires. The weight is positioned lower and more centrally than a lot of the other ebikes I’ve tested. It’s sturdy, stable, and compliant… especially with the high step “diamond” frame.
  • It’s easy to miss if you don’t know bicycle brands and parts, but the Praxis crank arms, Sapim spokes, locking ergonomic grips, tool-free adjustable kickstand, Wellgo platform pedals, and sealed saddle with integrated handle, are all upgrades that improve durability and ride quality.
  • The Gates Carbon Drive belt is quieter, cleaner, and more durable than a traditional chain. The way it’s configured, the frame tubing and right chainstay act as a chain cover, protecting pant legs or dress ends from touching and snagging. Serial 1 was smart about their frame design, they configured it with a belt drive in mind so there’s no break in the frame to get it on, instead the rear dropouts hang lower than the seat stay. This improves strength and frame stiffness.
  • Wires and cables are almost completely hidden, being routed through the handlebar, stem, and main body of the frame. This looks beautiful, but also reduces snags. Note the headset has oversteer protection, so you can’t twist it all the way around and strain or break the cables inside! This is an awesome little touch that would be easy to miss.
  • Serial 1 was creative with the frame design, adding a little “Glovebox” compartment above the battery bay. It’s fairly large, and locks securely with the same key as the battery. This would be a great place to stow a lightweight jacket, tool set, folding lock, and anything else you’d like to bring along for utility or safety!
  • I love that the bike comes in four frame sizes! This improves fit and makes riding more comfortable. Apparently the entire frame and parts like the handlebar scale up, so it feels “right sized” at each level.
  • The motor is extremely quiet and smooth. It uses a Gates Carbon Drive belt inside, so there’s less whirring and buzzing than some competing products. It activates and rides smoothly too, because of the multiple sensors (rear wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque). Note the rear wheel sensor and magnet are tucked in near the disc brake rotor vs. using an exposed spoke magnet.
  • The upgraded TRP brakes are perfect for this model! You get larger and thicker 203mm x 2.3mm rotors with longer quad piston calipers that provide leverage and cooling benefits. The adjustable reach levers will fit a wider range of hands, which pairs nicely with the four frame sizes.
  • The headlight is excellent! It’s large and bright, putting out 900 lumens, and the housing is sturdy aluminum alloy. I love that the mounted it high and center on the stem/handlebar area, but seems to have a top cutoff so it won’t shine up into the eyes of oncoming cyclists and automobiles. The light isn’t blocked by the fender or rack (or a small trunk bag if you mounted on there), and points where you steer.
  • In addition to the headlight, there’s also a “running light” head tube badge which increases your visual footprint. This badge is more visible from the sides than the headlight itself, which does not have side cutouts like some other lights I’ve seen.
  • The battery pack design is modular, so you could always borrow a 529 watt hour pack from a friend or family member who has one of the other models… or loan them your high capacity 706wh pack! I was told that Serial 1 is using the fanciest cells available, they are 21700 size high density (which means lighter without taking as much space).
  • I am glad that Serial 1 chose a fancier display for this model than the MOSH/CTY, because it’s easier to read and provides a lot more feedback. There are dedicated buttons for the lights, it has walk mode, and the transflective LCD is easier to read in bright conditions than the tiny LEDs on the other model. It’s easy to reach, and the buttons are intuitive once you explore it a bit, so you can press to change assist levels without looking down.
  • The Google partnership for maps on the optional smartphone app means you get some of the best routing data, including bike paths and greenways. The remote locking and tracking system should increase your chances of recovering the bike if it gets stolen… and even noticing that it is moving when you aren’t there! I believe this tracking service is included for two years, but then requires a fee.
  • The battery charger is great, offering higher speed 4 amp output, and the right angle plug won’t get snagged by the left crank arm when it’s plugged in. It’s also fairly compact and light, it seems very solid for the performance level.
  • Serial 1 has a great warranty with two years comprehensive, five years on the frame, and since they have a wide range of products sharing similar parts (battery, fenders, racks, displays, chargers) I suspect they will have some longevity and repairability.


  • To me, the frame looks a bit chunky at the bottom bracket area. Serial 1 designed a modular battery pack that sits lower on the frame, and I think this contributes to the aesthetic. In short, this line of ebikes isn’t as stealthy as some of the competing products I see… but the upside is that more weight is positioned low. This is especially true for the higher capacity 706 watt hour pack that comes stock with the RUSH/CTY Speed model.
  • Both the charging port and locking cylinder to release the battery are located low on the left side of the downtube, very close to the left crank arm. In my experience, they require more energy and flexibility to bend down and reach… and it’s easy to bump your head on the left handlebar when getting back up. I noticed the rubberized cover for the charge port can be a little tricky to line up and set.
  • It appears that the only Serial 1 ebike model that includes bottle cage bosses is the SWITCH/MTN. I like having these mounting points to make it easy to bring fluids or mount a folding lock… but at least the RUSH/CTY models have racks and a little cubby “Glovebox” on the downtube that could be used. Still, there was space below the top tube to add bosses, which is exactly where they are positioned on the SWITCH/MTN. Consider a handlebar cup holder or trunk bag with bottle holder as a workaround solution.
  • The Enviolo Automatiq is preconfigured to offer a 75 RPM target cadence, which I find a bit slow. In order to change this, you have to download the Enviolo app vs. having a physical shifter like most traditional bicycles. This is in addition to the Serial 1 smartphone app for mapping and ride stats. The app allows you to adjust 30 to 100 RPM target cadence, or select virtual “gears” instead.
  • The LCD display panel that comes with the bike is called the Brose Allround. It shows battery charge level, but isn’t super precise (5 bars vs. percentage), and doesn’t have a range estimate tool built in. I appreciate that it’s color and transflective, making it easier to read in bright conditions, but it is fairly small and could be difficult to read for some riders. Use the Serial 1 smartphone app for precise battery percentage readout.
  • The rear lights are positioned very low on the frame, which could make them harder for cars to see. I have a helmet with a built in light and often attach another light on my backpack to be extra safe. At least the rear lights both have two LEDs, are visible from the sides, and go bright when the accelerometers detect that you’re stopping!
  • Although this model comes with two integrated racks, they both have relatively low 10kg 22lb weight ratings. The rear rack also specifies that it is not designed to support child carriers. While these racks look clean and help to support the fenders, I feel like some utility is being lost compared to other products I’ve tested.
  • Because Serial 1 is connected to Harley Davidson, they have a relatively large network of “dealers” but they also sell through 120+ independent ebike dealers, or online with direct shipping. If you go this second route, there will be some unboxing and assembly involved. Also, since the bikes are very proprietary, it might be difficult to get parts and service from traditional shops. Even if a Harley dealership is nearby, I wonder if they have the tools and support staff to handle bicycles at this stage? Everyone I’ve communicated with at Serial 1 has been super helpful and responsive.
  • I love that the bike is using a fancier locking core from ABUS, and the keys can be matched to other lock accessories! However, I asked if Serial 1 sells pre-configured locks and was told “you have to do that through a 3rd-party ABUS retailer, as we are not currently set up to sell those locks” but they did provide a link with instructions here.
  • It sounds like you’ll need a 2022 or later model to get the USB-C port, SIM chip, and smartphone app compatibility. Unfortunately, the 2021 models cannot be retrofitted and are not compatible with the app. I would double check for this at time of purchase if you’re buying from a dealership, make sure it has the USB-C cable at the stem, because this adds a lot of utility and resale value.
  • The bike is fully rigid, there’s no suspension fork or seat post suspension here. I find that going faster with a Class 3 product brings increased vibration and makes smaller cracks and bumps feel bigger. The benefits of a rigid frame are lower cost, improved stiffness, and reduced weight. They chose high volume “plus sized” tires to dampen vibration and improve ride quality, but you’ll have to spend extra on your own to get more comfort. Consider any 27.2mm suspension seatpost if you have a sensitive back, shoulders, or neck, but note that it will raise the minimum saddle height by a few inches.
  • This ebike is priced a bit higher due to the increased battery capacity and speed motor. It’s $600 more than the standard RUSH/CTY Step-Thru, which only comes in step-thru now. I was told that a Class 1 RUSH/CTY high-step model was available for a limited time in 2021, but was discontinued.
  • Note that the lights on this model cannot be turned off. I believe this is a safety feature mandated for Class 3 ebikes in European markets that sometimes carries over to North America. It’s not a big negative, but I do appreciate the ability to control lights myself.

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