SSR Motorsports Trail Viper Review

Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Electric Bike Review 1
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper 350 Watt Bafang Fat Bike Geared Hub Motor
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Removable 36v 10ah Lithium Ion Battery
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Lcd Display Twist Throttle Shifter
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper 6 Speed Shimano Tourney Tx Drivetrain
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper 20 4 Chaoyang Fat Tires
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper 160 Mm Tektro Novella Disc Brakes Folding Wellgo Pedals
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Bell Button Pad Semi Ergonomic Grips
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Plastic Chain Guide 12 Magnet Pedelec
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Promax Suspension Seat Post Velo Plush Saddle
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Quick Release Front Wheel
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Sis Index Shifter Bafag C961 Display
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Folded Front View
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Folded Side View
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Stock Folded
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Electric Bike Review 1
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper 350 Watt Bafang Fat Bike Geared Hub Motor
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Removable 36v 10ah Lithium Ion Battery
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Lcd Display Twist Throttle Shifter
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper 6 Speed Shimano Tourney Tx Drivetrain
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper 20 4 Chaoyang Fat Tires
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper 160 Mm Tektro Novella Disc Brakes Folding Wellgo Pedals
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Bell Button Pad Semi Ergonomic Grips
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Plastic Chain Guide 12 Magnet Pedelec
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Promax Suspension Seat Post Velo Plush Saddle
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Quick Release Front Wheel
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Sis Index Shifter Bafag C961 Display
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Folded Front View
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Folded Side View
Ssr Motorsports Trail Viper Stock Folded


  • A folding fat tire electric bike with smaller 20" wheels, adjustable height seat and stem with adjustable angle bars improves fit, quick release front wheel makes stowing in small spaces even easier
  • Removable battery pack reduces weight when lifting and makes care easier, integrated headlight adds safety, basic independent rear light included (uses AAA batteries)
  • No bottle cage mounts but there are bosses for a rear rack, seat must be removed to get the battery off and key must be left in the pack to operate the bike (more jingling and snag potential), solid one year comprehensive warranty

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SSR Motorsports


Trail Viper


$1,399 USD

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Trail, Sand and Snow, Travel

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Comprehensive


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

56 lbs (25.4 kg)

Battery Weight:

6 lbs (2.72 kg)

Frame Material:

Aluminum Alloy

Frame Sizes:

17 in (43.18 cm)

Frame Types:

Folding, Mid-Step

Frame Colors:


Frame Fork Details:


Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses

Gearing Details:

6 Speed 1x6 Shimano Tourney

Shifter Details:

SIS Index Shifter on Right Bar


Wellgo Plastic Platform, Folding


Telescoping Adjustable Height, Adjustable Angle


Flat, Aluminum Alloy

Brake Details:

Tektro Mechanical Disc with 160 mm Rotors, Tektro Levers with Motor Inhibitor


Rubber, Semi-Ergonomic


Velo Plush

Seat Post:

Suspension Shock

Seat Post Diameter:

27.2 mm


Champion, Aluminum Alloy

Tire Brand:

Chaoyang, 20" x 4"

Wheel Sizes:

20 in (50.8cm)

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Single Side Kickstand, Integrated 7 LED Headlight, Basic Independent LED Backlight (Uses Two AAA Batteries), Plastic Bash Guard Pant Protector, Basic Flick Bell


Locking Removable Battery Pack with Handle and LED Charge Indicator, Quick Disconnect Motor Cable, Quick Release Front Wheel

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

350 watts

Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

10 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

360 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

10 miles (16 km)

Estimated Max Range:

25 miles (40 km)

Display Type:

Bafang C961, Fixed Monochrome Backlit LCD


Speed, Battery Level, Assist Level (1-9), Odometer, Trip Distance, Timer

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad Near Left Grip

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle, Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist (12 Magnet Pedelec)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

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Written Review

The Trail Viper is a folding fat-tire electric bike that combines portability with fun. It’s a “go anywhere” platform that benefits from smaller diameter wheels in two ways… they’re smaller and thus easier to store but also offer a mechanical advantage to the motor and your legs when pedaling. The custom 17″ frame feels surprisingly solid off-road and has been extended horizontally so you don’t feel squished as with some other folders. There’s a lot of adjustability with a quick release seat collar (seat goes up and down) and a telescoping stem (also goes up and down) with adjustable angle. Basically, whether you’re tall or short the bike can be setup to feel natural. Because it’s folding and you’re more likely to adjust everything to its smallest dimensions during trips it can be useful to make a little tic mark on the stem and seat post for quicker setup when you’re ready to ride again. This holds especially true for the seat post because you have to take it off in order to remove the battery pack. The battery can be charged on or off the bike but reduces weight by ~6 lbs if it’s off and that can make the platform easier to lift… same with the front wheel which has a quick release skewer. The first SSR Motorsports electric bike I tested was the 350W Sand Viper and it performed surprisingly well given the low price point. The trail viper matches that price ~$1,399 and introduces a nicer kickstand, rear LED light and softer grips. I really enjoyed this ebike because it’s unique but also well outfitted for a first generation build. There’s a quick shot of the Trailviper completely folded up with the seat post all the way down, we had just taken it out of the trunk and we didn’t even have to remove the front wheel to get it to fit.

Powering the Trail Viper is an extra wide 350 watt internally geared hub motor from Bafang. It reminds me of the one used for the Sondors Ebike but offers more leverage for climbing here due to the smaller wheel size. I’ve tested several folding bikes that use 250 watt motors but those usually run smaller hybrid or slick tires, the 350 watt size is great for this platform and surprisingly zippy. There’s an inline quick-disconnect so you can completely remove the rear wheel for maintenance. On the left side of the motor you’ve got a 160 mm mechanical Tektro Novella disc brake setup (that matches the front brake) and both brake levers include a motor inhibitor switch which is important tho disengage the system in pedal assist mode. Mechanical disc brakes require a bit more effort to actuate but they’re less expensive and easier to repair than hydraulic. For this type of bike (smaller wheels and lighter weight ~65 lbs than a full sized fat) the brakes work well. On the right side of the motor is a six speed cog set with entry-level Shimano Tourney TX derailleur. Lots of affordable ebikes use this drivetrain and the components should do alright if you clean them after dusty or sandy rides or every couple hundred miles and go for tuneups occasionally if the shifter begins making noises.

Powering the drive system, LCD display and integrated headlight is a 36 volt 10 amp hour Lithium-ion type battery. It’s built into a “silver fish” aluminum case that mounts just behind the seat tube. This position is great for protection of the battery and weight distribution across the frame, it’s not as clean as something like the e-Joe EPIK SE or EZ Pedaler X350 which have integrated packs but it’s much better than a rack based system in my opinion. At the top of the battery there’s a little flip up handle that’s useful for taking it off the frame and carrying it around (to and from the charger etc.) and there’s a basic LED power level indicator to communicate how full the pack is when you get there. Overall, it’s a good design and while I’m not sure what brand of cells are being used, I take comfort in the year long comprehensive warranty offered by SSR Motorsports. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to take the seat and post off to get the battery off the frame and the charger is small and light for portability.

Activating the Trail Viper is a two step process where you turn the key to “on” in the battery pack and then press a rubber “on” button at the control pad. The LCD display panel used here is from Bafang and offers some advanced settings if you dig into the menu but the default readouts show battery level, assist level and speed. Assist defaults to 1 when you activate the bike and I like this because the throttle is operable in pedal assist mode but not at level 0. If you’re worried about accidentally bumping the throttle, you can press the red button near the right grip that disengages it. The demo unit I was testing in the video review above had the display setup for nine levels of assist and this was nice because folding bikes with smaller wheels tend to be less stable in my experience and these smaller increments let me find the perfect, comfortable speed. SSR uses a different display unit on their full sized Sand Viper fat bikes and I like that display too but it only offers five levels of assist to choose from. To activate the lights on the Trail Viper just hold the up arrow for a few seconds and to activate walk mode just hold down. I like that the main LCD unit is backlit (when the lights are switched on) and that it can swivel easily forward and back if not over tightened.

The Trail Viper is one of the most enjoyable folding electric bikes I’ve tried. The fat tires add a lot of comfort, stability and fun that’s often lacking on “traditional” folding ebikes. Even though it folds, the frame feels secure and there’s a lot of adjustability on the seat and stem height and even the stem angle. Yeah, there’s no bottle cage here but even if there was, it might spill water all over because the top tube is basically horizontal. For the price, this bike packs a punch in terms of features and I love that they included a tail light even though it’s not wired in. The motor size is just right in my opinion (to keep price and weight low) and the six speed drivetrain is just enough to get the job done. SSR Motorsports has really impressed me this past year because they’ve responded so quickly to customer feedback and added features without raising prices. I could see the Trail Viper becoming very popular and was simply amazed at how portable it could become when folded… even more so if you take off the front wheel. This is a company that’s built success in the gas powered motorcycle and scooter space with years of experience and dealer support, it launched in 2002 but only entered the ebike space in 2015. Even though they’re new-ish, to me it seems like they are doing a good job and offering products that appeal to a powersports crowd in form and function. Ebikes are quiet, light weight and relatively low maintenance compared to gas powered vehicles and while they might not go as fast or far on a tank of fuel, they can be perfect for a bit of exercise and fun for under-aged users who won’t need a license or insurance to get going.


  • For a folding electric bike, especially one with larger wheels and a heavier build, it felt sturdy to ride and steer, it didn’t rattle when riding off-road
  • The smaller 20″ wheels provide a mechanical advantage to the hub motor and allow this bike to start quickly and climb well even though the motor isn’t especially large
  • It folds down to a surprisingly small size (at the center of the frame, the stem and with the removable front wheel) we fit it into the back area of a small SUV without folding the rear row of seats down!
  • Removable battery pack reduces the overall weight (great for lifting during transport/storage) and is easy to charge off the bike, the charger is light weight ~1.3 lbs and has a metal cuff at the end port so it should be more durable if dropped or stepped on
  • Offers nine levels of pedal assist with full-power throttle override, given the smaller wheel (which are less stable than large ones) it’s nice to have many incriments to choose from with assist, also the throttle can be completely shut off so it isn’t accidentally bumped
  • Backlit LED screen is easy to see and navigate while riding without taking your hand off the grip, controls the headlight which runs off the main battery
  • good weight distribution with the battery pack mounted behind the seat tube, it’s also well protected by the frame tubing if the bike tips or is being stored in an awkward position
  • The seat post shock, semi-ergonomic rubber grips and fat 20″ x 4″ tires add some cushion, especially if used at lower PSI ~10 but this will drain the battery quicker, in general this is one of the only folding fat ebikes I’ve ever seen
  • In addition to an adjustable seat post and stem height there is also an angle adjust on the stem so you can bring the handlebars closer and improve fit
  • Oversized SIS Index shifter may be entry-level but works well on fat bikes like this which may be used in the snow… easier to shift gears when wearing gloves thanks to the big levers
  • Solid Tektro mechanical disc brakes with average-sized 160 mm rotors, these are controlled by Tektro e-bike brake levers that cut power to the motor when pulled, the levers are upgraded and include rubber for improved grip and vibration dampening
  • Upgraded sealed cartridge bottom bracket should be more durable when exposed to dust, sand, snow and water
  • Sturdy side-mounted kickstand keeps the Trailviper from tipping over at bike racks or in your garage, it’s mounted towards the back to avoid contact with feet while pedaling
  • One year comprehensive warranty serviced through dealers, pretty solid for a 500 watt ebike under $2,000


  • To remove the battery you basically need to take the seat post off, it has a quick release collar so this isn’t a big deal but it does take extra time and can be tricky to setup exactly as high or straight, consider adding a tic mark on your seat post to help with alignment
  • As with many folding electric bikes, this one doesn’t feature a bottle cage mount, there are bosses on the rear portion of the frame for adding a rack which could be used for water storage or you could get a a CamelBak
  • The battery requires the key to be in and turned to the “on” position in order for the bike to activate, this means the key can jingle around (if you have a keychain attached) or snag more easily when riding
  • At the time of this review only one frame size was available, also the rear light is not integrated and may therefore be easier to forget and leave on (which will drain its battery)


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Scot Vann
3 years ago

I checked the SSR website and from there new fold-able SRX350E also looks like an incredible deal do have an opinion on it ? Thanks for your time an your very well done website

3 years ago

Hey Scot! Yeah, I really like that model… It’s called the Trail Viper and I’ve reviewed it here. Very impressed with how small it was when folded and also how much more stable it felt than other folding ebikes I’ve tested, the wide tires help a lot :)

Scot Vann
3 years ago

I like your trail and sand viper reviews the model i am referring to a full suspen sion mtn with 26″ wheel and surprisingly light, might be a new model?

3 years ago

Oh! Cool… I haven’t seen that one yet. Interesting design, I’ll keep an eye out for sure. Folding is a great feature but usually it adds weight because they have to reinforce the frame. Given the full suspension and full-size wheel design this one could be semi-comfortable compared to smaller folders but I wonder about frame stiffness.

John Carey
3 years ago

The web site listed at the end of your article looks like somesort of spam/virus site. Where can I find a dealer ? Thanks again for all your reviews. – JLC

3 years ago

Thanks for the heads up John! Looks like their hosting is having issues or something… Maybe the ebike pages are being rebuilt? I was able to get to the homepage at and will remove the other link.

2 years ago

You mentioned in your pros One year comprehensive warranty serviced through dealers, pretty solid for a 500 watt ebike under $2,000 I thought it was a 350 watt bike do they have a upgrade to 500 watts for this trail viper. Also a upgrade for a amp to get better range? Thanks looks like a really cool bike I will be a first time e-bike rider & looking at a lot of your reviews this one interests me the most right now.

2 years ago

Hi Roger! Sometimes I make updates but miss all of the details or just make mistakes… I believe SSR does offer a higher powered version of the Trail Viper now with a rear mounted 500 watt motor. You could reach out to them directly or ask a dealer that carries them like the Electric Bike Center in Fullerton, CA (they even have the 500 listed here). I think they ship bikes but if you live near the shop you can also take a test ride and they have some other fat-ebikes as well.

2 years ago

How does the trail viper and other similar ebikes handle water? trail riding with stream crossings, mud-holes, rain etc…

2 years ago

Good question Greg, in my experience (and from what shops tell me) most higher quality electric bikes are very water resistant but you wouldn’t want to blast them with high pressure water from a hose… also, salt water isn’t a good idea. So for rain, navigating medium puddles where the motor isn’t submerged and even hosing the bike down gently you should be alright :D

Bill Smith
2 years ago

Thanks to your review I bought this bike last month. I am 65, weigh 275lbs in a 6’1″ frame. Got a bad hip so cycling seemed the best way to go to knock off some pounds and have the safety of power for hills (I live in Pittsburgh) so I don’t necessarily have to pack up for the trails to get exercise. This bike has been great! Met all my needs and gets compliments as it is a big beefy looking beast (physically a bigger bike than I thought) in matte black paint. It actually gets me up to an indicated 20mph and the battery last pretty good depending on what assist level (usually 1 or 2) and how much you just use the twist grip. Having the ability to just twist and go from a standstill greatly helps get my fat butt thru street crossings when I use the trails or in the streets. I highly recommend this bike but do wish it had a 7 speed instead of 6. Also, my bike only has 5 assist levels but they are sufficient even with all the hills I have to work with. BTW, I see there is twin to this bike in the Motan Addmotor version which has the 7 spd gears, 500watt motor and I believe 48v battery, would like to see you review that bike as well.

2 years ago

I’ll keep an eye out for that one Bill, thanks for sharing your experience with the Trail Viper, hope it holds up well for you and you have lots of great rides this summer :)

2 years ago

Cool review! How is this bike in terms of stability over rough trails? Does it feel study, considering its folding components/mechanisms and does it squeak or rattle at all?
I’m from Canada, and saw there is a 500W version (using 48v 10.4ah Battery and comes with rear rack) sold by for $1499 Canadian (which I think is about $1200 US). I’m interested in getting this version since it’s only $49 shipping, and wondering if you will be reviewing that bike anytime soon. In particular, if you do review the VoltBike version, please do comment on the 500W motor on VoltBike’s version vs the 350W SSR version as well as stability/sturdiness over rough terrain VoltBike’s version. Thanks!

2 years ago

Hi William, I’d say it’s much more stable than a traditional folding electric bicycle because the tires are wide and provide a larger contact patch. They also absorb bumps so rough trails don’t feel as jarring. My time with the bike was short and mostly on-road so I can’t comment on squeaking and rattling but most bikes do rattle a little (especially as you ride them over time). I would like to review the Voltbike model eventually and may head up that way or have one sent down to a shop to check out. I’ll definitely test out the larger motor but as a lighter weight rider (I only weigh 135 lbs) it’s often difficult for me to notice the difference in power.

Tim Ryerson
1 year ago

We have 3 of the 2016 SSR Trail Vipre 350 -36V we use on steep mountain roads and trails in Idywilld, CA. The way home has a 2 mile grade that ranges from 7% to 11% and the 350 motor is not up to it with our heaviest riders from 195 to 220. Lighter 120 lb. riders will slowly summit smiling all the way as heavier paddlers come to a dead stop as their motors fail due to overheating. After a few minute cool down the dead motors that quit (without and errors notices) come back to life and were on our way. We are waiting to receive a 500w- 48v Trail Vipre that we’re told is in the works to test on this unavoidable long and steep grade which is something we should have done before purchasing. 3 of those bikes. If the 500w whisks us over thr top we’ll trade up because we like everthing else these handy folders offer.

I would love to hear ant advice or opinions on this matter particularly the way the 350 motors fail on long uphill pulls with no error warnings.

1 year ago

Thanks for the great feedback Tim, it’s nice to hear real-world use stories… as I’m not a super heavy rider and sometimes our testing environments are limited with smooth flat pavement vs. hills etc. It’s nice that the motors automatically shut off to protect themselves from damage but disappointing if people have to stop when trying to summit the hill. In my experience if you pedal along while throttling it can make the difference between overheating and not but some people prefer not to pedal. Anyway, hope the updated models solve this for you and I’d welcome further comments when you get them!

11 months ago

Hi Tim, was wondering what kind of range are you getting on those with all the hills?


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4 weeks ago

GreenBike USA does now have a GB500 fat tire model. I have 2 regular GB500's and we love them.

11 months ago

Hi folks. I’m really grateful I found this helpful review site and community!
So I’ve got my heart set on a folding fat tire ebike — one powerful 'nuff to move my 6’, 230lbs 50 something year-old body across 5 to 15 miles on everything from light local trails, to city streets, and our neighboring beach. I made my own spreadsheet highlighting differences between 10 models. ‡
I’m looking to spend between $1000 and $1800 and desire a 48V, 10+Ah, 500-to-750W battery/motor. A rear cargo rack capable of carrying an additional 30-50 pounds of gear is desired as well. Also FYI, I intend to fold down the rear seats in my 2017 Toyota Prius 2 to transport it between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Anyhow, the top three picks I’ve narrowed down include:

A) Voltbike Mariner 500W Limited — $1320 with shipping.

B) Radpower Mini — $1500 with free shipping but no suspension and fenders not included

C) Ride Scoozy VeeGo — $1400 with free shipping but no LCD speedometer/odometer display
I like some of the details on ^ this one ^ but there’s no reviews of it yet.

I’m hoping to hear your candid and constructive thoughts on these models.

I appreciate the community’s time and kindly candor.
Thank you!!!

‡ The other 7 folding models I looked at include the Addmotor MOTAM M-150; Greenbike GB500 (no fat tires); Magnum Premium (no fat tires); MOAR Rapt 2 ($2500); ProdecoTech (fat tires?) and the SSR Motorsports Trail Viper ($1800- $1900). I also enjoyed looking over the the Radpower “Cargo” model even though it doesn’t fit the desired folding feature.

Ann M.
11 months ago

No ebike is perfect, this is a thread dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with electric bikes from SSR Motorsports as well as any help and solutions you know of. Sometimes that means a DIY fix and other times it can mean a recall, software update or part replacement by a dealer.

Please be respectful and constructive with feedback, this is not a space for hate speech. In many cases, representatives from the company will see feedback and use it to improve their product. In the end, the goal is to enjoy riding and help each other go further and be safer.

2 years ago

I was able to make one of my wishes come true after reading through the panel manual.
There does appear to be a few extra's not included in this manual though. Hoping to decipher some of the added features. Double click on the Power Button to enter if you dare. One of those items includes changing assist from 1-9 to 0-9!! Sadly throttle does not work in zero.:( I will be launching myself off less now and even the chicken's can test ride it.:p I am very grateful for the low front bar to date. If I don't like the terrain I just BRAKE, jump forward, stop and exit. The exits are easy here and easy there.
WHOA!! This bike looks like the SSR Motorsports Trail Viper: Is this a new category? The FOLDING ELECTRIC FAT BIKE?

I have noticed that the ODO & hence speed does not appear to be accurate under the tire size 20" inches. I have been fiddling with 24" and working my way down. 22" seems close but 21" may be the ticket. Still gushing over my new commute and ride.. She's so purdy!! & dirty. Doh! Must wash..

technomadia - chris
2 years ago

His response lays out my biggest worry doing a conversion onto a folding bike frame:

"Whenever you do a conversion yourself there’s the extra time to adjust things and get it right… sometimes it simply won’t work with your frame and other times it works but the wires create a messy look. It’s all fine if you’re into that and a mid-drive will give you power and efficiency that some hub motors may not but given the smaller wheel size of most folding bikes you get a mechanical advantage with a hub that you don’t on bikes with larger wheels."

Buying a folding bike and conversion kit separately is a lot of time and money to gamble on something that might not work well or at all together in the end, or which will end up looking sloppy.

But I am still keeping the thought of doing a conversion as an option - and am writing to various companies for more info.

I'm a bit disappointed at the poor customer service some bike companies seem to have... For example - the SSR Motorsports Trail Viper has no folding size specs posted online, and I've written them twice and have not gotten a response with details.

If a company can't answer prospective customer questions - how likely are they to offer ongoing support to paying customers?

Not cool.

But what is cool is the awesome in depth responses you've given - lots of great food for thought. Thank you!

- Chris
1 year ago

We are currently running a sale on all SSR Electric Vehicles. If you find a price lower including shipping, let us know and we will beat it. All these vehicles have been reviewed here on this site.

We only ship in the USA and only charge tax in NV.




[b]For additional savings use the code "EBR" in your shopping cart and save $25.00[/b]

2 years ago

I like the looks of that SSR Trail Viper, it's rated to 280 lbs, it's priced well, and there is a dealer in Albuquerque near where you are. I would't discard the fat bike idea for lack of needing off-road capability; the balloon tires work as suspension as well.
Approximately 54.5 Miles from 87503
500 Yale Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM87106
(505) 804-7713

Medelis 3D
1 week ago

Folding Electric Bike REVIEW & TEST

3 months ago

@electricbikereview i see this design for foldable electric fatbike under many different brands. Is it a common frame builder and all the brands just put on the specs?

crazy world lloyd
5 months ago

Hi I'm around 300 pounds would this bike or the rad rover be better I'm from the UK so I'm looking into one of these bikes I like both but which one do you think would b better for a person my weight ...most respect cheers m8

Vaporology INC
7 months ago

Looks identical to the VoltBike Mariner? except the voltbike has metal folding pedals? and a few other cosmetic differences. fenders etc.

Tray Muse
9 months ago

How much power does that front light take?

Tanveer Ahmad
9 months ago

price ?

11 months ago

no chain guard! not good....shorts only but even then?
safety 1st! don't want any chain rash!

1 year ago

This was a great review. Interesting and fast paced, also honest, you don't sound like you're reciting a sales pitch.

Pure Water Window Cleaning
2 years ago

Thanks for the review! You really do a great job! How does this compare to the Voltbike Mariner? Will you be doing a review of the Mariner in the future?

2 years ago

do you like this one better than the red Mini

David Wagner
2 years ago

This Trail Viper E-bike is total junk. Everything is loose, from the kickstand, to the handlebars to the headlight(which never worked). When you try to tighten any of the hex key bolts, they strip like plastic. Such a piece of junk. The shifter is ridiculous. The bike weighs so much, it's pointless to have any gears on this as it takes more strength to pedal this super heavy bike than any normal person would exert. Obviously anyone promoting this bike is doubling or tripling their money. This is another made in China junk product and I hope other consumers don't get taken like I did.

Jack Booted Hug
3 months ago

thanks... i wish more people would be honest about china junk. There is no reason any bike should be made of steel these days...

tom jones
5 months ago

Sounds like you got a lemon

kristoff ceyssens
2 years ago

i bet your girlfriend does get mad when you pull this shit on her when she complains :p
2 years ago

Thanks Henry! Sorry to hear this ebike didn't live up to your hopes... It's important to get feedback like you've shared because my time is limited with demo models and they are usually pre-tuned and checked so I don't end up having issues. I didn't get paid to do this review or any other, for me it was fun and unique but I only spent an hour or two with it and hadn't heard from others who owned it

2 years ago

you're doing it the wrong way, jump on and ride it then talk

Ian Webster
2 years ago

Blah blah blah just ride the fucking thing already 10 min I give up!!!

You Toober
9 months ago

Be nice.

Mike Beeman
2 years ago

for 10:08 min i thought you where not going to ride the bike. looks really fun.

Kai Jokela
2 years ago

Can you ride this without holding the handle bar (how stable the steering is)?
Can you compare to other fatbikes, how this bike handles at top speed?
Nice review!

Don C
2 years ago

what is the range for the battery 20 mile to the charge?

Joseph Smith
2 years ago

Somehow I missed this great review. All your reviews are great, but this one seems over the top. Wow, what a ebike. A Fat ebike, it even folds up to go into my Jeep, decent power with a throttle. And what I really like is that it is close to the ground, I have short legs. My needs are simple, putt putt down some easy trails around my house and go to the grocery store. I'm thinking this could be the one that puts the grin on my face and save some cash too.

Andy Casbo
2 years ago

buddy snow is coming, need a bike to go to work, i have about 1.5 miles one way. is this the right bike for me?

Josue Chavez
3 years ago

Like I said man nice reviews. I hope you make it far. Well i know you will. Hahaha.....

3 years ago