Sun 24" Traditional Electric Tricycle Review

Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Review
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle 500 Watt Gearless Front Hub Motor Torque Arm
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Vinyl Coated Steel Basket 36v Battery
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Backlit Lcd Console Cruiser Bars
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Twist Throttle And Control Pad
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Stainless Steel Fender
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Paint Matched Steel Chain Cover
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Controller Unit Box
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Rear Axle Basket Support
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Portable 3 Amp Charger
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Review
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle 500 Watt Gearless Front Hub Motor Torque Arm
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Vinyl Coated Steel Basket 36v Battery
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Backlit Lcd Console Cruiser Bars
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Twist Throttle And Control Pad
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Stainless Steel Fender
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Paint Matched Steel Chain Cover
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Controller Unit Box
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Rear Axle Basket Support
Sun 24 Traditional Electric Tricycle Portable 3 Amp Charger


  • A fun, classic looking electrified tricycle designed for adults, it's easy to mount, stable to ride and very adjustable in terms of speed and power, (go from 3 mph to 14 mph or slow reverse)
  • Includes a rubber-coated metal basket that's perfect for storing groceries, supplies or the included charger to extend rides, removable battery pack can be charged on or off the bike
  • Available in five fun, bright and safe colors, highly adjustable seat with bars that are long, comfortable and easy to reach, the bike has a fender and chain guard to keep you clean
  • The display panel cannot be removed, the bike is fairly heavy and a bit wide which could make it difficult to squeeze through some doors, shipping is $350 but it comes ready to ride

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Sun Bicycles


24" Traditional Electric Trike


$1,523 ($350 Shipping, Fully Assembled Ready to Ride)

Body Position:

Upright Relaxed

Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Cargo

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Comprehensive


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

75.6 lbs (34.29 kg)

Battery Weight:

7.2 lbs (3.26 kg)

Motor Weight:

9.4 lbs (4.26 kg)

Frame Material:

High-Tensile Steel

Frame Sizes:

13.5 in (34.29 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

12.5" Stand Over Height, 68" Length, 30.25" Width, Basket Dimensions: 11.7" (297mm) x 6" (148mm) x 2.7" (68mm)

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

Red Metallic, Blue Metallic, Black Metallic, Violet Pearl, Mint Pearl

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid 1-1/8

Frame Rear Details:

High Tensile Steel, TIG-Welded

Attachment Points:

Front Fender Bosses

Gearing Details:

1 Single Speed, 20T Sprocket, (Optional Internal 3, 5, or 7 Speed)


One-Piece Steel, 6" Length, 36T


VP-560 Plastic Platform, 1/2", Black


Steel, Caged Bearings, 25.4 x 34 x 30 mm


Steel, 25.4 mm, 205 mm Quill x 60 mm Ext


Steel Cruiser Style, 27.6" Wide x 9" Rise x 25.4 mm Clamp

Brake Details:

Promax Linear Pull Front Brake, Wuxing Lever with Motor Inhibitor and Parking Lock


Flat Foam


Oversized Western Style with Support Bar, Black

Seat Post:


Seat Post Length:

350 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

28.6 mm


Alloy, 36 Hole


Stainless 14G, Silver

Tire Brand:

Heng Shin, 24" x 1.75"

Wheel Sizes:

24 in (60.96cm)

Tire Details:

40 to 65 PSI, Nylon

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Stainless Steel Front Fender Saddle Support Bar, Steel Chain Cover, Vinyl Coated Steel Basket 21" Long x 15" Wide x 9" High, Small Torque Arm for Motor Mount


Locking Removable Battery, 1.5 lb 5 Amp Charger, Hold the Up Arrow to Activate Display Backlight, Max Weight ~250 lbs

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

Electric Bike Technologies

Motor Type:

Front-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Motor Peak Output:

1000 watts

Motor Torque:

21 Newton meters

Battery Brand:

Electric Bike Technologies

Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

10 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

360 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

10 miles (16 km)

Estimated Max Range:

25 miles (40 km)

Display Type:

King Meter, Fixed, Backlit, Monochrome LCD


Battery Level (5 Bars), Speed, Avg. Speed, Max Speed, Power Level (0-5), Odometer, Trip A, Trip B

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad, Forward or Reverse Toggle Button

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle (With Reverse)

Top Speed:

14 mph (23 kph) (Adjustable Speed, PAS Sensitivity, Current)

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Written Review

One of the greatest aspects of electric bicycles is that they empower people, some of whom might struggle with manual pedaling, to get back outside and ride. It helps them keep up with friends, go further and carry more gear. Adult tricycles are a natural good fit with motorized technology because in my opinion, they are already accommodating people who might struggle with biking. The Sun 24″ Traditional Electric Tricycle is a perfect example of this. It looks beautiful, keeps you clean and dry with a fender and chain ring, only has one gear by default so you don’t need to worry as much about dropping the chain and hey! It has three mid-sized wheels so mounting and stopping is stable and safe. Those 24 inch wheels contributed to the name of this thing and might be easy to overlook for someone less focused on the bicycle space. Most full sized bikes have 26″ or 28″ wheels but those raise the frame higher off the ground. You get efficiency and a smooth roll over cracks and potholes but steering gets slower as the diameter gets bigger. On the flip side, kids bikes and many folding bicycles have 20″ wheels. By going with 24″ the Sun Traditional trike strikes a perfect balance keeping the frame easy to get on and stand over while still being efficient and smooth. From there, a custom three-post adjustable seat was chosen for strength and comfort, a tall handlebar was used to “bring the bars to you” instead of reaching forward and a metal basket was added at the back for utility. I was once told by a relative “if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it” and that’s why the tradition lives on with this trike… only now it has a motor to help you move.

The motor powering this e-trike is a powerful, sturdy 500 watt gearless hub spoked into the front wheel. Extra thick spokes were used along with brass eyelets and nipples and double walled rims. It’s not the zippiest motor bit being gearless, there are few moving parts to break and it’s less likely to overheat because of the space inside and lower RPM. The real key to using this thing is building speed as you approach inclines and perhaps pedaling along if it slows down. The motor, as shown in the video review above, struggles to start but becomes increasingly powerful as you gain momentum. It does produce a bit of electronic whirring noise as you go and also drags a bit when the bike is turned off (due to cogging) but is a great fit for the trike in my opinion. Just thinking about the sturdy frame of the trike and the potential for heavier riders or cargo in the rack it’s nice to have a motor that won’t quit.

Powering the motor and beautiful backlit display is a average sized Lithium-ion battery pack. Depending on the power level chosen for this trike you can expect anywhere from 10 to 25 miles per charge and the 5 Amp charger is easy to toss in the basket and quick to refill. The battery is enclosed in a sturdy Aluminum case (as with the charger) and can be charged on or off the bike. Pulling it off is fairly easy once you unlock it using the key… and make sure you take that key out of the pack BEFORE sliding it off because otherwise it might catch on the back side of the basket. This is one area I’m going to complain about, I don’t like having to leave the key in the battery or turn it to activate the bike (making for a two-step process with the display also having a power button (the M on the button pad). The key can get buried by cargo in the basket which becomes inconvenient to reach, or even worse… bent if heavy items are placed on top. The good news is, nobody can tamper with the trike or steal your battery since it has that locking core integrated. I only wish the display panel up at the handle bars was also removable.

The display is absolutely beautiful in terms of design and easy to read since it’s fairly large. This is important for riders who might be aging and struggle reading from afar. I’m a middle aged guy and already struggle to read fine print so this was a delighter. You can read the batter charge level, power level and a host of other smaller more minor stats like odometer, trip meter and max speed. Speaking of speed… the top speed of this electric trike is about 14 or 15 miles per hour but you can reduce it in the menu system (by holding up and down to enter settings) along with reducing amperage. I was told by the folks at Electric Bike Technologies (the people who build the trike) that they can even hard code a top speed for you that can’t be accidentally overridden. For me, the display is intuitive and it’s nice to have different settings to explore but for some it could be a little confusing or overwhelming. In short, turn the key to the right to activate the bike, then hold the M button on the control ring near the right grip, then press up or down to select a power and speed level and then twist the grip throttle. The only other consideration is the reverse button, press that at stop then twist the throttle again to back up. It’s intuitive and very handy for getting the bike through tight spaces. Note that the Sun 24″ Traditional Electric Tricycle is about 30 inches wide (at the rear wheels) verses the more compact Liberty Trike that has a 24″ width and is easier to get through doors. Both e-trikes are made by the same company but the 24″ Traditional is my favorite for how smooth it feels and how large the basket is.

In conclusion, this is a fun and empowering piece of technology that is priced fairly well at $1,500. Don’t forget that shipping is an additional $350 but take heart that the trike will arrived fully assembled and the folks at Electric Bike Technologies will make those custom adjustments to the power and speed levels if you ask. I believe they can also install a three speed hub if you want more than just gear to pedal with and they can offer larger batteries… or an additional spare. I love that they have custom programmed their new displays to match the specific battery voltage curves so the power indicator is more accurate than older versions (especially the very simple older versions with a three-LED readout vs. the five battery bar on the LCD). This is a trike that comes in five fun colors, offers a year long comprehensive warranty and can even be made BY YOU if you buy their trike conversion kit (in case you already own a Sun Traditional Trike and like projects). I’m a fan of turn-key solutions because they have the tools and expertise to wire the cables in a way that’s more hidden, add torque-arms properly to support the power and weight of the motor and cut the basket to fit the battery. This is after all, a converted trike vs. a purpose built electric trike… but it’s one that’s professionally converted at scale. I found myself riding this trike a lot during my visit to Electric Bike Technologies because it was just so fun and didn’t hurt my back or neck like some of the sportier recumbent trikes. As someone who rides electric bikes constantly for my job as a reviewer, this one made me smile even more than usual :) Big thanks to for partnering with me for this review.


  • Stable, easy to mount, comfortable to ride or just sit on… this is a fun upright tricycle for adults but as a middle aged guy I had a blast too, it’s super convenient with the basket on the back
  • Available in five color combinations, the classic red reminded me of trikes I had as a kid and it just feels fun, most of the add-on electronics (cables, controller, battery box and motor) are painted black and blend in with the tires, seat and grips well
  • While most two-wheeled electric bikes I test can hit 20 mph, I felt that the ~14 mph top speed worked great with this trike, it’s possible to get up on two wheels for fun if you try but otherwise stays very stable and part of that is the lower speed
  • In addition to a lower speed, the controller on this bike provides five power levels so you can really slow things down if you want, I love that it also lets you go in reverse
  • Operating the bike is a cinch, it uses a half-grip twist throttle just like a moped or motorcycle to go and offers variable speed and power depending on how far you twist it
  • I appreciate the shiny front fender and paint-matching chain guard that helps keep you dry and clean while riding as well as the larger platform pedals with good surface area and grip in case it’s wet outside
  • Given that the battery is mounted inside the cargo basket, I like that the casing is aluminum to help protect it if you put other supplies on top
  • The saddle is very unique and highly adjustable, there’s plenty of space on top, it’s strong with three support legs vs. just one post and you can move it up or down along with the high-rise handlebars to get a comfortable body position
  • The brake style is easier to use than cantilever (you get more leverage with the v-brake design) and I love that the brake lever has a built in latch to act as a parking brake
  • You get a sturdy charger made from the same sort of Aluminum casing as the battery, it’s easy to toss into the basket and take on your rides, since it’s a 5 Amp vs. most 2 Amp chargers you can charge fairly quickly
  • While it’s totally possible to buy a tricycle and convert it with an electric bike kit, I love that the conversion here is done for you and they ship ready to ride… I also love the one year warranty and expertise of the company (since they sell a whole line of e-trikes)
  • With 24″ wheels vs. classic 26″ the frame is kept lower to the ground and the spokes tend to hold up better supporting heavy weight (the front wheel spokes are extra thick)
  • The seat tube is a bit further back from the bottom bracket which allows your legs to rest forward (much like sitting on a sofa) vs. going straight down, this keeps the seat lower to the ground overall which makes it stable and easy to step off
  • The front wheel is reinforced with a large torque arm so the powerful motor won’t bend the dropouts, the spokes are larger and have nipples and eyelets designed to brace the rims and reduce splitting and loosening


  • The display panel is large enough that it’s easy to read and understand without having to lean in too close, I like that it’s backlit as well but it’s not removable so take care if you park at a public rack or leave it outside in the weather
  • The battery box slides into the basket from behind, I love that it’s removable if you want but found that you have to first unlock the pack then pull the key out so it doesn’t snag or bend on the basket… also the battery box takes up some of your cargo space
  • There’s only one brake, it’s a mechanical v-brake linear pull style mounted on the front wheel, I sort of like that this model doesn’t have the “pedal backward” brake since it makes reversing easier but some people may miss it
  • This trike only comes in one size but in my experience the step-thru frame, taller bars and adjustable seat will fit a wide range of riders if you’re willing to fiddle with it
  • With only one pedal gear and a weight of over 75 lbs this is not a bike you’d want to get stranded on if the battery ran out… thankfully the new display offers good feedback about charge level
  • The motor is quiet and fairly powerful but it will definitely struggle on the steeper hills (especially with larger riders or a full basket) if you don’t have some speed going in and don’t pedal a bit to help, if you have to get off and walk the bike at least you can still use the throttle to have it power itself forward
  • The key has to be left in the battery and turned to on in order to use it… this exposes the key to more damage if you overload the basket and could be a hassle if you forget to put it in or turn to on after loading up (you’d have to dig down and insert or turn it), at least the key is folding so it doesn’t stick out too far


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Thomas Jaszewski
2 weeks ago

Thanks, Tom. I did try an electric tricycle, and was surprised to be asked if I had ever used one. I said not since I was three, but when I had a go I found it had a mind of its own and would not go where I wanted to. There is some technique apparently , so I said thank you, but no. Attempts to try a Vespa are grounds for divorce. Do you suppose it is possible to re-wire the assembly so that the current goes directly to the motor at top assistance without fussing around with assistance levels? I only used to bike at top assistance. All the best - Bill
PS - I am staying on the forum as I may have somthing helpful to impart to others.
Hi! Was it the recumbent style or the traditional upright? If you go to Facebook please poke me. I'll help if I can!

1 month ago

Hi everyone,

I have recently purchased a traditional Indian bicycle rickshaw and I would like to add a pedal assisted motor to make cycling easier. I plan on offering rickshaw rides in Finland, where hud motors in rickshaws are illegal, so the only option is a pedal assisted system with a 250W motor. However I'm not at all sure what type of conversion kit would fit my rickshaw and I would really appreciate any help that people here with more experience could give.

Here are some details about my rickshaw:

Tyre size: 28''
Tyre nerve amount: 2 x 20 per tyre
Tricycle body size: 21''

I can provide more information if needed.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Alex M
1 month ago

I'm 'sure' they could offer a twist grip throttle for an electric bike/trike. yes?)

Bummer. Poor dealer/salesperson quality.

Why, of course twist throttles exist - at least as numerous as push-button, if not more. If you already got rid of your Izip, you can buy Sun Trike for much less: The red button is - I believe - reverse speed for throttle. Though I don't like the mere presence of the reverse - can be confusing for some people. Your dad wants it to be something like a scooter or Tesla car for a fraction of the cost, but ebike throttle is not designed to be used at all times. Wrist can get tired of twisting. Or a thumb, if this is a trigger/button. And, most of them are "zippy", with boost increasing from zero to full with a slight twist, like half-inch movement of the wrist.

Most shops would be able to replace the push-button with a twist-grip and move it from left to right handlebar for a modest fee.

Pablo Ramirez
1 week ago

is there anybody who is generous and kind enough to give me one of those bikes(bigger tires)that i can use for travelling.I am disabled diabetic and badly need a bike like that.It will greatly appreciated.

3 weeks ago

good winter bike....will also slide but not fall

Michael Petersen
3 months ago

Your tyres are on back to front

Supership Supernaut
3 months ago

I know this is an old video but, I would like to know how an E trike manages snow and ice. I mean if I fully intend to power my way through to the hardware store. I went down on my Sadona DX for the last time. lol

Mark Day
4 months ago

looks like I will be a customer for the SUN traditional electric. Ticks all of the boxes for me at 70, I still want to get out and about.

4 months ago

'Western seat' - means 'fat butt seat', not horse saddle :)

4 months ago

I would love to see these replace golf carts for elderly people in mobile home parks, etc. Many people here have them; they are heavy and bulky to store, the batteries cost a fortune and their range is probably less than a half mile before they need to be plugged into big heavy rechargers again. They carry 2 people but otherwise are almost useless. This makes so much more sense for going down to the clubhouse, or going a mile or two for groceries.

john smith
4 months ago

i am looking in the wroung spot for eletric trikes not much comes up for me less then $2000.00 that is too much money

i am trying to find a 3wheel bike under $799 price

thanks for any tips

M y t h i c a l B e a r ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
4 months ago

But their official website says the bike is around $500. So I'm assuming it's not electronic. Which leaves me with the question of where online can I buy it? 😬

M y t h i c a l B e a r ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
4 months ago

Electric Bike Technologies and how would one customize.

Electric Bike Technologies
4 months ago

David Macdonald
5 months ago

there really excellent trikes

Ajemo Haltom
5 months ago

What I've found is that the electric trike allows for the most amount of redundancies. You could pack spare wheels, spare batteries, spare motors... In terms of being caught "out there" with a battery capacity problem or flat... I've always made my trip without making a emergency phone call with an etrike.

Robert Wetzel
5 months ago

Very neat concept, but just a single v-brake is a little....well, little. You can go quite fast with those on a longer descent, and at least a hydraulic rim brake would be what I'd need to feel safe.

5 months ago

You don't get to review many traditional delta trikes so you probably don't know but a bit of useful information when deciding on a trike is if they are 1 wheel drive, 2 wheel drive without a differential (or solid axle, this is what the SUN Traditional seems to be) or 2 wheel drive with a differential. Each set up handles quite differently.

George Herman
5 months ago

Very useful safe & practical design. Good value for the price.
5 months ago

I agree, health is interesting in that you need to exercise to stay fit and healthy but if doing so increases the risk of getting hurt you may back off... so mitigating risks with something like a trike is a great option for some people :D

John Moura
5 months ago

Now that's a seat!
5 months ago

Ohhhhh yeah!!! Yeee-haaaaww, when I first read "western saddle" I was thinking... should I be offended? Then I realized it's like a horse saddle :P

Niels Flissinger
5 months ago

can you also make a review about the bultaco brinco bike greetzzz From the netherlands

Niels Flissinger
5 months ago

The brand is still not for sale in the states 🙁here is the website
5 months ago

Hey Niels! I'll certainly keep an eye out for that bike, do you know if they sell it in the US as well as the Netherlands?

minnie saab
5 months ago

where in Europe I can find these?
5 months ago

Hey Minnie, I'm not sure if there's a reseller there but I believe the folks at have shipped internationally before if you're willing to pay extra. Feel free to reach out to them for advice on how to get it. What part of Europe are you from?

250 watts
5 months ago

A good bike to carry items.
5 months ago

Absolutely, this thing is perfect for cargo... it was my favorite bike during the several days we filmed (since the company also sells some more aggressive recumbent trikes too). I would put my backpack with cameras in there along with the charger :D

5 months ago

hey court, do you know of any cheap tricycles i could get 26 inch wheels so i can put my 1000w kit on it.

5 months ago

If you want cheep, then there is a 26" version of the Schwinn Meridian, they normally retail for $300 the only 26" cheaper that I know of is by Kent (~$220-$230 on, but their build quality seems hit and miss with the 7 speed Kent Monterey seeming to be of generally better quality then the Alameda. Given the reviews on, who can say how much of that is poor handling and assembly on their part though.

5 months ago

thanks, keep up the good videos. like them
5 months ago

Hmm, I'm not particularly well versed in the world of trikes but the Electric Bike Technologies guys who do this one have a bunch to choose from. This is one of the only upright tricycles I've seen that comes converted or standard. You can see their other models at

Rob Pennefather
5 months ago

The tyres are on backwards on the Sun. Nice review!

Rob Pennefather
5 months ago

True, you got me there! It probably doesn't really matter.

5 months ago

Rob Pennefather .... ah but, it does also go in reverse... 😉

Rob Pennefather
5 months ago

The tread pattern of the tyres (arrow shaped) should be pointing forward. You can see it from around the 55 second mark of the video.
5 months ago

Ahh, nice catch Rob... how can you tell? I haven't re-watched, just curious so I can spot it and maybe tell the builders next time. They were setting this one up pretty quick so I could shoot a review, must have just overlooked it :)