BESV Jaguar JS1 Review

Besv Jaguar Js1 Electric Bike Review
Besv Jaguar Js1
Besv Jaguar Js1 500 Watt Tdcm Hub Motor
Besv Jaguar Js1 Downtube Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Besv Jaguar Js1 Display Panel Ergonomic Grips Bell
Besv Jaguar Js1 9 Speed Shimano Alivio Derailleur
Besv Jaguar Js1 Sr Suntour Suspension Remote Lockout
Besv Jaguar Js1 36 Volt 11.2 Amp Hour Lg Battery
Besv Jaguar Js1 180 Mm Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Besv Jaguar Js1 Chainring Bash Guard
Besv Jaguar Js1 Integrated Grayscale Lcd Display
Besv Jaguar Js1 Integrated Led Back Light
Besv Jaguar Js1 Scissoring Kickstand
Besv Jaguar Js1 Tektro Ebike Specific Brake Levers
Besv Jaguar Js1 2 Amp Charger
Besv Jaguar Js1 Electric Bike Review
Besv Jaguar Js1
Besv Jaguar Js1 500 Watt Tdcm Hub Motor
Besv Jaguar Js1 Downtube Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Besv Jaguar Js1 Display Panel Ergonomic Grips Bell
Besv Jaguar Js1 9 Speed Shimano Alivio Derailleur
Besv Jaguar Js1 Sr Suntour Suspension Remote Lockout
Besv Jaguar Js1 36 Volt 11.2 Amp Hour Lg Battery
Besv Jaguar Js1 180 Mm Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Besv Jaguar Js1 Chainring Bash Guard
Besv Jaguar Js1 Integrated Grayscale Lcd Display
Besv Jaguar Js1 Integrated Led Back Light
Besv Jaguar Js1 Scissoring Kickstand
Besv Jaguar Js1 Tektro Ebike Specific Brake Levers
Besv Jaguar Js1 2 Amp Charger


  • A comfortable and practical city-oriented electric bike with full length aluminum fenders, integrated lights, minimalist suspension fork with remote lockout and ergonomic grips
  • Near-silent but powerful 500 watt gearless hub motor, beautifully designed custom downtube battery pack, integrated LCD display unit
  • Excellent warranty (two years on the battery and motor), only available in one size but you get two color options, key must remain in while riding

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Jaguar JS1


$2,980 (Optional ~$5,000 Model, Smaller Motor and Limited 20 mph Top Speed)

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Commuting, Urban

Electric Bike Class:

Pedal Assist (Class 1)
Learn more about Ebike classes


5 Year Frame, 2 Year Motor and Battery


United States, Europe

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

60 lbs (27.21 kg)

Battery Weight:

6.1 lbs (2.76 kg)

Frame Material:

Aluminum Alloy

Frame Sizes:

21.5 in (54.61 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

21" BB to Seat Tube, 22" Reach, 21.5" Standover Height, 43.5" Wheelbase, 72" Length

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

Gloss Red, Matte Black

Frame Fork Details:

SR Suntour Suspension with 50 mm Travel and Remote Lockout

Attachment Points:

Fender Bosses

Gearing Details:

9 Speed 1x9, Shimano Alivio

Shifter Details:

Shimano Triggers on Right Bar


Aluminum Alloy Platform, Black


BESV with Integrated Screen and Headlight


Aluminum Alloy, Low-Rise

Brake Details:

Promax Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Tektro Levers with Integrated Bell on Left and Motor Inhibitors


Ergonomic with Lockers


Velo, Active

Seat Post Length:

300 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

31.6 mm


Stainless Steel

Tire Brand:

Schwalbe Energizer Plus, 28” x 1.75” (700 x 45c)

Wheel Sizes:

28 in (71.12cm)

Tire Details:

Green Guard Puncture Protection, Reflective Tape

Tube Details:

Presta Valve (MAXXIS 29" x 1.9" / 2.35", F/V 48 mm)


Integrated Front and Rear LED Lights, Double Leg Scissoring Kickstand, Metal Bash Guard, Sunnywheel Full Length Aluminum Alloy Fenders, Portable 2 Amp Smart Charger (1.1 lb)


Locking Removable Battery Pack, Quick Release Front Wheel

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

250 watts

Motor Peak Output:

500 watts

Motor Torque:

38 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

11.4 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

410.4 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

6 hours

Estimated Min Range:

35 miles (56 km)

Estimated Max Range:

50 miles (80 km)

Display Type:

Fixed, Integrated, Backlit, Grayscale LCD


Assist Level (0-3), Battery Capacity (5 Bars), Lights (Off, Low, High), Speed, Trip Distance, Max Speed, Average Speed, Odometer

Display Accessories:

Bluetooth Enabled for Smart Phone App, Remote Button Pad on Left

Drive Mode:

Torque Sensing Pedal Assist (Double Sided Bottom Bracket Sensor)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

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Written Review

BESV is part of the Darfon Innovation Corp. which, at the time of this review, was the world leader in producing integrated laptop keyboards. They also make power supplies, human interface devices and other electronics and have over 20k employees worldwide… that’s a solid foundation to build electric bikes from and some of their earliest models from 2015 impressed a lot of people including me. The Jaguar model is brand new for 2016 and builds on some of the strength of the earlier Lion LX1 and Panther PS1. The JS1 looks great and has a lot of purpose built electronics but is quite a bit more affordable than those other two models. Overall, I’m impressed that they were able to offer a 500 watt motor, brand name Lithium-ion battery cells, integrated lights, quality fenders and a mid-level Shimano Alivio drivetrain for under $3k with a two year warranty (on the motor and battery) and also have two separate color choices!

The JS1 is my favorite bike in the BESV lineup so far because I appreciate, and am willing to pay more for, some of the quality touch points like ergonomic grips and upgraded suspension fork. Considering the bike only comes in one frame size, it’s pretty adaptable to short and mid sized riders and offers a comfortable and safe upright seating position. I’ve commuted to work by bicycle for many years and the zippy 20 mph top speed offered here is perfect. Even though this is a Class 1 pedal assist only electric bike, meaning it doesn’t offer throttle mode, I noticed that it was very responsive and not overly tiring to pedal with. With some torque sensing ebikes you really have to pedal and push… which might suite mountain bikers but can be tiring and defeat the purpose for people who just what to get somewhere efficiently. The system uses a dual-sensor torque sensing bottom bracket to respond naturally as you pedal along. This helps to extend range and qualifies the bike to be used legally in the greatest number of environments vs. Class 2 or Class 3.

At the end of the day, the Jaguar ebike is all about city and urban riding and the slick 700c tires are both efficient and tough. They’re made by Schwalbe and include puncture resistant lining meant to reduce the potential for flats. If something does go wrong, you’ve got a quick release skewer on the front which makes servicing easier but the rear wheel is standard bolt-on so you’ll need tools for that. I noticed the seat tube is not quick release but if you’re the only one riding and want to avoid tampering or seat theft at a public bike rack, that’s not such a bad thing. There’s actually a lot in the way of “built in” and security on this electric bike. The battery pack, while removable, clicks in using a keyed lock and the display panel is completely integrated into the custom stem. There’s no way to angle the display or remove it but it also stays out of the way, is better protected in the event of a tip or during transport and it’s more aerodynamic than a bar mounted aftermarket option. This is where BESV / Darfon shine, they make custom electronic solutions for computers and they are leveraging their knowledge to refine electric bikes.

Riding the BESV JS1 is fluid and extremely quiet but it also feels capable. You’ve got a 500 watt gearless direct drive hub motor from TDCM (a longstanding ebike motor maker) at your disposal. And while it’s heavier than a geared alternative, it’s also probably more durable. I would love to have regeneration or regenerative braking here (the levers have motor inhibitors and could activate it, you think Darfon would be able to add this sort of functionality easily given their expertise in power supply manufacturing) but at this price point I don’t miss it too much. The battery pack offers an above-average 36 volt 11.4 amp hour capacity and is fairly small and light weight so the cells are likely the premium energy dense options from LG. The pack slides in and out easily and even has a little carry handle. You can charge it on or off the bike which is handy for those who park their bikes inside and want to avoid extra steps and potential drops of the battery and the charger itself is super light weight ~1.1 lbs as mentioned in the video review above.

There’s really a lot to say about this e-bike and to me it’s exciting because it feels within reach in terms of price. For something that looks so beautiful, it doesn’t compromise on comfort and is easy to mount. The bike has a great warranty and lots of upgrades included in the price. I would like to see a bottle cage mounting point somewhere and I’d like to be able to remove the key when riding as it could jingle or even snag and get bent if you swing your leg through without looking. The frame felt solid but did suffer from a bit of jiggle as with most single tube step-thru designs and this type of frame may be difficult to mount on busses or certain hanging style car racks without an extra bar adapter like this. Apparently BESV stands for Beautiful, Eco-Friendly, Smarter, Vision and I can appreciate the beauty in their designs compared with some other ebikes that feel more generic. It appears they’ve won several design awards for their products over the years in China’s Taipei Cycle Show and Germany’s Red Dot as well as Eurobike. I loved the matte black color option because it matched the suspension fork, motor and other accessories and hid the cables. I also liked the remote lockout for the fork because there are times (especially on paved roads) where you just don’t need or want the extra bob but also don’t want to bend far forward or stop to change the settings. Good stuff all around with this one, I’m excited to see how BESV continues to innovate with their designs and keep prices reasonable in the years to come.


  • Excellent feature set with high quality fenders, front and rear lights, a bell and a kickstand, the only additional feature might be a rack and bottle cage bosses
  • The oversized Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires compliment the urban suspension fork nicely to smooth out little bumps and uneven terrain
  • Available in two beautiful color schemes (his and hers possibly?) the matte black helps the cables to blend in a bit more and matches the motor hub and suspension fork perfectly
  • Mid-grade component set including large 180 mm mechanical disc brakes, locking ergonomic grips and a nine speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain
  • Compatible with a smart phone app using Bluetooth connectivity, track your rides and get more detailed information about performance
  • In my opinion the Jaguar ebike offers some of the best value from BESV at the ~$3k price point and their warranty is longer than most other companies including two years for the battery and motor
  • The torque sensing pedal assist is some of the most responsive I’ve tested, you really don’t need to push hard in order to activate it and the Smart mode is actually pretty good at saving energy but still feeling enjoyable to use


  • The key must remain in the “ignition” slot in order to use the electrical systems on the bike and it’s positioned on the downtube where it could get kicked or kneed more easily, I would prefer to be able to remove it because I keep my keys on a keychain and they would probably dangle around a lot possibly scraping the paint and making noise, consider a little carabiner like this as a possible solution
  • The frame (being a deep low-step) is a bit more flexy than a traditional triangle, I noticed that the front of the bike felt less stable at high speeds and may be prone to speed wobble
  • The gearless direct drive motor is super quiet and smooth but there’s no regenerative braking or energy recapture system in place which is too bad, this type of motor weighs more than geared options so it’s nice to recapture some energy if that option is present
  • The seat post is sort of custom (with a hole in the back) designed to work with the integrated rear light and corresponding electrical wire, if you decide to swap it out for a Thudbuster or other seat post suspension you may have to run the wire outside or just not use the rear light
  • Only available in one size and it’s fairly short (creating an upright riding position) this is fine for medium and even smaller sized riders but might not work for taller people, I’m 5’9″ and it felt very comfortable
  • No quick release on the seat tube which means you’ll need a tool to dial in fit but theft of your seat post and saddle are less likely… but the front wheel does have a quick release making it a target (unless you run a cable through the wheel, I actually like the front quick release)
  • No bottle cage bosses on the downtube or seat tube, I’d suggest using a saddle rail adapter but the light is already mounted there, consider a disc brake compatible rear rack with a bag that has an integrated bottle holder like this
  • Because the frame on this ebike is more of a step-thru it might not work as well with the hanging style car racks, the front wheel and battery come off to reduce weight so tossing it into a truck could work but if you are using a hitch rack you’ll probably need a platform style rack like this and then the fenders might get in the way of the swing arm that pulls the wheels down into the rack


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Cameron Newland
2 years ago

Looks like a great commuter. I’m very impressed with BESV’s product design. They manage to make a step-through frame look really modern and even aggressive, whereas a lot of other step-through designs that I see looks like they’re designed to appeal to grandmothers. :D

60lbs is quite very heavy, though.

2 years ago

First of all… my Grandma is awesome XD but yeah, it’s neat to see something like this that’s custom and awesome. I think the weight comes back to the larger motor and battery but they also have to reinforce the frame for strength on a single-tube design like this. I feel like they could keep most of this bike the way it is but swap the gearless motor for geared to save weight and make the key removable and maybe bring the price down a touch but overall I like it :)

2 years ago

You might want to change that from China’s Taipei cycle show to Taiwan…

2 years ago

Ah yes… Thanks! I have never been and just got a little confused :)

2 years ago

Court! I’ve been binging on your site and Youtube reviews and like a lot of others have to say, THANK YOU. Your knowledge and in depth analysis has motivated me to pull the trigger on this particular bike -my first electric bike :)

It was funny since I was chatting with a web sales rep, I decided to call him out that it may be a typo, but sure enough the official BESV site has rated the motor to 250W …b,b-but the EBR guy says it’s 500! :) …I figure regardless should be a great ride.

Keep up the great work as always, looking forward to future reviews and your input :)

2 years ago

Good catch Nic! I do my very best to capture or measure all of the correct specs but sometimes I’m off or unclear (or have an error with the website). I think in this case the motor is a 250 watt nominal with 500 watt peak. Maybe the sales rep told me 500 and there weren’t markings on the motor casing to say otherwise. What I’ve done here is updated the specs in the review to reflect this new information, thanks for your help! I hope you love the bike, it’s a really slick polished design and I feel like BESV is a leader in making custom purpose build electric bikes. Chime back in as you get to know it and if you have any other feedback!

2 years ago

Got the bike yesterday and it was easy enough to build with their guide, which ironically you can get from their website. The bike was for the most part, already built. All I had to do was attach the front wheel, mud guards, front reflector, and rear light. Took a novice like me about an hour. Also I started charging the battery pack as soon as I started assembling.

I have to agree, the bike looks solid and handsome, really digging the black and red stripe and integrated lights. The components look and feel solid.

Now, this is where it all comes crashing down. The bike’s display or electric functions do not turn on as designed with the battery. When I have the charger plugged into the battery as it’s on the bike, the display does light up. I figure well, could be the battery though the status shows full from the display. I let it charge overnight, 9 hours total, still the same result this morning.

So I’ve been testing the little I can do as far as the electric features go as the bike is stationary and plugged and I noticed I can reproduce what looks like a bug / or another production defect / no quality control as well. I’m hoping you can add your opinion on this. I turn on the lights and as soon as I brake, the lights cut off and the display resets -this is not normal either right? If I brake, without the lights on, it doesn’t do the reset. :( ….as you can tell, really disappointed. I should have went with a local bike shop versus online. To compound my issue, there’s no BESV shops in Denver.

One positive thing I’m not sure was covered, the brake light lights up brighter when you break, pretty neat! (that is if I could actually use it, ha!). This feature works in either in light or no light mode.

I’ve contacted my online dealer and BESV support, no response yet. I’ll of course keep you updated and as always, keep doing what you do Court… If things aren’t resolved right, I’m thinking refund, and probably will be digging deep on your site once again haha :)

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86 and still kicking
1 week ago

Take a look at the BESV TRB1 AM. Can be had for $4K. 80 mile range battery.

Ann M.
2 weeks ago

Court travelled to London to visit Fully Charged, a phenomenal electric bike shop. Started 4 years ago by Ben, looking for alternative way to get around, this London shop is located in a unique building full of charm & history and a kick butt coffee shop. Many of the top brands that we know and some American brands like Vintage Electric grace the showroom with lots of test ride bikes.

Fully Charged has been selling electric bikes in London (and other parts of the UK) since 2014. We were invited to visit their main stor and take a tour. In this video, I fly from Denver Colorado USA to London, take a train, and meet Ben at the store to look at some of their ebikes and film reviews. The very first Fully Charged outlet was in a tube station (the subway) and they have since expanded and brought on more brands.

Fully Charged carries the following brands:
- Riese & Müller
- Moustache
- Vintage Electric
- Raleigh
- Tern
- Gocycle
- Urban Arrow
- A2B
- Haibike
- Butchers & Bicycles
- BH Easy Motion
- Coboc
- Desiknio

After a tour around the shop, we visited the London Bike Show and met Dan Parsons who was the first employee of Gocycle (doing quality and safety testing) and has been working in the ebike space since 2008. He is head of operations now and will be helping with the Fully Charged Barge initiative, a floating demo station that will give people in London a way to discover and test electric bikes in 2018. Official Website is: Instagram: @FullyChargedUK Shop Address is: Globe House, 37 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3JW The music used in this video is from Be Svendsen, used with permission. You can visit their Soundcloud page to listen to more tracks at:

Ann M.
2 weeks ago

It's a swift paced overview of new ebikes that haven't made it to the U.S. yet and others that we're already familiar with along with a flash of some nifty accessories. Liked the trippy music overlay and Court lists all of the items he zoomed in on in a list below the video. Don't know how the London Bike Show compares in size to our Interbike; however, it looks like a huge show!

Hi guys, I was visiting London to film some reviews with a shop called Fully Charged and happened to wind up at the London Bike Show. This video is a quick overview of interesting products I saw. Each shot takes a moment to highlight the electric bike or accessory and then show the name of the company who produced it. One of the highlights for me was the new Electric Brompton. I have not gotten a chance to ride it yet. The music used in this review is from Be Svendsen, used with permission. You can visit their Soundcloud page to listen to more tracks at: you can learn more about the London Bike Show at their official website:

Highlights in order of appearance: - Air to the Throne (freeride mountain bike jumpers)
Métier Cycling Clothing
Gocycle premium folding ebikes
Navigata Pedibal Bikes
Brompton Electric
Kalkhoff electric bikes
Velosock bike cover
Orange bicycles, model: Alpine 6 E
Focus bikes
Bar [URL=''][/URL]-
Tern bicycles, model: GSD [URL=''][/URL]-
Hummingbird lightweight folding bicycle [URL=''][/URL]-
ARCC Innovations [URL=''][/URL]-
KwikFold folding ebikes [URL=''][/URL]-
Batribike electric bicycles [URL=''][/URL]-
Neomouv electric bikes [URL=''][/URL]-
Ezee Bike [URL=''][/URL]-
L-BOW Safety Light for bicycles [URL=''][/URL]-
Furo Systems carbon electric bikes [URL=''][/URL]-
Closca bike helmets, model: Fuga [URL=''][/URL]-
FlyKly e-bike motor [URL=''][/URL]-
Tailfin bike rack [URL=''][/URL]-
Coboc electric bikes [URL=''][/URL]-
Fully Charged bike shop in London [URL=''][/URL]
I rushed to get this video processed and posted because the event continues tomorrow (Sunday February 25th). Check it out if you're in town, the bicycle ramp riders were amazing.

3 weeks ago


I'm selling all my e-bikes below but would like to add to the discussion.

First off, with all small companies making niche products, expect long response times and bad customer service. It's also true of my experience with BESV which I think makes the best e-bikes of all.

I have the G2 and is the best e-bike you can find for it's aesthetics, size, weight and for maintenance free riding due to no chain or Derailleur to mess with. I fixed a flat with zero tools in just a few minutes as well as I carry a spare inter tube and mini hand pump in my backpack.

Do you really want to go 25 mph on a city bike with balloon tires? I did until I tried turning. I ended up taking the delimiter off myself in fact.

I only have two criticisms:

1) The gear drive isn't smooth and very mechanical feeling compared to hub motors which takes away the fun. I actually prefer my BESV LX1 and PS1 better as the assist feels more like an extension of your legs thus more fun to ride.
2) Turning is awkward due to the front wheel drive.

I'm selling both my LX1, PS1 and GoCycle G2 in San Diego for local pickup only. I now ride a unicycle :) much happier.



3 months ago

Maybe this list of bike shops can help
scroll down to Taiwan

also , some info here :

4 months ago


I will provide pics at a later date.

These two bikes have around 600 and 2000 miles on them respectively. Both are in good condition.

Location is Downtown San Diego 92101. They will be available for sale early December.

PS1 $1700
LX1 $2500

4 months ago

Am I the only one that thinks these are the ugliest ebikes?

5 months ago

Think that they added Shimano XT, hidráulic brakes, racks, better general nice bike...

5 months ago

I want to by my new e bike and I’m between BESV JS1 advance and Specialized Vado 3.0 what will be your choice?! Very interested in your opinion....

7 months ago

Thanks for your reply, we're in Atlanta, GA, and haven't found a bike locally that suits us. Only the stores that specialize in e-bikes actually have them on the floor. Looking at the gallery photos for the CF1, it doesn't appear to have the swept-back handlebars, but in some of the rotating pics, it does look like it has them. The E-City looks like a good bike too. Thanks for your suggestions, Mark.

86 and still kicking
7 months ago

Where are you located. We strongly recommend buying from a local dealer who will support during and after the sale. We sell two bikes that may meet your needs. The CF1 from BESV and the e-City from Smart Motion. Both of these bikes are under $2K and are very easy to mount and ride. What we strongly recommend is that you never buy a bike unless your can test ride it first. Geometry and the way it fits and feels to you is of utmost importance. A bike that has the wrong geometry will not be comfortable and hence ridden little.. test ride as often as you can to develop a frame of reference.

8 months ago

Philosophy regarding battery packs and e-bike range

Found this informational video - - on YouTube.
@ora Harris explaining the philosophy regarding battery packs and e-bike range.

Additionally, BESV recently introduced new at Sea Otter that have 760 watt hour battery:eek:. They're claiming the battery gives their bikes a range between 60 and 90 miles! :cool:

Glad to that someone is addressing this important issue.

2 years ago

nice bike, will you be reviewing the new Genze 2.0 scooter?

2 years ago

you should do interview of home builder and hobbyist it would be interesting to watch.
2 years ago

+kambo209 Cool! Thanks for the suggestion. I've interviewed Justin from Grin Technologies in Canada and he's all about custom builds and the technology behind ebikes. Here's the video in case you want to check it out:

2 years ago

I like the looks of the bike overall but the key not being able to come out makes me cringe.
2 years ago

+DrZarkloff Agree.

Dr. Jared Rose
2 years ago

Great bike and review! Wouldn't touch it though until it dropped under $2k
2 years ago

+Dr. Jared Rose Thanks! Yeah, it's still a bit high but their prices are going down with each new year and new models it seems.

Doug's Ego
2 years ago

Good if you have a bad back.

Doug's Ego
2 years ago

You have the best tester attitude.
Always enjoy your vids brother.
2 years ago

+Smiling Aussie (Doug) Yeah, it felt really comfortable but still looks cool. The upright seating angle, ergonomic grips, suspension fork and even the larger tires helped a lot :)

Flo Mo
2 years ago

It looks like a seniors bike. But it's cool for shopping tours in the city. Thanks Sef.^^

2 years ago

nice bike
2 years ago

+3dkiller I agree, the company is refining their designs and I love that this one costs a lot less than the Lion LX1 from last year.

Ajemo Haltom
2 years ago

Almost absolutely silent!
2 years ago

+Ajemo Haltom Yeah, the TDCM direct drive motors have no moving parts (aside from bearings) it's just large neodymium magnets glued around the inside perimeter of the hub and electromagnetic staters at the core repelling them forward :)

David Macdonald
2 years ago

that looks cool .

David Macdonald
2 years ago

It sure is , what happens to the place where the battery goes if you have taken it in to charge it , and it rains.
2 years ago

+David Macdonald I agree, BESV has some of the most custom designes for their ebikes and the integrated display is especially cool :)

2 years ago

Nicely equipped bike with a serious (fatal) flaw-that key! I've ridden (and crashed) enough to see snagging the family jewels on a non-removable key in that location. It's a serious safety hazard and one wonders what the designer was thinking (or not).
2 years ago

+rik999 Yeah, I had a conversation with one of the reps about this... Their other models also have keys but the folding bike (Panther PS1 has a folding key so that helps a bit, and it isn't located on the top tube, but I'd prefer to simply remove the key vs. working around it or folding it. I keep my keys on a keychain usually but would end up taking it off for this bike (to avoid the noise and added clutter) but that means I'd increase the risk of misplacing the key once parked or I'd have to add bulk and weight to my keychain by adding a carabiner. Anyway, yeah, it's an area that could be improved :)

Torian Allen
2 years ago

This seems like it will be easy to get in and out of an apartment. I'm really liking the styling. Question, is the step through frame styling becoming a more universal thing now? I remember it used to be considered the female frame styling.

Torian Allen
2 years ago Wow, thank you for such a great insight! I've been following your site and videos for some time now, and it's really been putting me in a place where I can make a more informed decision on the bike that fits the lifestyle of my wife and I.
2 years ago

+Torian “TJ” Allen Great observation Torian, I've seen a lot more step-thru or low-step designs out there in the ebike world and I think that's for two reasons. Ebike frames tend to be custom and building one costs a lot of money... then stocking it and supporting it etc. so they aim for what works for the largest number of people. Since electric bikes tend to appeal to people who might be struggling to go further or who have knee and leg issues I think the challenge of simply mounting and standing over the bike becomes more important than style for a larger portion of the population than road bikes or mountain bikes which appeal to younger less-injured riders. The fact that ebikes appeal to older riders in general might also mean that the audience is less style sensitive anyway because they've got wisdom and experience. For this group, having a more comfortable and easier to mount frame outweighs the old paradigm that girls with skirts and dresses prefer low-step so they don't flash their friends. Today, anyone can appreciate the easy-mount design but the trade off of frame stiffness and strength still persists. So I call it out that way and recognize that a city or urban electric bike like the Jaguar JS1 here doesn't need to be as stiff to perform in its intended environment. For those looking for even higher performance but still want an ebike there are models like the Specialized Turbo with a stiffer frame: