Biktrix Juggernaut Classic HD Review

Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Electric Bike Review
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Bafang Hd Mid Drive Motor
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd 48v Battery Rear Rack
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Display Controls
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Front View
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Rear View
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Suspension Fork Metal Fenders Fat Tires
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Shimano Alivio System
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Bolt On Rack Metal Fenders
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Stock High Step Black
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Electric Bike Review
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Bafang Hd Mid Drive Motor
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd 48v Battery Rear Rack
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Display Controls
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Front View
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Rear View
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Suspension Fork Metal Fenders Fat Tires
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Shimano Alivio System
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Bolt On Rack Metal Fenders
Biktrix Juggernaght Classic Hd Stock High Step Black


  • Purpose-designed fat-tire electric made for off-road use with a 1000-watt mid-drive motor, 12ah battery and top speed of 38mph, it looks like a bicycle but is classified more as a moped
  • Shimano Alivio setup with trigger shifters and gear window, 160mm Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes for easy adjustment and maintenance
  • The control center can be easily seen in direct sunlight and offers tons of pertinent information like speed, range, wattage output and more, with no rear suspension or seat post suspension it could get a little bumpy
  • Given the heavier weight, higher possible speeds here, and fat tires, it would have been great to see hydraulic brakes, pricing can be confusing

Video Review





Juggernaut Classic HD


$2,599 ($3,399 CAD)

Body Position:

Upright, Upright Relaxed

Suggested Use:

Commuting, Trail

Electric Bike Class:

Moped or Motorcycle (Class 4)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Limited


United States, Canada

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

75 lbs (34.01 kg)

Battery Weight:

9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)

Motor Weight:

12.3 lbs (5.57 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Frame Sizes:

17.5 in (44.45 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

17.5" Seat Tube Length, 24.5" Reach, 27" Stand Over Height, 32.5" Minimum Saddle Height, 27.5" Width, 76.5" Length

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

Matte Black, Matte Silver

Frame Fork Details:

RST Guide Spring Loaded, 110mm Travel, 135mm Hub Spacing, with Adjustable Pre-Load and Lockout Lever

Frame Rear Details:

170mm Hub Spacing, 12mm Axle with 10mm Flats Threaded with Axle Nuts

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses

Gearing Details:

7 Speed 1x7 Shimano Tourney Derailleur, Shimano Cassette 14-28 Tooth

Shifter Details:

Shimano Alivio Trigger Shifter on Right Side with Windowed Indicator


170mm Forged Alloy, 50Tooth Chainring


Wellgo Aluminium with Reflectors and Pins


1" Straight, Non-Sealed Bearings


Promax, 6061 Alloy, Adjustable Angle 175° to 90°


Promax Aluminum Alloy, 70mm Rise, 700mm Length, 15° Backsweep

Brake Details:

Tektro Aries MD-M300 160mm Cable Disc Brakes with 4 Finger Levers


Ergonomic Friction Mounted, Black with Gray Accents


Faux Leather Wrapped 9.5 Wide Saddle with Gel

Seat Post:

Promax Rigid Aluminium Alloy

Seat Post Length:

300 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

27.2 mm


Aluminum Alloy, Double Wall, 80 mm Outer Width, 36 Hole, Punchouts


Stainless Steel, 13 Gauge, Adjustable Nipples, Silver

Tire Brand:

Kenda Juggernaut, 26” x 4.0” (98-559)

Wheel Sizes:

26 in (66.04cm)

Tire Details:

35 to 80 PSI, 2.5 to 5.5 BAR

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Metal Color-matched Fenders, Plastic Chain Guide, 5 Volt 1 Amp USB Type A Charging Port at Top Right Side of Battery, Integrated Blaze-lite HL3000 LED Headlight, Backlight, Bolt-On Rear Rack , Rear Mounted Adjustable Length Kickstand


Locking Removable Downtube Mounted Battery Pack, 1.1 lb 2 Amp Charger

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

1000 watts

Motor Peak Output:

1500 watts

Motor Torque:

160 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

12 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

576 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

5 hours (2 Hours for ~80%)

Estimated Min Range:

9 miles (14 km)

Estimated Max Range:

32 miles (51 km)

Display Type:

Bafang DPC07, Fixed, Backlit, Monochrome LCD


Battery Level (10 Bars), Speed, Assist Mode (0-5), Trip Distance, Total Distance, Average Speed, Max Speed, (Includes 5 Brightness Settings, Walk Mode)

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad near Left Grip, Buttons: +, -, Information, Lights, On/Off, (Hold - for Walk Mode, Double Tap i for Settings Menu)

Drive Mode:

Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle (Bottom Bracket Integrated Torque Sensor)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

Written Review

To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I charge a universal service fee for my reviews. This review was sponsored by Biktrix. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and written review are not meant to be an endorsement of Biktrix products.

Biktrix has gone full speed ahead for 2019 and with that full speed comes a super powerful fat-tire electric bike. What I am talking about today is the Juggernaut Classic HD. It features front suspension, power battery, mid-drive motor from Bafang with a 1000watt nominally rated setup. Yep, that’s 1000 nominal, so it is capable of getting up to a massive 1500watts in power. Before we get into that, let’s go over some of the features here. As stated before, it is fat-tire with a front suspension fork and that is one of the areas of comfort. The front fork is a RST Guide fat-tire specific fork with both preload adjust and lockout. The headtube is tapered, so you could even swap out for another fork in the front if you wanted. Another point of comfort here are these Kenda Juggernaut fat tires. These are 26” x 4” and have some great nobby tread that actually can help as little dampeners adding a bit of absorption, so overall, very comfortable for riding. The rims here are punched out to save weight which is nice and they sport some super sturdy 13 gage spokes in the both the front and rear. Assisting even further in comfort is this slopped top tube for easy approachability as well as this Velo gel saddle. I also gotta mention the adjustable angle stem, it has a bit of a rise to it and also has some rotation points on the handlebars so you can dial in your riding geometry. It’s so great that Biktrix is putting so much comfort on a ride that is also very capable and fast… really just a lot of reassurance from something so powerful. I love the battery integrated headlight here… Safety has always been a priority for myself and other cyclists, so it’s nice to see that more and more companies are including these on ebikes. However, there is no rear light included, and the headlight is mounted on the suspension fork, so you could get some bounce up and down in visibility if riding on bumpy terrain. Included with the Juggernaut Classic HD is a bolt on rear rack, this has wider and thicker tubing so it is sturdy and can handle a lot of weight. One thing to note though, is that with thicker tubing, you may not be able to fit as many brands of pannier bags on the back, so do some test fitting before purchase if possible. Other features include locking flat grips, aluminum alloy Wellgo pedals, integrated bell, metal fenders, and a adjustable kickstand mounted away from the cranks to eliminate pedal lock.

Driving the Juggernaut Classic HD is the Bafang HD geared mid-drive motor. This motor offers 1,000 watts of nominal power with up to 1,500 watts of peak power! But even more impressive is it’s 160 newton meters of torque. Yes… 160 Nm. It’s the torquiest motor I’ve personally tested and seems to fit the bike quite well. Compared to most ebikes which offer 50 to 90 Nm, the 160 here can feel exciting but might also put increased strain on the drivetrain and frame. Powering up moderate hills was a breeze (literally) and for all but the most extreme hills, I was able to rely solely on the throttle without pedaling at all. When tackling real hill climbs – ones where I actually had to get out of the saddle – I found the torque made the difference between me having to get off and walk up. One of the coolest things about this particular motor is that it’s Bafang’s newest version, which replaces some of the lower power designs that used nylon gears inside, this one uses all steel components. This upgrade in internal parts should help the motor handle the extreme torque being produced and improve its overall longevity. I think it’s great that there is a guide accessory at the top to keep the chain from bouncing around and coming off at high speed as well as a narrow wide tooth pattern that locks onto the chain more securely. The torque sensor did a nice job of smoothly administering power equal to my output. So when I pushed lightly on the pedals, I got a little bit of assist; when I hammered down on them the motor unleashed all its power. The motor cutoff was also pretty quick, and cut power almost immediately after I stopped applying pressure on the pedals. I appreciate this aspect, especially with the high torque of the motor, as I’ve found that on some cadence sensor designs found on cheaper ebikes, the motor cutoff lags quite a bit, making navigating trails at slow speeds difficult and even a bit unstable and unpredictable. Mechanically, you get a nice Shimano Alivio 11-32 tooth cassette, and a 42 tooth chain ring up front. One of my main grips on the Juggernaut Classic HD is the brakes. Here we have a set of Tektro Aries 160mm mechanical disc brakes. Not the largest rotors, and not hydraulic either… For such a fast bike, one may wish they had that immediate stopping power of the hydraulic disc brakes. However, mechanical brakes save on cost while also being easier to adjust and maintain, so it’s is not a total wash.

Powering the bike is a 48v 12ah lithium ion battery pack. I would consider this a high capacity battery pack and really necessary for that super powerful motor. But in case you wanted more juice, Biktrix offers battery upgrades on the bike to both a 17ah and a whopping 21ah, very cool! Anyway, the battery is mounted via lock and key, however, you don’t need the key to start the bike, it is just for battery security. The battery has a power button and I love the LED display read out on it so you can check to see round about how much juice is left. To really care for this and other lithium-ion packs, I have heard that storing in a cool dry location vs. extreme heat or cold will extend the life and try to keep it about 50% full when not using for long periods so you won’t stress the cells. Try not to let it run down to zero, because that’s really hard on the cell chemistry.

The display panel used to gauge performance and change electric assist handling is from Bafang. Although the battery USB is a little weaker for charging, the display here has a great USB port that can support full charging for devices like iPhones. I like that the display feels solidly mounted but still swivels to reduce glare. It comes with one of the larger button pads with a key for lights and information as well as power, plus and minus. Compared to the Bosch button pad, this one isn’t as physically intuitive and might require a glance down. On two occasions, I pressed the information key and had it stick down because it sort of angled sideways. While it is easy to reach, fairly compact, and appears to be water resistant, it just feels a little bit cheaper and the wire running back to the display seemed short. This thing has a light sensor, adjustable backlighting, a 10-bar battery infographic for precise feedback on range (though no range estimation feature). You can change the units from kilometers to miles by doing the double tap i-i trick mentioned earlier and this works without the password. This ebike, as with most, should be highly water resistant… but don’t submerge it.

When it is all said and done, I found the Juggernaut to be a ton of fun. The suspension and fat tires really give it a rugged quality that can handle anything, and the powerful motor is… really something that can leave you speechless! However, there are some tradeoffs here so I did want to call those out. The bike was really comfortable, but I did feel the icing on the cake would be to add a suspension seat post. It doesn’t come with one, but that can be fixed by stopping by your bike shop and having one installed. The brakes are only 160mm mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic would have been preferred for such a fast bike. And finally, the pricing can be a bit confusing. During the filming of this review, I found it hard to nail down an MSRP on the bike. However, I soon understood the reasoning behind this… Biktrix is a direct to consumer brand, and you can literally build your bike on their website! So while this may seem like a con, it is actually a bit more of a pro since you have flexibility in options and choices. This one I tested came in around $4058.99, but I am told they can range anywhere from $2,599-$5,657 respectively. The bike is really a blast and well put together, I would like to thank Biktrix for inviting me up to come check it out.

As always, I welcome questions and feedback in the comment section below. Whether you own a previous version of the bike, have taken a test ride, or are brand new to the space, my goal is to provide an objective and honest resource. You can also join the Biktrix Ebike forums and share your own photos, videos, and review updates to help others! Have fun out there, and ride safe :)


  • Incredibly powerful and torquey Bafang HD motor with 1000 watt nominal output and 160 newton meters of torque makes climbing even the steepest hills possible, it also drives the bike to speeds of almost 40mph
  • Shimano trigger shifters and derailleur are specifically designed for e-bikes and should be able to handle the power and torque coming out of the motor, they also shift incredibly smoothly and have built in shift sensors to cut power to the motor when shifting, preventing the components from enduring unnecessary strain
  • A strong and sturdy rear rack made for handling weight and speed
  • I love the battery integrated headlight here, safety has always been a priority for myself and other cyclists, so it’s nice to see that more and more companies are including these on ebikes
  • Motor inhibitors cut power to the motor whenever the brakes are the levers are depressed, ensuring the rider isn’t fighting agains the motor when trying to stop, another great safety feature
  • Control center is easily visible even in direct sunlight and offers a plethora of information including current speed, max speed, average speed, battery level, range, pedal assist mode, wattage output and more
  • RST Guide front suspension does a great job of soaking up hard hits and making for an overall pretty smooth ride, features preload adjust and lockout
  • I love that the electric controls are reachable from your left hand without having to take your hand off the handlebars, it really keeps your eyes on the road
  • Wellgo aluminum alloy platform pedals are extra wide and grippy and help keep my feet in place even when hitting extra bumpy terrain
  • Battery has a capacity of 12ah, and Biktrix also offer a 21ah battery, battery is locking and removable and even has a LED charge level readout
  • Gearing is good for high speed thanks to the 11-32 teeth cassette in the rear and 42 teeth chainring up front
  • Metal fenders here are a great addition, they don’t need as much adjustment as plastic fenders, and they are mounted well
  • The fat tires really excellent in soft and loamy terrain, even does great in gravel as shown in the review video


  • While it has rack, fenders, light, and other great features, it lacks the more refined motor, rear suspension, and larger battery of the Juggernaut FS
  • The headlight here is fork mounted, which means you could get some bounce up and down in visibility if riding on bumpy terrain
  • I did like the front suspension, but I did wish that it had a suspension seat post, it would really round off the comfort well
  • The brakes here are only 160mm mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic would have been preferred for such a fast bike, or at least 180mm rotors
  • Control center can’t be removed, leaving it vulnerable to theft and scratching when the bike is left at a public bike rack
  • Only one frame size may limit the range of rider heights the bike can accommodate
  • At $2,599 for the standard version and all the way up to $5,657 for the top configuration, the Juggernaut is definitely an expensive electric bike and might not offer the utility of around town commuting because of it’s unclassified power and performance


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Comments (12) YouTube Comments

Carlo, California USA
4 years ago

Have a bad experience with this company. Ordered a juggernaut HD arrived defective, pedal assist not working. Spoke to Roshan and he recommended me to take to a bike shop an hour away from my house but not willing to pay for may gas at first until I convince him to pay for it. The bike is too heavy and I don’t have a bike rack to begin with. It’s so hard to deal with Roshan. He promised you something and next day he would reneged man of NO WORD. Warning people to stay away from this company if you leave in the U.S. just get local. Lesson learned not to deal outside U.S.A..

4 years ago

Oh man, I can relate to not having a bike rack (or even a car) to get to the local shop. I’m glad that Roshan came around a bit… but also sorry that you still had to go through this defective experience. I do tend to agree that buying from a local shop is a great way to go, that they will help support products and make the whole thing easier. That’s part of what we pay for when going in vs. shopping online. I hope your bike keeps working somehow or that you get the support needed. Thanks for the feedback, Carlo.

4 years ago

I would love to support a local bike shop, or even one 100 miles away, but they all sell low-watt, low-torque Euro-spec e-bikes without throttles at double the price of online sellers like Biktrix, FLX, and M2S. Why is that? What am I missing?

3 years ago

I had a similar problem with OHM bikes!

3 years ago

Bummer! I’m really surprised, normally OHM does a great job because they have a physical outlet in North Vancouver, so there’s always someone there to speak with during business hours. Hope you got your issue resolved :/

charlie malone
4 years ago

Just received Juggernaut HD yesterday and have ridden it about 30 miles. It is a first-class bike. The frame and all of the components are the best. My bike has hydraulic brakes and a tail light that is powered by the internal battery. I ordered the 21AH battery. There was no documentation with the bike. I don’t know exactly how to use the electric motor. I don’t know how crucial it is to not let the battery run down to zero. I am an experienced bike rider. I am almost 80. I thought that my riding days were over, but this bike gives new life to someone like me. The bike is relatively expensive, but well worth the price. In short I am thrilled with the bike. I am of the opinion that the electric bike is the thing of the future. You need to ride one to discover how much fun they are.

4 years ago

Sweet! Good for you, Charlie :D thanks for sharing your story here. To help you out a bit, especially since there wasn’t a lot of documentation… I suggest not letting the battery run down to zero… try to get it charging once you hit 20%… and avoid extreme heat, because that degrades the cells. Cold isn’t so hard on them, but it will stunt your range temporarily. As for the throttle and pedal assist, I hope our video review above helps you figure it out a bit. Have fun out there and ride safe!

3 years ago


I have received a defective bike, have mentioned it to the company, and there is a flagrant lack of customer service to solve the issue.

I bought a Juggernaut Classic (3299 $CAD) in June 2021… When I received it, the electrical motor gear was defective. I contacted the customer services, and they sent me a new cassette and told me to change it myself. This issue is not with the cassette but with the motor. Customer service still insisted I changed the cassette. After arguing, they gave me a budget of 70 $CAD to go to a bike shop to have the cassette changed.

I went to several (3) bike shops in my neighborhood, none of them accepted to change the cassette. They claimed first of all that the problem is not with the cassette (as I had noticed!) and that they did not want to touch this Chinese-made bike (but Canadian brand), as they had trouble in the past with the brand Biktrix.

I have mentioned to customer service that three bike shops did not want to change de cassette and that according to them, the problem was with the motor. Biktrix told me that if I wanted to return the bike, I would have to pay the shipping (550 $USD), and a “restocking” fee between 15%-50% depending on the condition the bike received. They never recommended me a bike shop that would accept to fix the bike.

I consider that $3,299 CAD is expensive for a bike and I would expect to have a functional product for that price. There is a flagrant lack of customer service and it seems that Biktrix is not willing to solve the issue.

3 years ago

Hi Matthieu, I’m sorry to hear about all of your wasted time and struggles to get this ebike working properly. What you describe makes sense to me, and I have heard that some small shops will refuse to work on ebikes that they cannot get parts for or are uncomfortable working with. It sounds like your best bet is to return the bike, take the loss, and find another product that’s a better fit. If you are very tight on money, I would be happy to send you $100 using PayPal from my marketing budget here as a way to help defray your costs and give ebikes another chance. Thanks for your comment, I hope that Biktrix can improve and that others do not end up with your same problem.

Mike Tartaglione
3 years ago

I use to race road and mountain bikes, 4 hip replacements put an end to my bike riding, but then, the ebike came around. Purchased the Juggernault Ultra 1000 (17″) for $3,7001 (US) I upgraded to the Magrua Hydraulic Ebike brakes, they are the best component on the bike, I’m really happy with them. The bike handles well, stops great, and shifts ok. It has an excellent motor, tons of power and torque, climbs hills with little effort. But, for an almost $4K bike, they cheaped out on allot of the components. The Derailleur is a lower level Shimano Altus, which shifts ok, but not ok for a 4K bike. Pedals are made by Wellgo. Looked them up and they cost $18, really. The wheels are some off brand, probably cheap China ones. The grips are average and the seat belongs on a beach cruiser. Front suspension is average, but they sent me a slightly upgraded fork with the fender raised 5″ off the tire like a dirt motorcycle. I wanted on the one they showed on the website which I thought looked better with the fender closer to the tire. Front and rear axel are another low level cheap component. I broke the front axel only after 50 miles and I was just riding on the road. They replaced it for free but you have to email them a letter with pictures. If you’re lucky they get back to you in 2 days or so. This bike puts a ton of strain on the rear axel drivetrain parts.

On Biktrix FB page a lot of guys have striped the guts of the rear freewheel. This is another area where they put cheap parts on an expensive bike and good replacement parts cost between $300 and $500. I got the 17″ frame since I use an 18″ Mt Bike, but these bikes are big and this frame is a little too big for me. The top tube slops down and levels out for about 4″, that’s the spot where it’s 17″. But, the nose of the saddle pushes your butt a few inches forward so there’s no room for error and it’s difficult to stand over the bike comfortable. Spent over $450 upgrading the saddle, grips, seat post, tires/tubes, handlebars and pedals. Overall it’s not a bad bike, but not for this price and I’ll be selling it soon. Anyone interested in buying a Biktrix bike should take a long look at the FB page and all the issues that have come in and still come in daily.

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