2016 E-Lux Newport Review


Technical Specs & Ratings





Class 2




Mechanical Disc



480 Wh

480 Wh

57.5 lbs / 26.11 kgs



Medium Cruiser, Swept Back, Steel

Rubber Ergonomic with Lockers

Aluminum Alloy, Tapered


Oversized Comfort with Elastomer Bumpers

Plastic and Aluminum Platform

Mechanical Disc

Tektro Novella Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Tektro Levers with Motor Inhibitors

More Details

Upright Relaxed

1 Year Comprehensive Plus 2 Pro Rated

United States, Worldwide


16" Seat Tube, 26" Reach, 27" High-Step Stand Over, 76" Length

Glossy Black, Gunmetal, Powder Blue, Glossy White, Sea Foam Green

Rear Rack Bosses, Front Rack Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses, Deflopilator Bosses

Tektro Novella Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Tektro Levers with Motor Inhibitors

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Written Reviews

The Newport is a cruiser style electric bike designed for casual, comfortable riding… but offers a heck of a lot of power! It does not offer any kind of sprung suspension but the tires are large, the handlebar is swept back and the saddle is wide and soft so it feels pretty comfortable. Even the grips are designed for comfort with an ergonomic style to rest your wrists. One thing that differentiates the grip touch-point on this and the Tahoe model from E-Lux is that they use trigger throttles instead of half-grip twist designs. It’s still a variable-speed throttle device that’s easy to reach and intuitive to use but the trade off is that your grip isn’t compromised here and perhaps they were able to save some money with more generic grips vs. ebike specific half-grips like the ones used on most Pedego and Motiv models.

Price point is one of the huge strengths for E-Lux electric bicycles. All of their models are priced at or below competing products and offer just as many if not more accessories including full length paint-matched fenders and chain guard (both steel) along with integrated LED lights and a standard gauge rear rack (perfect for use with clip-on panniers or a trunk bag). For those of us who want to go crazy with panniers or experiment with baskets, there are even bosses about mid way down the sides of the front fork (something I’ve never seen on a cruiser before). The demo model I reviewed here did not have bottle cage bosses but I’m told the next batch will have those mounting points. I was also unable to view and test ride the step-thru model but it’s great that they offer one and I love the fun color choices.

This ebike is powerful, the motor offers excellent torque and can zip up to ~20 mph with ease. It’s a name-brand hub from 8Fun/Bafang that’s painted black to match the black spokes and rims. It does make a whirring noise when operating at full power and at higher RPM’s but this isn’t any different than comparable products. Being geared, it’s light weight and compact vs. gearless and I noticed a quick-disconnect power plug to make changing flats, truing spokes or adjusting the cassette and derailleur easier. powering the pack is a high-quality Samsung powered 48 volt 10 amp hour battery pack that slides into the rear rack. It’s protected here and looks great (with an integrated rear LED light) but has to be switched on independently and does position more weight towards the back and up high. This isn’t great for balance but does allow the seat to drop lower as mentioned by JP in the video review. I love the 180 mm mechanical disc brakes and the quick release front wheel. If you needed to transport this e-bike by car you could remove the battery and wheel to bring down weight by ~10 lbs and that’s great because at ~57 lbs this isn’t a light build. That’s what happens when you add fenders, chain guard, the longer bars etc. etc.

All in all, I was very impressed with the Newport electric bike. Some of the parts are generic (like the Shimano Tourney derailleur, SIS Index shifters and plastic/aluminum platform pedals but the price is right on… especially considering the year long comprehensive warranty and $150 shipping price within the continental USA. I was told that E-Lux has even shipped internationally to different parts of Europe and it only costs $300. Very cool… My favorite things about this bike are the ability to adjust power output by holding Set and going from Eco to Normal or High. This will let you slow the bike down, extend range and save energy if you’re not in a rush, carrying a heavy load or climbing. I could see the step-thru Newport being a great fit for shorter riders who truly do want to relax and with seven gears to choose from and a more responsive six magnet cadence sensor it works very well for actually pedaling and getting some exercise.


  • More mounting points than any other cruiser I’ve reviewed to date! You get fender bosses, bottle cage bosses and rack bosses including the fork so you could add a basket or pannier racks
  • The Newport comes feature-complete with matching fenders, chain guard, a quality rear rack with pannier guards and integrated LED lights (though the rear light has to be activated separately with a rubber button on the battery pack)
  • E-Lux is a relatively new company but the team members have been working on or using ebikes for over a decade (since 2006) and they offer a solid year long warranty with pro-rated battery replacement for the first three years
  • Lots of fun color choices and the fenders and chain guard are painted to match the frame, I also appreciate the black hub motor, black spokes and matching rims
  • Available in high-step and step-thru frame styles for easier handling and mounting or stiffer frame and easier transport
  • Slightly larger 180 mm disc brake rotor help you stop easier given the mechanical wire operation vs. hydraulic, I like the oversized kickstand for stability and the handlebar is medium width (for a cruiser bar) so it fits in between doors and tight spaces easier but still offers relaxed upright seating
  • Very powerful 500 watt geared hub motor from 8Fun paired with a 48 volt 10 amp hour battery pack using Samsung cells, great choices all around
  • The bike offers throttle-only operation as well as five levels of assist and the throttle overrides at any time, you also get three power output modes (Eco for slower, steadier acceleration up to Power for zippy fast operation)
  • Integrated USB charging port on the display panel could be useful for portable speakers, charging your phone or operating a GPS unit and there’s plenty of room on the bars to mount this kind of stuff
  • The frame is a custom design I haven’t seen before with bottom bracket further forward, the top tube lower (on the high-step model) and includes a nice wire management clip at the head tube as well as integrated cables
  • The slightly wider 2.125″ tires, oversized comfort saddle, ergonomic grips and wider handlebar offer good comfort but you could add a basic suspension seat post to get even more cushion (E-Lux includes one like this on their Tahoe model)
  • E-Lux will ship their bikes anywhere in the continental USA for $150 which isn’t bad at all for something so large and heavy, they will also ship internationally for $300


  • The rear-rack battery design positions weight higher up which impacts balance and increases frame flex but this also allows the seat tube to be mounted at a steeper angle for more relaxed seating and the seat post and saddle can drop lower so it’s a decent trade-off
  • This is a heavier bike due to the included fenders, rack and sweeping bars, it’s actually not too bad for a cruiser and I love that the battery and front wheel can be easily removed for easier transport and storage
  • Limited dealer network at the time of this review (mostly West Coast shops) but apparently E-Lux will ship worldwide so that’s cool
  • The drivetrain is a bit more basic, Shimano Tourney TX are entry level components but you get 7 speeds which is great for relaxed riding around town or at the beach
  • The cadence sensor used on this model has six magnets vs. 10 or 12 on some other models I’ve tried but in practice it was pretty responsive (starts and stops quickly) and the power adjustment can help smooth it out if you feel like it starts too hard at higher levels of assist, go to Eco or Standard by holding Set and entering the display menu
  • The battery pack has to be activated with a toggle switch (underneath towards the back edge) before you can activate the display panel and get riding, this is a two step process that just takes more time and potentially effort if you forget and sit down because it would be difficult to turn around and reach that far while seated

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