E-Lux Tahoe Review

E Lux Tahoe Electric Bike Review
E Lux Tahoe
E Lux Tahoe Bafang Fat Bike Specific 500 Watt Hub Motor
E Lux Tahoe Locking Removable 48 Volt Battery Pack
E Lux Tahoe Black Cruiser Bars Display Lights Button Shifter
E Lux Tahoe Four Led Headlight Wired In
E Lux Tahoe Rack With Pannier Blockers And Bungee Cords
E Lux Tahoe Shimano Tourney Tx 7 Speed Chain Guard
E Lux Tahoe Six Magnet Cadence Sensor Unit
E Lux Tahoe Battery Pack Key Inserted To Power On
E Lux Tahoe Sea Foam Green Step Thru
E Lux Tahoe Electric Bike Review
E Lux Tahoe
E Lux Tahoe Bafang Fat Bike Specific 500 Watt Hub Motor
E Lux Tahoe Locking Removable 48 Volt Battery Pack
E Lux Tahoe Black Cruiser Bars Display Lights Button Shifter
E Lux Tahoe Four Led Headlight Wired In
E Lux Tahoe Rack With Pannier Blockers And Bungee Cords
E Lux Tahoe Shimano Tourney Tx 7 Speed Chain Guard
E Lux Tahoe Six Magnet Cadence Sensor Unit
E Lux Tahoe Battery Pack Key Inserted To Power On
E Lux Tahoe Sea Foam Green Step Thru


  • A unique cruiser style fat ebike with long comfortable handlebars, an oversized saddle with suspension seat post and optional suspension fork (for the high-step model)
  • Paint-matched fenders and chain guard, lots of beautiful color choices (Yellow, Orange, White, Black, Baby Blue, Sea Foam Green, White) and premium leather touch points
  • Complete drive-mode offering with throttle-only, throttle override on assist and five levels of pedal assist with three system power settings (Eco, Normal and Power)
  • Large and heavy at ~77 lbs (35 kg) with no quick release on the wheels, basic drivetrain hardware, the fenders can rattle on trails or bumpy terrain, limited dealer network (but sold globally online)

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Body Position:

Upright Relaxed

Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Cruising, Sand and Snow

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Comprehensive Plus 2 Pro Rated


United States, Worldwide

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

77 lbs (34.92 kg)

Battery Weight:

9.2 lbs (4.17 kg) (Optional 10.4 lb)

Frame Material:

Aluminum Alloy

Frame Sizes:

19.5 in (49.53 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

19.5" Seat Tube, 25.5" Reach, 30.5" High-Step Stand Over Height, 20" Step-Thru Stand Over Height, 81.5" Length

Frame Types:

High-Step, Step-Thru

Frame Colors:

Glossy Black, Matte Black, Gunmetal, Powder Blue, Glossy White, Sea Foam Green, Glossy Orange, Glossy Yellow, Glossy Silver

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid Steel

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

7 Speed 1x7 Shimano Tourney TX

Shifter Details:

Shimano SIS Index


42T Chainring


Plastic and Aluminum Platform




Medium Cruiser, Swept Back, Steel

Brake Details:

Tektro Novella Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Tektro Levers with Motor Inhibitors


Brown Leather Paddedon Step-Thru, Rubber Ergonomic with Lockers


Brown Leather Velo Saddle on Step-Thru, Oversized Comfort with Elastomer Bumpers

Seat Post:

Promax Suspension, Aluminum Alloy

Seat Post Length:

300 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

27.2 mm


Single Walled Wide, Alloy


Stainless Steel, 14 Gauge, Black

Tire Brand:

Rotation, 26" x 4"

Wheel Sizes:

26 in (66.04cm)

Tire Details:

Heavy Duty

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Matching Steel Fenders, Steel Chain Guard, Integrated 4 LED Headlight, Aluminum Carry Rack with Pannier Blockers and Triple Bungee, Oversized Adjustable Length Kickstand, Optional Suspension $200, Optional Hydraulic Front Brake $100, Optional 16 ah Battery Upgrade $200


Locking Removable Battery Pack

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Motor Peak Output:

750 watts

Motor Torque:

80 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

13 ah (Optional 16 ah)

Battery Watt Hours:

624 wh (Optional 768 wh)

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Manganese Oxide

Charge Time:

5.5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

25 miles (40 km)

Estimated Max Range:

40 miles (64 km)

Display Type:

Fixed, Monochrome, Backlit LCD


Battery Level (5 Bars), Voltage, Speed, Odometer, Trip Meter, Assist Level (0-5), Power Level (Eco, Normal, Power), Ride Time, Power Use Meter

Display Accessories:

USB Charging Port, Headlight Button

Drive Mode:

Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle (5 Magnet Pedelec)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

Written Review

The E-Lux Tahoe is a really cool electric bike in my opinion, it’s unique in that it blends the cruiser and fat tire frame styles to create a comfortable, powerful and “go anywhere” platform. With its powerful 500 watt internally geared hub motor (that peaks out around 750 watts and offers ~40 Nm of torque) and its 48 volt 13 or 16 amp hour batteries (for increased range) this ebike is a beast… but it still looks beautiful. The oversized color matched fenders keep you dry and enhance the visual footprint of the bike along with the chain guard. You get a whopping nine frame color choices with a couple of rim color options on the high-step and some different saddle and grip colors on the step-thru.

Many of the little things I grip about on more affordable electric bicycles have been addressed with the Tahoe including bottle cage and rack bosses, throttle override of assist, throttle-only operation and frame stiffness. Both versions of this bike keep battery weight low and centered on the frame but use a classic design called the “Silverfish” that while removable, does not let you take the key out during operation. It’s a minor complaint because the key stays mostly clear of the pedal path and legs and again, it keeps the price reasonable at $2,250. I love that the step-thru frame is reinforced with an extra tube between the top tube and downtube and that both models have mini torque arms on the front fork. The front wheel does not offer quick release like the Newport model but again, the battery pack is removable for reduced weight along with a quick release seat post… and I love the seat post suspension shock that comes standard with the Tahoe. This, combined with the oversized 26″ x 4″ fat tires and the padded saddle, swept back handlebar and ergonomic grips really take the edge off going over bumps or grass as shown in the video review above.

Another area I think E-Lux did well on with this e-bike is the tires. Most electric fat bikes I try are setup like mountain bikes with a more aggressive body geometry and flatter bars. To go along with this style they offer full knobby tires while E-Lux opted for a hybrid of knobby plus a solid stripe down the middle. This reduces noise while riding and improves efficiency. It’s perfect for cruising… but still capable ;) The brakes are solid with 180 mm mechanical disc but you can also upgrade the front to hydraulic for smoother more powerful braking action. The enlarged thumb shifter up front is easy to understand because it has a little window with numbers and can be used while wearing gloves if it’s cold out. Imagine riding through the slush or snow with those fat tires and staying dry because of the fenders… all while shifting with gloves on :D

My final thoughts here are that the display panel, pedal assist and throttle all work together nicely. There is a trade-off in terms of style with the trigger throttle that might not be as comfortable over long distance rides but it’s actually my preference for bumpy terrain because your grip doesn’t become sloppy and impact throttle use. The grips used here are solid with lockers to keep them from spinning and the trigger throttle is easy to reach. So too is the display panel on the left which has a neat integrated USB charging port that could come in handy if you get a rear light… The Tahoe has a nice integrated headlight that operates with the red “Wuxing” branded button near the left grip but you’ll have to get something separate for the back. You could also use the USB port for speakers, your phone or GPS and the display panel is great in that it offers more power adjustment than most others I’ve tested.


  • Unique cruiser style frame with upright geometry and relaxed bars, most of the time these fat-tire ebikes are setup for trail riding and have an aggressive geometry with mid-rise bars
  • The tire tread is a cool hybrid of bumps for traction along the sides and a solid strip down the middle for quieter, smoother riding on paved surfaces
  • Very comfortable, even if you don’t opt for the optional suspension fork (which is a $200 upgrade and only available for the high-step model) the seat post suspension and larger tires soak up the bumps nicely
  • I love that they included bottle cage bosses on both models! An actual bottle cage might stick out on the top tube of the step-thru frame but a folding lock or mini-pump would work well
  • While I didn’t test this bike in sand or snow I’m sure it would perform well given the high power motor and lower weight distribution, it did great crossing grass
  • I love the built-in headlight, it looks nice and improves safety when riding at dawn or dusk, I’d love a back light as well but appreciate the USB charging port on the display which would work nicely with a portable USB light like this
  • The USB charging port on the display panel could also be useful for portable speakers, charging your phone or operating a GPS unit and there’s plenty of room on the bars to mount this kind of stuff
  • Lots of accessories including matching fenders, chain guard, a quality rear rack with pannier guards (standard sized tubing for clip on panniers) and integrated headlight
  • E-Lux is a relatively new company but the team members have been working on or using ebikes for over a decade (since 2006) and they offer a solid year long warranty with pro-rated battery replacement for the first three years
  • Lots of fun color choices and the fenders and chain guard are painted to match the frame, I also appreciate the black hub motor, black spokes and matching rims
  • Available in high-step and step-thru frame styles for easier handling and mounting or stiffer frame and easier transport
  • Slightly larger 180 mm disc brake rotor help you stop easier given the mechanical wire operation, you can upgrade the front brake to hydraulic for increased power and easier activation
  • Very powerful 500 watt geared hub motor from Bafang paired with a 48 volt 13 or 16 amp hour battery pack using Samsung cells, great choices all around and I appreciate the higher capacity option
  • The bike offers throttle-only operation as well as five levels of assist and the throttle overrides at any time, you also get three power output modes (Eco for slower, steadier acceleration up to Power for zippy fast operation)
  • E-Lux will ship their bikes anywhere in the continental USA for $150 which isn’t bad at all for something so large and heavy, they will also ship internationally for $300


  • The fenders are beautiful and provide great coverage for riding in wet conditions but they can also bang around a bit when riding off-road (as demonstrated in the video review above)
  • No quick release on either wheel… this is acceptable given the heavier build just plan on bringing tools if you need to transport it because it’s so large and heavy at ~77 pounds
  • The key has to be left in the battery pack while riding and if you’ve got other keys attached on a keychain they might dangle and chip the frame or snag your pants (my legs stayed pretty clear, most ebikes with this type of battery require that the key be left in)
  • Limited dealer network at the time of this review (mostly West Coast shops) but apparently E-Lux will ship worldwide so that’s cool
  • The drivetrain is a bit more basic, Shimano Tourney TX are entry level components but you get 7 speeds which is great for relaxed riding around town or at the beach
  • The cadence sensor used on this model has six magnets vs. 10 or 12 on some other models I’ve tried but in practice it was pretty responsive (starts and stops quickly) and the power adjustment can help smooth it out if you feel like it starts too hard at higher levels of assist, go to Eco or Standard by holding Set and entering the display menu


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Comments (12) YouTube Comments

8 years ago

Great review Court you really nailed the acceleration of this bike. I test drove one the other day and was surprisingly impressed with the Tahoe’s acceleration up a steep grade. Oh by the way what color is the step through?


Court Rye
8 years ago

Hi Jason! The step-thru model comes in several colors including a sea foam green, powder blue and white (possibly others but I think those are for sure). The company has varying numbers in each color and they are often distributed to dealers so it could be best to ask them directly here.

6 years ago

What is the weight limit for the E Lux Tahoe?

Court Rye
6 years ago

I’m not completely sure but most of the e-bikes I test have a 250 lb weight limit, some have 300 lb limit and the biggest risk seems to be that spokes will get loose or break and that can be time consuming and expensive to repair and re-true. This would be a great question for the E-Lux company directly, please share back here if you find an answer :)

4 years ago

I realize this is kind of old, but I’ve got the E-Lux Tahoe Sport and I’m about 100lbs above that. 1,500 miles and all spokes are good, they’re put in nicely and seem very, very solid.

Sam gagliano
6 years ago

I love my Newport 2018! I bought it 1 month ago and have 150 miles on it.

6 years ago

Sweet! Thanks for the feedback and details, Sam. Wishing you many more happy miles of ebiking :)

Alex Trent
6 years ago

Hi, given that we see you on these bikes be nice to know you height to give some size reference. Specifically… is this the right size bike for 6 foot 3 inch guy? How about the Rad fat tire Radrover… you think that OK… they say on site it can work for up to 6′ 2″

Thanks, great site

6 years ago

Hi Alex! I’m a 5’9″ guy who weighs ~135lbs. The E-Lux models feel a bit larger than the Rad Power Bikes but have a swept-back handlebar vs. more straight with a bit of rise. I think either of these bikes would work for you… I would choose based on the need for fenders or the style and color more than your size. Rad is known for great customer support and E-Lux is known for style and good customer support, but is just a smaller company. If you struggle with leg extension, you can always purchase a longer seat post, and you can swap out the handlebars or add risers for either bike. All of that stuff is for sale on Amazon or with help from a local bike shop. Just make sure you get the correct sizes (I list the details for all of that here but could try to help if you have specific questions). Both companies will probably also offer some help if you express a need for accessory tips.

Melissa Black
3 years ago

I bought the Tahoe step thru from my friend but unfortunately he lost the charger for his battery. Is there a replacement charger I can buy (if so can U tell me the specs I’d need) or do I have to buy a whole new battery?

3 years ago

Hi Melissa! I believe that E-Lux is in business and would be able to sell an official charger for your bike. This is much safer than trying to find a third party charger that could damage the battery pack. Here is the official E-Lux website, which has a contact form and phone number for you!


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