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When E-Lux was founded in 2014, partners Jerry, Josh and JP agreed that the only way to compete in this market would be to excel at those four aspects. Being family owned, operated and having many years of experience in this industry gives E-Lux the ability to do such.

Bringing a different product to the market was key. Our bikes are custom designed by lead engineer, Jerry Bridgeman. Jerry has over 15 years in the electric bike industry. We ensure only the highest quality parts are used in every bike.

Each of our bikes are hand inspected by our quality control partner, JP Blake with visits to the factory before every shipment. We are able to create a community, a community of people that can be proud to say they are a part of the E-Lux Family.

We believe that our personal approach to the process will be the measure of our success. Quality. Customer Service. Community. Different. Explore, with E-Lux!

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E-Lux Newport Review

  • MSRP: $1,895
  • MODEL YEAR: 2016

Feature-complete cruiser style electric bike with a custom frame that brings the pedals forward and keeps the stand-over height low. Great looking paint... you get frame-matched steel fenders and chain guard, I like that the…...

E-Lux Tahoe Review

  • MSRP: $2,250
  • MODEL YEAR: 2016

A unique cruiser style fat ebike with long comfortable handlebars, an oversized saddle with suspension seat post and optional suspension fork (for the high-step model). Paint-matched fenders and chain guard, lots of beautiful color choices (Yellow, Orange, White, Black, Baby…...

E-Lux All-Trac Electric Cruiser Review

  • MSRP: $1,999
  • MODEL YEAR: 2015

An electric fat bike designed for comfortable cruising with large oversized handlebars, a suspension seat post and smoother tires. Basic drivetrain with seven speeds, throttle on demand and five levels of pedal assist, full…...