2013 Easy Motion Neo Jumper Review


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2013, 2014

Neo Jumper


Class 2


Full Suspension



Hydraulic Disc



316.8 Wh

316.8 Wh

48 lbs / 21.79 kgs


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Easy Motion is a division of BH Bicycles which has been around for over 100 years, since 1909. They know how to make pedal power bikes and now they are entering into the ebike scene. The entire line of electric bikes from Easy Motion all use the same battery, motor, controller and LCD computer. This means that finding and replacing parts is easy, the underlying technology has been scrutinized and is being mass produced and the prices are kept relatively low. Now, you may be thinking, $4K is not low! But remember, this is a full suspension mountain bike with front and rear lock out shocks! High end components and high end electric power systems really shine on this ride that’s fully off-road capable and a blast to take out. It’s worth noting real quick that in the years since the original Jumper launched Easy Motion has also begun selling the 650b Jumper which has larger 27.5″ wheels vs. the standard 26″ wheels here.

In terms of power from the battery and motor, this bike is upper middle as compared with other off road bikes. The motor is 350 watt geared which provides extra torque, but in my time riding the throttle mode didn’t feel especially powerful. Pedal assist is much more satisfying because the bike uses a torque sensor. As soon as you pedal, the bike responds and it expends energy to match the force with which you press. Not only does this create a smooth, strong feeling when riding it also extends the life of the battery because you constantly have to pedal in order to keep pedal assist working. For off road riding, this is perfect. You don’t want a delay from when you start pedaling to when the motor kicks in and you do need varying amounts of torque vs. one constant level which is what basic pedelec sensors are limited too providing.

The motor is efficient, quiet and smooth but the battery is what really lets it shine. Running off of Lithium-ion cells from Samsung, it’s packaged into a neatly removable bar that locks to the frame. This is one of the best battery configurations I’ve seen on any bike! I know it looks a lot like the Stromer pack or the one from the Volton Alation but it’s actually way nicer. It offers 36 volts of power and 9 amp hours of range providing up to 40 miles of ride if you use the pedal assist mode. The best part about this battery pack is that it’s swappable with any of the packs from all of Easy Motion’s ebike line. You can also get a replacement for $500 or just keep an extra at the office if your ride is long.

Tying the motor and battery together is a beautiful LCD display unit that includes back lighting! It’s very intuitive, only has three buttons and is removable just like the battery in case you’re worried about theft. This thing displays your speed, remaining battery and four modes of pedal assist. The only drawback to this system is that there’s no regenerative braking. To do that, the bike would have had to swap out the geared hub motor with a gearless one that would offer less torque. That said, OHM has created a beautiful off road ebike that does have regen mode and it’s a similar price, just no dual suspension option there. All in all, I love the display on the Neo Jumper and again, it’s the same as the LCD used on all of the Easy Motion bikes. It also has a built in trip meter for measuring distance.

The supporting systems on this bike all tie together well and feel natural to use. The twist throttle on the right handlebar is intuitive. The hydraulic brakes are easy to pull and provide lots of stopping power with the front and rear disc brakes. They also cut power to the motor when pulled. The gears are changed with rapid fire trigger shifters which I prefer for off road riding vs. twist shifting. The tires have a great tread pattern and are very large and soft for off road riding. Really, this bike could be passed off as a normal mountain bike and it even feels like one when riding. The very low 48lb weight is at the low end of ebikes and it’s a result of the purpose-built frame and battery design. The fact that the battery is mid frame means that weight is kept low and spread evenly across the frame front to rear.

A couple drawbacks to the frame design are the lack of water bottle cage mounts and the challenge of mounting to a hanging style bike rack. There are also no mounting points for fenders or a rear rack… but it is a mountain bike after all. Another drawback is the lack of integrated lights. You’ll have to add your own after market set for riding at night and that’s not terrible but it does mean extra batteries to charge and remember to turn off separately. The other issue I see is that the cables are all exposed at the base of the bottom bracket and while the chain rings and crank arms do provide good protection, I wouldn’t mind a metal cover or something extra to keep them safe.

In closing, this is a sweet full suspension mountain bike… that is also electric. It looks great, is relatively light, rides smooth and provides the option to lock out including a button placed right on the handlebar for locking the front shock. It’s a high end ride that really delivers an experience that matches the aesthetic of the design. While it isn’t the highest torque offering and might not satisfy going up hills with throttle only, the pedal assist mode works very well and the overall feel is balanced and solid.


  • Integrated wires stay out of the way and look great
  • Purpose-built frame and battery pack look so good and distribute weight well, keeping center of gravity low
  • One of the very few full suspension mountain bikes, very solid design
  • LCD computer unit is very intuitive and removable for safe storage
  • Battery pack mounts to downtube, mates well with frame so there’s no rattling
  • Hydraulic disc brakes provide lots of stopping power, are easy to pull with just one or two fingers when riding trails, the levers also cut power to the motor
  • Torque sensors in the hub motor offer smooth, consistent power in pedal assist mode
  • Oversized tires soak up bumps and provide great traction on trails
  • Shimano rings and derailleurs are high quality, 27 speeds to choose from for steep climbs
  • Lockout trigger for front shock mounted on right handlebar, very convenient
  • Heavy duty 13 gauge spokes and double walled alloy rims


  • No extra mounting points available for fenders, rear rack or water bottle cage
  • 350 watt motor doesn’t feel very strong in throttle-only mode, works well in pedal assist though
  • No built in lights, have to add your own and run off separate batteries
  • High price point considering you can buy a solid dual suspension mountain bike and build your own ebike kit with BionX kit
  • Wheels are 26″ vs. 29″ so they don’t provide the same rolling inertia and bump mitigation but the shocks help on the second point

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