2013 Easy Motion Neo 650B Jumper Review


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Neo 650B Jumper


Class 2


Full Suspension



Hydraulic Disc



316.8 Wh

316.8 Wh

52 lbs / 23.61 kgs


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The original Neo Jumper is one of my all time favorite electric bikes. It’s fast, comfortable and offers both pedal assist and throttle mode. The primary difference between it and the new 650b model are larger 27.5″ wheels (versus 26″) that offer improved rolling efficiency over bumps and cracks. With remote lockout on its RockShox suspension fork, 30 speed Shimano XT drivetrain and Auriga hydraulic disc brakes this is a high performance machine. Having used mine primarily for commuting purposes (to reduce back and neck pain vs. a hardtail or road bike) I love the ability to ride off curbs and take dirt paths for a more scenic route. With that said, this ebike is definitely capable of true off-road riding and the excellent warranty provides peace of mind.

The motor in the 650b Jumper is a direct current, planetary geared, 350 watt design mounted in the rear wheel. It’s light weight, at about seven pounds, and narrow enough to accommodate a 10 speed cassette inline. The downside to this configuration is increased unsprung weight (weight that is not part of the main frame which has springs between it and the wheels). This hampers the rebound speed of the rear wheel because the increased mass takes longer to bounce back into contact with the ground as the rear shock compresses and then uncompresses. It also puts more weight towards the rear of the bike versus the center. With that said, it’s definitely quieter than mid drive designs I’ve tried, less expensive, more powerful feeling and it doesn’t interact with rider-powered gears which means you can pedal at whatever cadence you’d like and the motor keeps driving at a high level.

The battery powering this bike uses Lithium-ion cells produced by Samsung and is custom designed to mate with the downtube. It looks beautiful, keeps weight low and centered and is removable for convenient charging. Actually… you have to remove the battery to charge it. That’s one of the downsides here (for someone who keeps their bike parked inside), along with the lack of water bottle cage mounting points. In 2014 Easy Motion began producing a larger capacity 36 volt 12 amp hour battery pack and it works with the 650b Jumper as well as all other Neo electric bikes. I appreciate how the company has invested in both improving the technology and keeping it backwards compatible.

The display and computer console on this bike is intuitive to use and easy to reach when riding. Just as the remote lockout for the front shock is reachable without moving a hand, so to is the on/off switch and up/down buttons controlling pedal assist. There are four modes to choose from with each offering more power and requiring more energy (shortening potential range). The LCD unit is removable to prevent tampering and comes with a nice fabric case. It shows speed, range, assist level and precise battery capaicity; it’s also backlit.

Everyone I’ve met who rides the Neo line of electric bikes comes away impressed. I know the motor size sounds a bit small but it’s actually quite powerful and very efficient. This is a bike meant for riding and the torque sensing assist makes you feel like a super hero. I almost can’t believe that Easy Motion has two full suspension models but that’s a testament to how popular they have become. This is the bike most often displayed in shop windows that gets customers excited to come in. It’s not cheap but you get a lot of value for the money with high end components and a refined build.


  • Solid two year warranty on the battery pack and up to five year warranty on the bike if you register online
  • LCD computer unit is backlit, easy to reach, simple to understand, well sealed against water and dust, does not require separate batteries, is removable and includes woven pouch
  • Four levels of torque sensing pedal assist (Eco at 70%, Standard at 140%, Sport at 200% and Boost at 300% rider input) are responsive, smooth, efficient and great for climbing
  • Twist throttle mode makes starting from rest easy, rides like a scooter
  • Hiqh quality Shimano Deore XT offers 30 speeds for climbing or bombing hills
  • Integrated battery design looks great and keeps weight low and centered on the frame
  • Wires and cables are all integrated into the frame keeping them out of sight and out of harms way
  • One of very few full suspension electric bikes available that I’ve seen, unique 27.5″ wheel size
  • Front and rear suspension feature lockout for improved efficiency on hard flat surfaces


  • No water bottle cage bosses or braze ons, may have to add an aftermarket solution or use a CamelBak
  • Battery must be unlocked and taken completely off the frame for charging
  • No indicator for when battery is locked or unlocked on the frame, could make it easier to forget and fall off
  • No kickstand included and it’s tricky to find one that will work given the full suspension frame
  • More unsprung weight than a mid-drive electric bike, especially relevant with rear suspension: slower rebound, less traction
  • I’ve been told that the production version of the 650b jumper does not come with a remote suspension lockout as shown in the video here, this may have been pulled by Easy Motion

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