2016 ElectroBike Seal Review


Technical Specs & Ratings





Class 2


Front Suspension



Mechanical Disc



360 Wh

360 Wh

63 lbs / 28.60 kgs


Flat Aluminum Alloy

Ergonomic Stitched

EXA Form 525 Suspension


Selle Royal Freedom

Aluminum Alloy Platform, FP-992

Mechanical Disc

Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Front Rotor and 160 mm Rear Rotor, Tektro Levers with Motor Inhibitors


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The ElectroBike Seal is my least favorite model in the Electro Bike family because it’s the most expensive but doesn’t deliver the performance it could. It offers a gearless direct drive motor that’s louder than I expected (given that there are no moving parts inside) and the battery powering it is average in terms of both power and size so you’re missing out on the potential and really just adding weight (gearless motors are larger and heavier than gearless). The frame is eye catching but not my favorite because the single-tube design sacrifices in the way of stiffness and again adds weight because it’s reinforced, not having supporting tubes.

This isn’t a bad electric bike, I just feel it’s overpriced and have many gripes about things like having to leave the key in the battery while riding, being fitted with basic more slippery pedals, short fenders that stick out more (and in fact block the rear light) and not having any rack mounting points or bottle cage bosses. You get pedal assist and throttle mode here but the throttle power output is pegged to the pedal assist levels and there is no throttle-only mode. The cadence sensor that activates the motor only uses five magnets making it slow to respond when you start and stop pedaling and the drivetrain uses a very basic Shimano Tourney derailleur. This thing is almost $2k and there are lots of other choices with similar entry-level parts that deliver a better experience.

In the video I talked about the rear light which activates when you pull either brake lever and it also responds to a daylight sensor so it will be constantly on when it’s dark out or covered. I took a moment to share some cool bar end signal lights from a company called CYCL which you can visit at http://www.cycl.bike/. The product is called WingLights and I feel like they would be useful on a bike like this that seems to be setup for city riding… the downside is that the handle bar was too narrow so the Wing Lights didn’t fit in (their smaller mounter might solve this). I also interviewed a couple of customers at the ElectroBike store in Santa Monica who were impressed with the Seal model (because it is more powerful) but said it was a bit tall for them. This bike only comes in one frame size which I’d call medium and the top tube is slightly lower but still may be uncomfortable for petite riders. You get three color choices (white, black or red) and I like that the battery matched.


  • I like the color matched battery pack, it looks better than a shiny metal pack that I see frequently in similar orientation but might not be as tough since the casing is plastic
  • The hub motor, spokes, fenders and other accessories are all black which blend in nicely, the power cables running from the console up front are also black but they are strung through the frame for an even nicer look (and less chance of snagging)
  • The integrated rear brake light is pretty cool… it activates when you pull either brake lever and runs off the main battery! It even has a light sensor built in so it should come on automatically when it gets dark outside. The downside here is that it’s partially blocked by the rear fender and you don’t get a headlight to go with it, consider something affordable and rechargeable to attach on the handlebar like this
  • The tires are awesome, they felt thick and oversized like they would hold up against thorns better than standard tires (but they probably add weight to the bike)
  • I love that you get a quality gel saddle, suspension fork and seat post shock plus ergonomic grips because the body position is a bit more forward and that can lead to a stiff neck and back over longer rides, I’m surprised the suspension fork doesn’t have lockout adjust because this is more of an urban style bike
  • ElectroBike has been around since 2012 and has dealerships in both Mexico and the United States, you can test ride and even rent their bicycles and they offer a solid one year warranty, they also sell online and shipping is only $50 in the continental USA
  • The frame is more of a mid-step vs. true high-step triangle shape so it’s easier to mount and stand over at stop lights or stop signs
  • You get seven speeds to pedal with which is enough for cruising around town and climbing hills, I like that the front chainring has a plastic guide to reduce chain drops and keep your pants clear of grease and snags
  • The Seal features one of my favorite LCD displays from the Electro Bike family of e-bikes because it’s small but easy to read and reach while riding and it’s backlit
  • I love that they chose to use larger 180 mm mechanical disc brakes vs. 160 mm on the Cross model because this is a heavier and slightly more powerful bike


  • I’m usually not a huge fan of this frame style because it can flex side to side and tends to be heavier, it looks cool as a single tube but the trade offs aren’t worth it for going on trails or off-road, since the Seal is more of a city ebike it’s less of an issue
  • Despite being a gearless, direct drive motor, I noticed zinging (possibly the disc brake) and more whirring while operating the Seal than with other motors like those from Pedego, Stromer or Specialized
  • The fenders or “mud flaps” as I’ve heard them called, are more basic and don’t offer the same protection against water that tighter full-length fenders would, the front fender actually sticks out a bit and might be easier to clip with your toe when turning and pedaling simultaneously
  • No bottle cage bosses or rack mounts on this ebike… you might be able to use a beam rack on the seat post but keep in mind, this will push the seat up given the integrated suspension element which also takes room and you’ll have to swivel the rack or completely remove the rack whenever you want to take the battery off for charging so a quick release beam rack like this might make the most sense
  • The cadence sensor for pedal assist is very basic with only five magnets for the sensor to activate with, this means that you have to pedal more before the motor starts and wait longer for it to stop… thankfully the brake levers appear to have inhibitors to stop the motor more quickly in moments of urgency
  • I’m not sure if the pedals are plastic or what but they felt slippery to me, the surface area is great and they look nice in all black but I’d probably replace them with something like this that actually has metal set screws for use in wet environments especially
  • Even though this is a 500 watt bike (the motor is 500 watts so it’s supposed to be stronger) the battery is average sized at 36 volts 10 amp hours so you’re not getting the power or range that the price would lead you to believe, in my opinion it’s kind of expensive at nearly $2k
  • Lots of generic parts being used on this electric bike including the grips which feel very firm, the pedals, the motor and even the battery cells are kind of unknown and the drivetrain is Shimano Tourney which is entry level
  • Throttle power is limited by the level of pedal assist you choose (0-5) and there’s no throttle-only drive mode, in my experience this leads to uncomfortable moments where you forget about assist and unintentionally activate the motor at full power because of a few pedal sub conscious strokes
  • The key has to be inserted into the battery pack in order to operate the electronic systems which means they might jingle or get in the way, at least the key folds in this case and there is only one slot vs. some of the other ElectroBikes which have two locks (added weight and complexity)

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