Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd Review

Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd Electric Bike Review 1
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd 350 Watt Hub Motor
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd Lithium Battery
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd J Lcd Console
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd Suntour Suspension Lockout
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd Shimano Cassette
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd Electric Bike Review 1
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd 350 Watt Hub Motor
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd Lithium Battery
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd J Lcd Console
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd Suntour Suspension Lockout
Emazing Bike Apollo 93pd Shimano Cassette


  • Well priced, very light weight for a hardtail mountain-style ebike, great 5 year warranty
  • Drive system uses a combination of cadence sensing and torque sensing for responsiveness
  • Capable off road with suspension fork, knobby tires, 29er wheels and durable bash guard
  • Available in three frame sizes for improved fit and ride quality, feels natural to pedal

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Emazing Bike


Apollo 93pd


$2,399 USD

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Trail

Electric Bike Class:

Pedal Assist (Class 1)
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1 Year Comprehensive


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

40 lbs (18.14 kg)

Battery Weight:

4.5 lbs (2.04 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Frame Sizes:

18.5 in (46.99 cm)19.3 in (49.02 cm)20.5 in (52.07 cm)

Frame Types:


Frame Fork Details:

SR Suntour XCR Suspension with Lockout

Gearing Details:

9 Speed 1x9 Shimano Altus

Shifter Details:

Triggers on Right Bar


Aluminum Alloy Platform


Low Rise

Brake Details:

Hydraulic Disc, Tektro Levers with Motor Cutoff


Flat, Rubber

Tire Brand:

Kenda Kozmir Lite II

Wheel Sizes:

29 in (73.66cm)

Tube Details:

Presta Valve


Single Sided Kickstand, Thick Plastic Bash Guard on Front Chain Ring


Removable Battery Pack

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
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Motor Nominal Output:

350 watts

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

8.7 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

313.2 wh

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Nickel Oxide

Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

40 miles (64 km)

Estimated Max Range:

50 miles (80 km)

Display Type:

Monochrome Digital Display by J-LCD


Speed, Odometer, Battery Level, Time, Assist Level (1-5)

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad

Drive Mode:

Advanced Pedal Assist (TMM4 Cadence Sensor and Torque Sensor)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

Written Review

The Apollo 93pd is my favorite electric bike from Emazing Bike. It’s clean, light weight and rugged. The larger 350 watt motor is powerful for accelerating and climbing but still efficient and light weight. To me, this bike just feels good and the suspension fork and larger 29er wheels with knobby tires are a big part of that. I’ve always preferred hardtail mountain bikes for city commuting because they can handle curbs and a bit of trail riding when the occasion calls. The only downside is they aren’t as efficient to pedal. That issue is really solved with electric bikes thanks to the motorized drive system and the Apollo 93pd does it right. It looks clean and blends in, offers a unique pedal assist with cadence and torque sensing and the controls are easy to understand and use. The price is also pretty decent for a fully built electric bike with a five year warranty (one year on battery).

Driving this ebike is a 350 watt geared rear-mounted hub motor. It’s relatively quiet but offers good torque, especially combined with the pedal assist options. There are five levels of power to choose from with each step increasing the motor output but also using more energy. It’s satisfying to use and quickly reaches the 20mph top speed even at level 3. While there are many mid-drive electric mountain bikes coming out these days which tend to be more efficient and make wheel and tire maintenance easier, I appreciate the zippy feel of the hub motor for light trail riding. It’s nice that it powers the wheel independently from the rider (who uses the chain and gears). In my experience this lets you pick your own cadence and shift more easily. It’s not perfect for every application but it’s easy to appreciate here, especially at this price point.

The battery pack is mounted in an aluminum canister with plastic clips at either end. It includes a lock and can be removed easily for charging on or off the bike. The big downside is that it takes up the spot where a water bottle might otherwise sit and during my tests it did rattle a bit but overall it’s pretty good. The pack is relatively low and centered on the frame for improved balance when riding. It provides 36 volts of power and 9.3 amp hours of capacity which is about average. Given the light weight of the bike and the pedal assist only drive mode, it will take you quite far. I enjoyed riding this bike around even without the battery and I like that it blends in so nicely… If you ever ran out of juice it wouldn’t be too hard to make it home on human-only power or just ditch the pack temporarily for some short distance pedaling fun.

The computer console on this bike is small, easy to see and conveniently placed with external buttons that are positioned right next to the left handle grip. It’s great but my one ask would be for an option to remove the screen so people couldn’t mess with it at bike racks and stuff. It uses a monochrome LCD that shows speed, distance and precise battery capacity which is great for longer rides.

Other great features on the Emazing Bike Apollo include a solid plastic bash guard to protect the front ring during actual off road riding and hydraulic disc brakes. I guess it just reminds me of all the fun I had with my old non-electric hardtail growing up. It felt like I could go anywhere with that bike and it was clean, simple and tough. Compared with many other off-road electric bikes this one is priced well and the warranty is pretty solid. The company is responsive the fact that they offer it in three frame sizes means you can actually get comfortable and enjoy pedaling along. This is a fun ebike.


  • Extremely light weight at ~40 pounds (depending on frame size)
  • Larger 29″ wheels create rolling efficiency and smooth out cracks and bumps
  • Knobby tires and suspension fork are good for off road riding, lockout creates efficiency on flats
  • Battery pack is removable for convenient charging on or off the bike
  • Relatively affordable with mid-level components that should hold up well
  • Available in three frame sizes including S, M,and L for a great fit
  • Feels good to pedal, designed for active riding and a more aggressive body position
  • Frame manufactured in Taiwan, company has 50 years of experience
  • Nickle Magnesium Cobalt battery chemistry offers high energy density, also durable for 1,000+ charge cycles if maintained properly
  • Available in black, clean frame design looks nice and blends in
  • Large plastic bash guard on front chain ring protects the sprocket and keeps pants from getting snagged
  • Uses a combination of torque and cadence sensing for smoother electric assist
  • Computer is simple to understand and use, buttons are easy to reach and rubberized for protection against dust and water
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are strong but don’t require much effort to operate, great for trail riding


  • No mounting points for water bottle cage, space is occupied by battery pack
  • Canister style battery pack can rattle when riding over cracks and bumps
  • The 93pd offers pedal assist only, no twist or trigger throttle


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Comments (7) YouTube Comments

10 years ago

This looks like it might be the right Bike for me. Wondering if they might have upgraded the battery to a 48volt? Excellect review. I wonder why there’s been no feedback from others about this bike? I don’t know if the nearest dealer has one … sigh, so many options!

P.S. They’re all “sold out” at the emazing website ;-)

Court Rye
10 years ago

Yeah, there are quite a few options out there… I haven’t seen this bike in the wild at very many shops (just the Electric Bicycle Outlet in San Francisco). It was solid and well priced, I think you can find more dealers on the Emazing Bike website linked above. Interesting that they are sold out, maybe they are updating the design with more units on the way?

10 years ago

I like the idea of this bike for it’s low weight, simple design and non-dependence on a throttle (keeps the biker peddling). I am concerned with the thought of 36v versus 48v – and have NO idea if I would be needing the added voltage. 36v might just be enough to “help me” power up hills -but not do it for me.

I did see the bike on-line for sale, but did send an mail to Emazing and asked that same question. Is there some way to mount a rear rack on this bike? Thanks Court.

10 years ago

Court, you are most helpful! Thank you for your time!

I have more research to do, but my choices have narrowed to this bike, the Voltom 500 or the Volton mid-drive. Still waiting anxiously for your review of the Alation mid-drive ;-)

10 years ago

I’m having FUN looking at the racks … So, for the same price range as this Apollo, could you suggest I look at a few other mountain bikes with and without mid-drive? I’m sure the list is endless, feels a little overwhelming lol

Court Rye
10 years ago

Hi Adora, depending on your weight and intended use the 36 volt will work fine. That’s the model I would go with because it’s cheaper and lighter weight (I’m pretty active and only weigh ~135 pounds). I hope Emazing Bike is able to help you find one nearby but ordering online isn’t so bad considering their five year warranty.

You can definitely mount a rack on this thing but probably have to go for a beam rack like this because there aren’t any braze ons along the chain stays and the brakes use disc which may crowd the dropout area where a more traditional rack like this would connect. Just looking at the pictures of the bike and considering the larger 29er wheels I might go with the A Type rack because it sort of angles up to keep the rack away from the rear wheel (here’s some more info on it). I have this exact rack on my mountain bike and it works pretty well. I also bought the sidebar blocker thing so I can use panniers.

Court Rye
10 years ago

Hey Adora, I’d love to dig in with you but am a bit limited on time right now. All of the eMountain bikes I’ve reviewed can be found here and you could always pose this question in the forums here to get some well rounded feedback :)


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