A2B Kuo Review

A2b Kuo Electric Bike Review 1
A2b Kuo
A2b Kuo 250 Watt Motor
A2b Kuo 24 Volt Battery
A2b Kuo Light And Computer
A2b Kuo Folded Side
A2b Kuo Folded
A2b Kuo Folding Lock
A2b Kuo Electric Bike Review 1
A2b Kuo
A2b Kuo 250 Watt Motor
A2b Kuo 24 Volt Battery
A2b Kuo Light And Computer
A2b Kuo Folded Side
A2b Kuo Folded
A2b Kuo Folding Lock


  • Light weight, affordable and feature rich with fenders, light and computer
  • Offers both twist throttle and pedal assist mode for increased range
  • Overall ride quality suffers from soft folding pedals and shorter crank arms

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$1,399 USD

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Travel

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
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5 Year Frame, 2 Year Electronics and Battery


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

39.5 lbs (17.91 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Geometry Measurements:

Folded Dimensions 12" x 25" x 33"

Frame Types:

Mid-Step, Folding

Frame Colors:

Black, White, Silver

Frame Fork Details:


Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

7 Speed 1x7 Shimano Tourney

Shifter Details:

Triggers on Right Bar


Folding Plastic, Platform


Folding Quick Release



Brake Details:

Tektro V-Brakes


Velo Plush

Tire Brand:

20" x 1.95"

Wheel Sizes:

20 in (50.8cm)

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Front and Rear Fenders, LED Lights (Independent Batteries), Adjustable Kickstand, Metal Bash Guard, Newer Models Include Carry Rack and Ergonomic Grips


Removable Battery Pack

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
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Motor Nominal Output:

250 watts

Battery Voltage:

24 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

9 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

216 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

3 hours

Estimated Min Range:

20 miles (32 km)

Estimated Max Range:

25 miles (40 km)

Display Type:

Monochrome LCD Display on Left Bar


Speed, Odometer, Battery Level

Drive Mode:

Torque Sensing Pedal Assist, Twist Throttle

Top Speed:

15.5 mph (25 kph)

Written Review

The Kuo is the first folding electric bike in the A2B lineup of electric bikes but in truth, it’s actually the re-branded F4W Edge. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, A2B and F4W were merged into Hero Eco in 2011 and both have benefitted from lower prices, broader distribution and upgraded parts.The Kuo offers great features, a solid warranty and comes at a decent price point.

The Kuo, like most folding electric bikes, doesn’t offer a whole lot of power. It’s got a 250 watt geared hub motor in the rear that runs off of a 24 volt 9 amp hour Lithium-ion battery pack. If you’re a larger rider or someone who expects this to push you up hills without pedaling along then you’ll be disappointed. That said, it works well on the flats and is better than having no motor at all, especially because it’s relatively lightweight at just under 40lbs and offers both twist throttle and pedal assist!

This isn’t the kind of bike you’d want to ride for long distances, but that’s not really the point right? This will get you to and from the train, bus, subway etc. and be easy to fold up and carry onboard. Note that because the pedals fold up they aren’t as stiff and solid as normal metal pedals and the crank arms are shorter so you don’t get as much power with each push. This is true of most folding ebikes but still worth mentioning. On the plus side, the battery pack is well protected and very easy to remove making the bike even lighter to lift if you’re a smaller person. Note that you can charge the battery on or off the bike.

The Kuo folds easily and includes a magnetic clasp to keep it from coming undone during transport. The v-brakes offer decent stopping power and are appropriate for a smaller bike, keeping the overall price lower than if they would have gone with disc brakes. I like the kickstand they chose as it stays out of the way when riding. The fenders also work well and don’t make too much noise. All in all, this bike offers a lot of value and comes at a good price. A2B has a solid reputation and even though the Kuo is brand new to their line, it has actually benefitted from being around as the F4W Edge for many years.


  • Has holes for mounting a water bottle cage
  • Includes fenders to keep you dry when riding in wet conditions
  • don’t have to leave the keys in when riding
  • Magnetic clasp keeps the bike folded for easier transport
  • Plastic chain guide on front ring keeps chain aligned and pants clean
  • Offers twist throttle and pedal assist mode for extended range and hill climbing, can both be used at the same time
  • Battery is very easy to remove and can be charged on or off the bike
  • Good price with a solid warranty on the frame and battery pack


  • Pedals aren’t very stiff (since they also fold up)
  • Crank arms are shorter, aren’t as comfortable to pedal as a normal sized bike
  • Overall ride quality suffers from this being a folding bike, wouldn’t want to use for long distances
  • Weaker motor and battery won’t push you up hills or offer as much strength for larger riders
  • No rear light
  • Computer is separate after-market vs. integrated
  • Cables aren’t integrated into the frame, messier looking


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Comments (7) YouTube Comments

10 years ago

Mudguards? Not present on the UK version. WHich is stupid as we really need them with our weather…

Magnetic clasp holding the bike folded? Sorry, can’t find it at all…

Chain ring n the front gear is not enough, needs to be a proper full length chain gaurd…. When folded and trying to pick it up, the chain is exposed and will get your clothes dirty…

otherwise, I’m having fun with mine. Got some decent pannier backets to got with the aftermarket pannier rack and also got a trailer to tow behind for a proper weekly shop.. :) I can easily get to my local supermarket and back up the hill with my weekly shopping in tow on less than a full charge using the Hard setting ( 2.3 miles there, 2 3 miles back)

Court Rye
10 years ago

Hey Paul! I’m glad to hear the Kuo is working for you but bummed that it doesn’t come with the same accessories as the US version I reviewed. Thanks for the heads up and the quick testimonial :)

9 years ago

Paul: I’m looking for panniers to go with my Kuo. What brand and size did you get?

9 years ago

Well, it seems like there are 2 models, Kuo and Kuo+, the cheaper Kuo (which Im about to buy) doesnt have the magnetic thing nor the mudguard, perhaps your site should specify this!

Court Rye
9 years ago

Great feedback Angel! I tried these two models quite a ways apart and appreciate your clarification on these extra differences between the two :)

8 years ago

Hi, I really need your help, I purchased a fast4ward egde ebike that I believe is the same model as the kuo. After left unused for one month, now every time I use the bike it turns off after 5 minutes of riding. The battery reminds full charged. I just realized that the computer screen has a voltage reader. At the beginning is 38.7V; but when the motor starts then the number goes down, 36,35, 34 … when it arrives at 33.5V the motor and the screen shuts off. I have to restart the battery again in order to get power. Hope you can help me. Thanks, Hector

Court Rye
8 years ago

Hi Hector! Bummer to hear that your bike is having some issues :/ I have heard that over time batteries can wear out and that it can be dangerous to mess around with them too much… like some people try to overcharge or reverse charge them and that can result in fires. I think your best bet would be to search for a replacement (perhaps directly from Fast4Ward or the shop you bought it at) and if that doesn’t work contact a company that repacks batteries. I wrote an article about it here, hope this helps! Sometimes it’s cheaper to simply start from scratch with a new bike unfortunately.


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