Ariel Rider N-Class Review

Ariel Rider N Class Electric Bike Review
Ariel Rider N Class
Ariel Rider N Class Avid Bb7 Mechanical Disc Brakes
Ariel Rider N Class Ebike Battery Charging Port Ignition Key
Ariel Rider N Class Cruiser Bars Twist Throttle
Ariel Rider N Class Ebike Display Panel Backlit Fixed
Ariel Rider N Class 42 Tooth Chainring Bash Guard
Ariel Rider N Class Custom Leather Saddle Sprung
Ariel Rider N Class Custom Springer Fork Cst Maxxis Balloon Tires
Ariel Rider N Class Spanninga Vena Brake Light
Ariel Rider N Class Electric Bike Shimano Altus 7 Speed
Ariel Rider N Class Beige Black Red Cover Colors
Ariel Rider N Class Custom Battery Box Cover
Ariel Rider N Class Ebike Battery Charger
Ariel Rider N Class Electric Bike Review
Ariel Rider N Class
Ariel Rider N Class Avid Bb7 Mechanical Disc Brakes
Ariel Rider N Class Ebike Battery Charging Port Ignition Key
Ariel Rider N Class Cruiser Bars Twist Throttle
Ariel Rider N Class Ebike Display Panel Backlit Fixed
Ariel Rider N Class 42 Tooth Chainring Bash Guard
Ariel Rider N Class Custom Leather Saddle Sprung
Ariel Rider N Class Custom Springer Fork Cst Maxxis Balloon Tires
Ariel Rider N Class Spanninga Vena Brake Light
Ariel Rider N Class Electric Bike Shimano Altus 7 Speed
Ariel Rider N Class Beige Black Red Cover Colors
Ariel Rider N Class Custom Battery Box Cover
Ariel Rider N Class Ebike Battery Charger


  • A powerful electric cruiser with unique battery box design reminiscing of vintage motorcycles, three color choices for the box, fenders and chain guard including red, black and beige
  • Integrated LED lights by Spanninga, comfortable CST balloon tires with reflective sidewall stripes and a generic flick bell are included standard which improve visibility and safety
  • Powerful 500 watt geared motor, large 48 volt battery and adjustable speed settings (password protected) make this a versatile platform, solid 160 mm mechanical disc brakes with motor inhibitors stop well
  • The battery pack is not designed to be removable for charging off the bike or reducing weight during transport and the weight is a bit higher than a downtube or seat tube pack

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Ariel Rider




$2,899 (Premium Model $3,099)

Body Position:

Upright Relaxed

Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Cruising

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2), Moped or Motorcycle (Class 4)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Battery, 2 Year Motor/Controller, 5 Year Frame


United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, United Arab Emirates

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

62.5 lbs (28.34 kg)

Battery Weight:

7 lbs (3.17 kg)

Motor Weight:

8.37 lbs (3.79 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum Alloy, Double Heat Treated T4 and T6

Frame Sizes:

20 in (50.8 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

20" Seat Tube, 26" Reach, 32" Stand Over Height, 74" Length

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

Beige, Red, Black

Frame Fork Details:

Custom Made Springer Style, 10 mm Bolt Skewer

Frame Rear Details:

10 mm Bolt Skewer

Attachment Points:

Fender Bosses

Gearing Details:

7 Speed 1x7 Shimano Altus, CS HG20-7, 11-36T

Shifter Details:

Shimano SIS Index


Prowheel 244A-2, 42T Chainring with Alloy Bash Guard


Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform, B087DU


Neco 3510


Promax MA-525 Adjustable Angle


Zoom Cruiser, 25" Width

Brake Details:

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc with 160 mm Rotors, Easy Adjust Calipers, Artek Levers with Motor Inhibitors


Custom Hand Stitched Leather with Lockers


Custom Leather, Sprung (Optional Velo Extra-Wide Plush Plus, Sprung)

Seat Post:

Promax Aluminum Alloy, Tapered

Seat Post Length:

300 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

27.2 mm


Double Walled Aluminum Alloy


Stainless Steel 13G

Tire Brand:

CST Maxxis, 26" x 2.35"

Wheel Sizes:

26 in (66.04cm)

Tire Details:

Reflective Sidewall Stripe, 22-60 PSI

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Paint-Matched Full Length Composite Fenders with Mud Flaps, Paint Matched Composite Chain Guard, Flick Bell on Right, Integrated LED Lights Front: Spanninga Swing 40 LUX Back: Spanninga Vena, Aluminum Alloy Bash Guard


2 Amp Charger 1.1 lb with Cell Balancing, IP56 Water Resistant Controller, Honeycomb Battery Cell Layout (Avoids Short Circuits and Stays Cool)

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Motor Peak Output:

700 watts

Motor Torque:

48 Newton meters

Battery Brand:

Samsung 29E

Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

11.6 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

556.8 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

25 miles (40 km)

Estimated Max Range:

40 miles (64 km)

Display Type:

Fixed, Backlit LCD Console on Left


Speed, Battery Capacity (5 Bars), Assist Level (0-6), Trip Meter, Odometer, Average Speed, Max Speed (Hold Plus Button to Activate Lights)

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle, Torque Sensing Pedal Assist (12 Magnet Sensor)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph) (Up to 28 MHP Unlocked)

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Written Review

The N-Class is Ariel Rider’s top of the line offering with the most integrated aesthetic and a special option to customize the top tube battery box. I struggled to grasp what the bike would be like before seeing it in person, the top part is all plastic (aside from the surrounding tubing), is dyed completely through and is made from durable scratch resistant polycarbonate. This approach strikes a balance between reduced weight, increased strength and a nice aesthetic reminiscent of the popular Sondors bikes but much higher quality. This platform is very strong, fast, offers pedal assist with twist throttle override and even has integrated lights. You get a seven speed Shimano Altus drivetrain (a step up from entry level) and an impressive two year warranty on most of the bike with one year on the battery. My only complaint or question mark is that the battery is not removable. Considering the 62.5 pound (28 kg) weight this would have been a nice feature for transporting the bike as the pack weighs ~7 lbs on its own. Also, not having a removable battery means you’ll have to park the N-Class near an outlet every time it needs a fill-up and that could be difficult if you’re using it to commute.

In practice, the Ariel Rider N and W Class electric bikes I tested were more geared towards neighborhood “fun” riding. They don’t have racks or even rack bosses and you don’t even get a bottle cage mounting point. It wouldn’t be an ideal commuting platform but that’s not what it’s about and frankly, with a backpack on you’d fare pretty well because of the power and range on offer. The motor is a 500 watt internally geared hub mounted in the rear wheel. It’s made by Dapu that’s a solid brand in my experience and the battery is 48 volt 11.6 amp hours for more than a half kilowatt of capacity. It’s arranged to support more power and speed than efficiency but if you ride in a lower assist level there’s no reason it won’t take you 30+ miles. The best features of this bike for me were how it looks, the speed adjustability built into the display (password protected) and how comfortable it rides. With large balloon tires, a custom sprung saddle and cruiser bars (with padded leather grips) the strain of bumps and cracks are significantly reduced. Note that the custom springer fork really doesn’t travel much so if you’re willing to trade style for more comfort then consider the Comfort model vs. Premium I reviewed. It costs less and uses a different (but still comfortable) saddle and comes with a basic oil suspension fork.

Ariel Rider is a company that dates back to 2010, having been rebranded after 2014 as the founding team expanded internationally. Today their products are sold in 26 countries which is very impressive to me. The N-Class is being used by some businesses and fancy hotel chains due to its brandable customizable battery box. The company name “Ariel Rider” is a nod to Ariel Motorcycles, a company dating back to 1870, which was an innovator in British motorcycle design that eventually spun off into cars. Interestingly, the Ariel name has been taken up by a modern sports car producer called Ariel Ltd in much the same way that Ariel Rider uses it. So the point here is that these are all distinct entities, each building on a long heritage of innovation and style, paying homage if you will. Aesthetics are a huge draw with the W-Class and touch points like the custom leather saddle, locking leather grips, color matched fenders, chain guard and sturdy black pedals bring it home for me. I went into this review impressed but curious about the width of the oversized top tube battery bay and came away convinced that it all works together well for a good ride experience… though I wish the key did not have to be left in when riding.

To operate the bike you charge the battery using a nice, light weight 2 amp charger then press the power button on their LCD console for a couple of seconds. It blinks to life and you see speed, assist level and battery level among range and other ride details. From here you can arrow up or down exploring six levels of assist and a level zero which keeps the display and lights going while also allowing for throttle on demand operation. It’s setup very well and really makes you feel like you’re in control of the bike. Having six levels of assist vs. 5 or even 3 as I see on other electric cruisers means that you have more control over top speed when pedaling and as mentioned earlier, you can go deeper by double clicking the power button to adjust other settings and even cap the top speed or allow it to reach ~25 mph for private and off-road use. The bike grew on me and I actually went through a sort of wave of emotions at first expecting it to be more like the Tracker from Vintage Electric Bikes then seeing the plastic and wondering if it would rattle (it stayed very quiet and felt sturdy) then gaining an appreciation for the power but also the control of operation and the finer touches like the saddle and protected wires on the rear light. For the price, it’s a unique looking bike that really puts you in control. There are sacrifices in terms of utility but it keeps you dry and safe which I love.


  • Beautiful touch points on the Premium model, the saddle is large and comfortable but also has the Ariel Rider name on it in cursive which looks classy, same thing with the display, I love the wing logo on the battery box and the ability to custom print onto the box for ~$350
  • I like the quick release seat tube collar and front wheel, this helps to reduce weight and make the bike easier to move since the battery is not easily removable
  • I’m a fan of the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes because they offer tool-free rotor adjustment, you can use your fingers to twist the little red discs to fine tune the calipers as your pads wear down
  • Depending on where you live it’s wonderful to have full length fenders and the color matching on the Ariel Rider ebikes is spot on, the chain guard also matches and is a sort of custom thin guard which looks great
  • The chainring has an aluminum bash guard on it which also acts as a chain guide to some extent making the drivetrain more robust (useful at higher speed riding and on bumpy terrain), I like that the spokes they went with are a bit larger at 13 gauge vs. 14G given the heavier build of the bike
  • You get three color choices (for the fenders, chain guard and battery box cover) including red, black and beige and the box plastic is scratch resistant
  • I absolutely love the integrated LED lights, both are made by Spanninga and the tail light is wired in so it lights up when you pull the brake levers
  • Nice display panel and control unit, it’s compact but the buttons are large and easy to reach without taking your hand of the left grip, you can get into settings by double clicking the power button and change your speed when the passcode is entered (up to ~25 mph in the USA)
  • The controls default to 0-6 pedal assist and you can override with twist throttle at any level! This is awesome for people who want a more scooter-like experience, the cadence sensor uses 12 magnets making it pretty responsive
  • The Ariel Rider N-Class uses a custom designed hydroformed Aluminum alloy frame that feels solid and all of the wires and cables are internally routed to reduce snags
  • Upgraded Wellgo Aluminum alloy platform pedals offer lots of surface area and feel stable and stiff, the saddle is completely custom with leather imported from Australia… it feels firm at first but should soften over time (you can request the comfort saddle from Velo if you’d like and that comes stock on the Comfort trim level which costs less), even the brake levers are upgraded and have a nice rubberized grip on the leading edge, you get a basic bell to top it all off


  • The battery pack is mounted inside a polycarbonate box that isn’t designed to be removable or opened easily… so the battery stays with the bike making it heavier to transport and less versatile to charge
  • The springer fork on the Premium model looks cool but doesn’t offer much travel and adds weight, Ariel Rider offers a more traditional suspension oil fork on the Comfort model but it doesn’t have lockout
  • The battery box is pretty wide (widest towards the head tube) which looks cool like a motorcycle gas tank, but is easier to bump with your knees while pedaling
  • No bottle cage bosses or rack bosses on either the Comfort or Premium models, you might have to bring a little backpack along to carry supplies
  • This electric bicycle is only available in one frame size but the stem is adjustable angle and the seat tube has quick release so it’s actually quite versatile
  • I noticed that the cadence sensor starts quickly but doesn’t always shut the motor down when you stop pedaling (I was told this was a choice made to smooth out the ride with inconsistent pedaling), it alarmed me at first because I thought maybe the throttle was stuck on but you can always cut power by pulling either brake lever so that’s nice


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2 weeks ago

Hi Bill. I am berk from Ariel Rider E-bikes. Now we offer mid-drive (48V 500W mid-drive with 95Nm Torque) e-bike with hydraulic brakes and internal hub gear for only $1599 including free shipping. So that can work for you maybe.
I will advise smaller diameter wheels for any bike if you care more about acceleration and climbing power. But if max speed is more important larger wheels work better.

2 months ago

Hi guys! I'm moving some content off of the main site and into the most relevant categories of the forum. This post was originally made on October 8th 2016:

2016 was the fourth year I got to attend Interbike but this is only the third guide posted about it… and that’s because I got really sick in 2015 after eating a taco (served by a sick person) just before the week began last time! For those who don’t know, Interbike is a week long trade show and industry event where manufacturers from all over the United States (and some from other parts of the world like Europe and Asia) travel to Las Vegas and showcase their latest and greatest upcoming bicycles, accessories and some tangential exercise equipment. It’s a chance for IBD’s (Independent Bicycle Dealers) and IEBD’s (Independent ELECTRIC Bicycle Dealers) to choose what they’ll carry in the coming year and negotiate deals. Thankfully, it’s also a space where individuals who work in the media, like myself, can take pictures and make videos about those same new products. There’s even a special media event that happens just before the show where we get a sneak peek at what’s coming out. For me, Interbike is a special time where all the people I’ve met traveling and doing reviews gather in one place to connect. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s also a lot of work because Las Vegas can be loud, dry and hot!

This year I did not film updates at Outdoor Demo Day but was able to shoot several reviews. Some of the major brands who used to attend, like Trek and Specialized, were not present and as a result I think Haibike got a lot of extra attention. The event lasts two days and is held at Bootleg Canyon which has some awesome mountain bike trails and a paved path for people to test bikes on. There are actually big trucks that carry riders back into the canyon so they can coast down and try several bikes without getting exhausted climbing… Which I think is cheating! Oh, the irony ;) There are usually some great food trucks, the nauseating smell of gasoline and the jarring sound of generators keeping everyone’s booth up and running. I hope in the future we see more solar electric generators that run quieter and smell better. Highlights this year for me at ODD were the, some new models from and a custom built from Nomad Cycles using the EcoSpeed motor. One of the ebikes I got to review as the show was starting up was the SmartMotion Pacer shown below.

In the past, I’ve created compilations from Interbike where I just walked around and combined lots of little bits into a “day of” video. This year, I filmed individual videos with vendors that I felt either had a cool product or were friends that I’d worked with in the past. I wish I had been able to see everyone but time was limited so we simply did the best we could. My girlfriend Monica came along and can be seen and heard adding perspective along the way. All of these videos (and prior-year footage) can be watched in a new playlist I created on YouTube called The embedded video below is from Riese & Müller, makers of some of the most polished and unique bikes I saw at the show. They’re a German company with over 23 years experience working on bicycles, focusing in on electrics for the past 8 years and becoming exclusive in 2012. I expect to see some of their bikes at premium dealers in the US this year such as in San Francisco and in New York.

Some of the other brands you’ll find videos for in the playlist (and linked directly below) include,,,,, [URL='']BESV[/URL], [URL='']SmartMotion[/URL], [URL='']Tern[/URL], [URL='']Raleigh[/URL], [URL='']IZIP[/URL], [URL='']COBI Connected Bike Interface[/URL], [URL='']Biomega[/URL], [URL='']Volton[/URL], [URL='']Skyway[/URL], [URL='']OHM and BionX[/URL], [URL='']Enzo Ebike[/URL], [URL='']Magnum[/URL], [URL='']Ariel Rider[/URL], [URL='']Scott[/URL], [URL='']Yamaha[/URL] and [URL='']Easy Motion[/URL] as well as some [URL='']informal conversation[/URL]with a dealer friend who runs Cynergy E-Bikes and Jason Kraft who created [URL='']the Liberty Trike[/URL]. Once the trip was finished, Mony and I hit the road traveling through Utah and Colorado where we made a fun Vlog (video blog) showing our time exploring the wilderness, meeting new friends at AirBB locations and demoing a couple of Yunbikes with a full time RVer we met randomly at… you guessed it! a taco shack, where I did NOT get sick :D That video is posted below in case you’d like to join in on our little adventure.

Until next year, we’ll be on the road, filming electric bike reviews and producing interesting short videos of people, events and places that pique our interest. If you live somewhere cool and want to host us or just say hi feel free to comment below. We tend to drive for a day or two then settle for several days to meet with companies and film. If you have suggestions for what to film at future Interbike events or later this year or just questions about what we saw in 2016 feel free to shout out below :)

4 months ago

Dapu Rear Hub motor is really a powerful motor. I think it is the best hub motor after TDMC (who provide motor for stromer). You can also check Ariel Rider, they also have same motor and their price is $1599 right now. (I saw a promotion on facebook but can't find on their website. So you better ask if they still have this price.)
E-Glide ST is a good option too . 1699 isn't that much for such an e-bike. Especially if you are looking for a e-mtb.
You can compare their specifications.

bob armani
4 months ago

My 2 cents-Easy Motion is a pretty good brand with one of the best warranties in the ebike biz. I have 2 and they are quality built bikes and they usually have good components from the least expensive all the way up to their premium offerings.

4 months ago

I agree about one point about Harrys . Direct drive motors seem to create higher torque but have lower max speed also will drain your battery much faster.
You can try Rad bikes, Luna has some interesting models. Ariel Rider has a discount these days. Juiced i hear positive and negative comments. Maybe it depends on person. I tried once and i liked the Juiced. Didn't love but liked .
For warranty i advice you to check with shops if you decide to buy from shops. I heard several big stores even charge for labor (discounted labor fee) such as motostrano and Greenpath . I don't know if its a common practice. So if you buy online the brand will send you replacement and i am sure you can fix most of problems on your own or ask a nearby mechanic to handle it at a very low cost.

4 months ago

I will definitely go with Dapu motor. I tried several Dapu motors such as Pedego, BH and Bafang versions. I will focus not on torque rather than watt power (as it is not telling much about power alone. It is showing the efficiency of the motor ). You can also check Ariel Rider which also uses Dapu motors and they have a discount as i see on their facebook page. You can get one around $1700 (with hydraulic brakes I guess but not sure. You better contact them and ask details. As with a high power motor hydraulic brakes really make a big difference. For e-glide I see they have suspension fork which is a very good point but i didn't see much about components such as if they have torque sensor, what kind of display, etc... And if you are not going to wear only shorts, not having a chain cover on a bike can be really annoying. Anyway my two cents of advice is go with Dapu motor especially if you are looking for a geared hub motor.

7 months ago

Hi there,
not many user reviews about that bike are out there. I have the 250W version, bought second hand, and can answer your real world questions if there are any.

Owning the Ariel Rider for a month I can say it keeps the promises of the flashy ads and videos so far. I am not super happy with the range which seems to be closer to 30 km (assist level 1 in a rather flat city) than the 50 km promised, but on the other hand it is quite cold now in Austria, the battery gets charged overnight in my yard at typically 5-10 °C and used during the day at about 5-15° C which is not ideal.

Only thing I really miss is any kind of instructions, e.g. on the assist levels and that "6 km walk" thingy I read about. Can anybody enlighten me here? Do new bikes come with any instructions?
Ariel Rider does not seem to have such downloads on their home page.


Jim Dove
10 months ago

Thought I'd close the loop on this. Visited Sleek Ebikes in Tarrytown, NY to try out the Bulls line-up. Rode the Evo8 and various other Bulls bikes. My wife rode several as well. She went with what seemed to me a cheaper version of the Pedego from Ariel Rider. I think it's kind of goofy but she loves it. I ended up with the Bulls Estream Evo 45 FS. In the end, I came to like the full suspension on the Bulls. And, as a MTB, it offered some additional flexibility beyond their city commuter bikes. Appreciate all of the feedback from everyone and the great reviews to help guide the decision here. Great site...

11 months ago

YES! I showed it to him and he laughed for a solid 30 seconds.

Did Ariel Riders used to have mid drives last year? Their website says "Innovative Japanese motor technology provides 48 /35 Nm (Newton meters) of torque in 500/250 W motors. Our vintage electric bikes can reach the maximum speed of 30 miles per hour."

Maybe they turned away from Brose? I wonder why.

Ann M.
11 months ago

Got to meet the folks from Ariel Rider at the 2016 Interbike and they're a solid company with quality products. They use Brose mid drive motor which have a high level of torque, or power that's handy when climbing; your Uncle will be happy with the bike. @.R. nailed it with those graphics! :D

1 year ago

Just wondering if anyone has had any first hand experience with the Ariel Rider bikes? I have been looking at getting an EBike and due to my weight have been looking at the C Class Ariel Rider or potentially the ODK U500 v3 from Juiced Bikes.

I would appreciate any feedback anyone has with these bikes or even other options.


7 months ago

Got one from here, free to download:

The "6 km walk" function is an assist mode to walk your bike uphill or whereever you want, by pushing and holding the minus button on similar controllers - but not with my arielrider N-class.


7 months ago


Hi there,
owning my N-Class for some weeks I can report an issue to maybe save you some hassle there.

The N-Class comes with fat tires and very low mounted fenders, which looks great. Also the cables for the tail light are routed neatly inside the fender.
But - and this is a big BUT - while the cables live in their own little tube on the side of the fender for most of the time, they cross to the middle fully exposed before they penetrate the fender to connect to the light unit.

And this is where seemingly a small rock picked up by the tire thread was cutting the wires and shorting them out.

Result was a completely dead tail light unit which did not come to life even after the wires were fixed. Doing my homework I tested the tail light/brake light unit on a 6V battery, as the connectors are clearly labelled "positive" and "negative" stating they expect 6V AC/DC. The light fired up, so the problem was elsewhere.

As the light cable only has two wires, but can produce a permanent tail light as well as a brake light, I assumed this is done by different voltages, say 6V or 7V being sent to the same positive terminal on the light. The 2 light wires connect to a little black box under the "tank" cover, which is connected to the main controller by 3 wires and fed with 36V. So that little black box (light controller?) may do the conversion from 36V down and produce different voltages for brake/tail light, depending on the controller wire input.
And it was definitely shot.

To prevent that I recommend moving the fender further away from the tire where the tail light lives, and maybe protect the wires with some extra heat shrink tube.

As the damage was already done and I did not have spare light controller, I found the following fix:
The front LED headlight has 4 connectors of which 2 still were free (unused). Knowing from other bicycle contraptions these two were for connecting a standard tail light. So I just routed a new 2 wire cable from the headlight to the tail light unit and connected it there. Tail light now works as expected, I only lost the brake light (which I did not like anyway). This was a cheap fix. The main work was to get that new cable into the frame and back out, at least to down where the cranks live. From there I chose to route the cable along the rear frame and fender struts, so it is not exposed to wear inside the fender.

For removing that old cable from inside the fender I had to take the wheel out. I then removed the little stainless steel brackets holding the cable, noting that one rivet was already loose and one clip was gone, so the rivets seem to eat through the plastic fenders over time. I drilled them out and closed up the holes with some black tape.


While I was at connecting that new light cable I also corrected one major design flaw (IMHO): the front cable routing ist just plain awful, as all the cables come down on one side of the light and right beside it as seen here:
I had to temporarily undo one of the switch/lever units from the handlebar and cut the harness a bit wider open to correct that. Only some black cable ties were used to bring the cables closer to the handlebar.
The cables are now routed motorcycle style left AND right BEHIND that light. Which complements the motorbikish look of it :-)

This was a lot of text - I try upload some pictures later on.


Ann M.
11 months ago

Moonshine, they had the Brose mid drive motors last year on some models; however, the hub motor on the N-class cruiser is a rear hub motor. From a style point of view, it's more hidden.

Ann M.
2 years ago

Born in Holland where cycling is a passion, Dutch company Ariel Rider is always thinking of creative ways to make the riding experience comfortable as well as practical. It’s the little things that make a bike special and they’ve done it twice over, introducing two new models for 2017, a compact Cargo bike, the C-class and the retro café racer styled Cruiser, the N-class.

The lime green Cargo bike caught my eye first, with a little shorter wheelbase than the typical stretch cargo bike it’s easier to balance and steer, particularly for a smaller rider. It’s built to haul up to 300 lbs of stuff but the shorter length reduces issues with the back of the bike swaying while riding over uneven roads or around curves. Their secret was building the rear rack as part of the frame so it’s structurally more rigid, following the curves of the rest of the frame. Hidden beneath the rack is the battery pack that powers this bike.

Ariel Rider figured you better like the saddle and nothing off the shelf fit their specs for a classy but comfy leather seat so they designed their own. It’s leather with just the right amount of ergonomic gel to cushion without being spongy. You get the durability and looks of leather without a painful break in period like some leather seats. And yes, they have their own custom hard case that locks (Upper center part of the pic).

Now this is a cargo bike, so check out the generous sized bamboo rack on the front. There’s a special cut out for that all essential cup of coffee (cycling & coffee are synonymous, right?!) Notice this rack doesn’t have left or right sides, they’re open to haul bigger flat boxes, like a nice sized pizza. Detachable bungee cords with 2 attachment points are used to snug items in place with a short lip in the front to keep them from slipping off.

Central to the Cargo bike is a Brose motor that generates 90 N/m of power, plenty to cruise around town and up steep hills with a full load. Ariel Rider is really focused on creating reliable, quality bikes, so they work with engineers and designers to create their own controllers & batteries for all of their line. Brose is one of the few mid drive motor companies that doesn’t lock in its bike companies to their brand battery as long as the manufacturer meets certain specs. That allows companies like Ariel Rider to have a custom top tube battery on their N class Cruiser and a rear rack battery on the Cargo instead of a bulky down tube battery.

Well, you can tell I was impressed with the products and the passionate attitude of the folks at Ariel Rider. It’s in the blood of everyone in the Netherlands where there are almost twice as many bikes as people – 30 million people and about 50 million bikes! More about their new N-class Cruiser a little later.

Lawney Malbrough
1 month ago

The rear fender shakes a bit at high speeds. Maybe it could use another support bar.

Lawney Malbrough
1 month ago

Twenty mile per hour is really fast enough on a bike. You're not going to commute eighty miles per day on a bike.

Lawney Malbrough
1 month ago

I really like the seat! Triple spring makes for a smooth ride. I also like the fender mounted rear light. That's awesome! I'd buy that bike for transportation, but it still need a luggage rack and saddle bags.

Lawney Malbrough
1 month ago

The bike does have a good look to it. I like the matt black and red. I can live with the tan tires too. The bullet style headlight is what I like, but I have two of them on my bike mounted over and under. The lower one is aimed down in front of the front tire. It gives me a good view of the road I'm riding on. That's helpful when there's no street lights to light thing up for you.

Lawney Malbrough
1 month ago

I wouldn't call that a chopper style bike.

Megan Brown
4 months ago

Can i trade my pedego in for one of those ?

Andy hoff
8 months ago

batteries are expensive. I don't like how you can NOT easily remove for anti-theft or easy remote charging

Sunlite sells this disc brake Springer fork on Amazon $130.

10 months ago

Show the )(*&^%## bike. we know what the breaded guy looks like!

Richard Day
10 months ago

Really ugly and old fashioned .

Maggie Tang
1 year ago

My boyfriend has one of those and heis so much in love with the bike. He said it is one of the fastest and most comfortable e-bike .

Helena Wolfenstein
2 years ago

I bought my ariel rider last month. Really happy with performance. Also i ordered a customized covers. Really love riding and getting all the looks.

Ariel Rider Ebikes
1 year ago

Aaron she bought online from us as there wasn't a dealer nearby her.

Aaron Zane
1 year ago

Helena Wolfenstein nice! did you buy it locally or did you have it shipped?

Leamon Miller
2 years ago

I am saving up to get my first ebike. Can I get some help?

4 months ago

Buy from a chinese manufacturer as thats all these companys do ive seen virtually all these bikes on alibaba which puts you in contact with the manufacturer half of them are lower than $700 yet these companies charge thousands for em

Chemtrail Dreams
1 year ago

Leamon Miller radpower bikes has great financing

Liz Seelbach
1 year ago

i can advise this e-bike as works perfect for me.

2 years ago

I dig the design very much. Those guys know how to do a good looking cruiser type bike. I especially like the old-school suspension in the front. Reminds me of the bikes from the 1930's.

Lurking Crass Zero
2 years ago

Lovely looking bike. You review a lot of e-bikes mate. Do you have a personal fave?

Fred Brands
2 years ago

These bikes are different from the ones we see here in Holland. These are more fun. I would buy one immediately

Ariel Rider Ebikes
1 year ago

Fred sorry for late reply but we have a warehouse in Amsterdam. So contact us if you looking for one. we can help you about it.

Helena Wolfenstein
2 years ago

schön fahrrad .

Kyle Sherman
2 years ago

sweet bike dudes...please make a dual shock version people

Michael Caffey
2 years ago

I don't see myself buying an electric bike for at least a couple more years, just because of money. That being said, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and detail you put into your videos. I have been watching them for over a year now, just to check out whats new out there.


Иван Федорович
7 months ago

yeap thinking the same, after 5-10 years e bike will be chip af, and can drive more distance

Liz Seelbach
1 year ago

seems they offer discount now you can check it.

Aaron Zane
1 year ago

Michael Caffey i feel you man. just started saving up for an e-bike and take it slow if you need to. in time, you'll get there. one thing that helps me to keep saving is the fact that some bicycles cost even more than some e-bikes out there. I have a modified Trek urban/touring bike that was roughly $800 new when it was a mountain bike, and i've seen e-bikes as low as $600. i wish you luck!

Lurking Crass Zero
2 years ago

+Michael Caffey You could make do with many of the no-name chinese bikes. They're all the same motor tech etc. That's what I've done. My bike arrives this week ;-)

2 years ago

Has nice quality details. Love that the throttle can deliver full power at any setting. Huge feature to me that makes an ebike fun. I am still more a haibike FS MTB preferrer.

2 years ago

How long, fast, and does it last from Featherstone to Manassas?