2013 EZ Pedaler F300 Review


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360 Wh

360 Wh

52 lbs / 23.61 kgs

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EZ Pedaler makes mid-level electric bikes that are reasonably priced and come with all the standard features but don’t offer top of the line quality. They are great for first-time electric bike owners who don’t want to spend a lot and aren’t going to subject them to rigorous use. Where the F300 really shines is that unlike many other folding ebikes that are built on Dahon frames, EZ Pedaler has a custom made frame with a front shock built in! This is a big deal to me because folding bikes aren’t usually that comfortable, the smaller radius wheels don’t tend to smooth over cracks and bumps very well. Not only does it have a front shock, it also has a sprung seat. The only real drawback to these features is the increased weight, but the bike still folds to about the same size and all of the other features hold up well. This is one of my favorite folding ebikes on the market today and it comes at a very reasonable pricepoint.

For a folding bike, this thing comes packed with features. It’s got front and rear lights (although the rear light is not powered from the main battery), it has nice fenders, a rear rack and an internal gearing system that’s quiet, durable and compact. I really like the Shimano hub gears and even though this bike only offers three speeds, that’s fine for a folding bike which is usually ridden slower anyway. The top speed of this bike in electric mode is limited to 18 miles per hour vs. 20 on most full sized ebikes and again, I think this has to do with the fact that it’s a folding bike and may be less stable at high speeds. Another good decision they made on this bike was the metal loop welded just below the bottom bracket (below the pedal arms) which helps to prop the bike up when it’s folded and keep the chain ring from getting banged on the ground. In the video above I talk about using it for locking the bike but I think it’s actually more for protection during transport.

The motor and battery for this bike work very well together and offer quite a bit of power and range for a folding bike. The motor is a 250 watt geared, brushess design mounted to the front fork. It’s powerful enough to take on smaller hills but struggles with larger riders or increasing headwinds. The battery pack contains 36 volts worth of Lithium-ion cells that can endure over 1,000 charge cycles before wearing out if cared for properly and the 10 amp hour range is enough to easily reach 20 miles with throttle mode only, up to 30 in pedal assist mode. The design used on this and other EZ Pedaler bikes for pedal assist mode is simple on/off switch and that’s really the only control interface the bike has besides the twist throttle. There’s no LCD screen with speed, battery life etc. to look at, just this switch. The cool part is, when you set it to pedal assist mode you can still use the throttle! This works very well at stop signs to get you cruising again without having to exert a lot of energy at standstill.

If you’re looking for a solid folding electric bike that won’t break the bank, the EZ Pedaler F300 would be a great option to consider. Again, my favorite part about it is the front shock but that does add weight. If you plan on lifting this thing a lot you might keep that in mind. 46 pounds is a lot to lift but since the battery pack is removable, it’s really not so bad if you don’t mind a few extra minutes of fiddling. This bike comes stock with all the extras you’d need to zip around town and deal with rain, carrying stuff or nighttime conditions but the components are all mid level. Take care of it and it will last, keep the battery charged when not using to avoid damage and dry off after riding in the rain.


  • Great value for a bike that comes stock with just about every feature you could need including fenders, lights, rear rack and front shock
  • Offers throttle mode or pedal assist mode for extending range up to 30 miles
  • High end removable Lithium-ion battery will last 1,000+ cycles and is removable
  • One of the only folding electric bikes with a front shock! Smoothes out the ride along with the sprung seat


  • Rear light is not connected to main battery pack, easier to forget and leave on accidentally, both lights have independent on/off switches
  • Mid-level components do the job but aren’t as tough as higher priced bikes
  • Custom designed frame is tricker to unfold, the mid-frame joint can be tricky to get open
  • Welded-on metal loop protects the chain ring and stabilizes bike when folded
  • V-brake on the front and drum brake on the rear, work alright but not as good as disc brakes
  • I prefer side kickstands vs. double legged which weigh more but this one works okay
  • No chain guard to keep pants clean when riding but since the gears are internal the chain doesn’t flop around or get as dirty
  • This folding bike is heavier than many comparable designs… but that’s because of the shock and larger battery mostly which both provide improved ride


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