Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Air Review

Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Electric Bike Review
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air 350 Watt 8fun Motor Speed Pedelec
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air 48 Volt Samsung Battery Pack
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Led Button Console Trigger Shifters
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Integrated 5 Volt Usb Port On Battery
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air 9 Speed Shimano Altus
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Plastic Chainring Guard
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Rigid Alloy Fork 180 Mm Mechanical Disc Brake
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Selle Royale Saddle Kickstand Wellgo Pedals
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air 1 7 Lb 2 Amp Ebike Battery Charger
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Electric Bike Review
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air 350 Watt 8fun Motor Speed Pedelec
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air 48 Volt Samsung Battery Pack
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Led Button Console Trigger Shifters
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Integrated 5 Volt Usb Port On Battery
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air 9 Speed Shimano Altus
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Plastic Chainring Guard
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Rigid Alloy Fork 180 Mm Mechanical Disc Brake
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air Selle Royale Saddle Kickstand Wellgo Pedals
Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Air 1 7 Lb 2 Amp Ebike Battery Charger


  • An affordable speed pedelec with high-definition cadence sensor, mechanical disc brakes and a nine-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain, it's well balanced and relatively light weight
  • Removable battery and quick release front wheel make it easier to lock securely and fill-up at your place of work or possibly in class if you're a student, integrated USB charging port for portable electronics
  • Fairly stealth with a compact planetary geared hub motor and tiny LED display console, might not attract as much attention... optional LCD display, torque sensor and battery upgrades
  • All-Aluminum frame without suspension can mean back and neck stiffness at higher speeds, mid-step model does not have bottle cage bosses, cables are exposed vs. internally routed

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Juiced Bikes


CrossCurrent Air



Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Commuting, Road

Electric Bike Class:

Speed Pedalec (Class 3), Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Comprehensive, 2 Year Mechanical, Lifetime Frame


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

48 lbs (21.77 kg)

Battery Weight:

5.5 lbs (2.49 kg)

Motor Weight:

8.4 lbs (3.81 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Frame Sizes:

16.5 in (41.91 cm)17.5 in (44.45 cm)19 in (48.26 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

step-thru: 16.5" Seat Tube, 23" Reach, 27" Stand Over Height, 71" Length, High-Step Medium: 17.5" Seat Tube, 23" Reach, 30" Stand Over Height, 71" Length, High Step Large: 19" Seat Tube, 23" Reach, 31" Stand Over Height, 71" Length

Frame Types:

High-Step, Mid-Step

Frame Colors:

Flat Black

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid 6061 Aluminum Alloy, Custom Geometry (Interchangeable with Suspension Fork), 9 mm Quick Release Skewer

Frame Rear Details:

135 mm Length, 10 mm Threaded Axle with Nuts

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Rear Fender Boss, Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

9 Speed 1x9 Shimano Altus Derailleur, 11-34T Cassette

Shifter Details:

Shimano Triggers on Right


170 mm Length, 52 Tooth Chainring with ABS Plastic Guard


Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform


Neco, Threadless Integrated 1 1/8"


Frank Alloy 80 mm, 6° Rise


Frank Alloy Low-Rise, 27" Length

Brake Details:

Shimano BRM375 Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Rotor Front, 160 mm Rotor Back, Wuxing Levers with Motor Inhibitors


Generic Flat Rubber


Selle Royal Free Way

Seat Post:

Frank Aluminum Alloy

Seat Post Length:

300 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

27.2 mm


Double Wall, Alloy with Reinforcement Eyelets, 36 Hole, Flat Black


Stainless Steel, 12 Gauge Rear Spokes, 13 Gauge Front Spokes, Silver

Tire Brand:

Kenda, 700 x 45c (28" x 1.75")

Wheel Sizes:

28 in (71.12cm)

Tire Details:

50 to 95 PSI

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Optional Trigger Throttle ($99), Optional 20 mph Speed Limiter for Class 2 (Canada, Australia), Optional 8 Amp Quick Charger from Grin Technologies ($299), Optional Torque Sensor Upgrade ($199)


Locking Removable Battery Pack, 1.7 lb 2 Amp Charger, 13 Amp Controller Output

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

350 watts

Motor Peak Output:

624 watts

Battery Brand:

Samsung or LG, 3C Discharge Rating

Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

8.8 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

422.4 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

20 miles (32 km)

Estimated Max Range:

40 miles (64 km)

Display Type:

King Meter, Fixed LED Console


Battery Level (5 Dots), Assist Level (Eco, 1-4, Sport)

Display Accessories:

Sport Button (Jumps to Highest Power), 5 Volt Standard USB Port on Battery

Drive Mode:

Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist (High Definition Hall Cadence Sensor)

Top Speed:

28 mph (45 kph) (Optional 20 mph Limit with LCD)

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Written Review

Juiced Bikes started out in 2013 with electric cargo bikes designed to haul loads and go far… they offer some of the highest capacity battery packs in the space and tend to be popular with delivery cyclists. In 2016 they launched the CrossCurrent, a sporty city bike with more traditional battery integration, a suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes at an impressive $1,500 price point and now, they’ve got the CrossCurrent Air. This is an even more affordable, stripped-down version of the CrossCurrent that still comes in three frame sizes and a mid-step for people with shorter inseams. You get mechanical disc brakes, no suspension fork and a slightly less sexy frame (boxier tubing vs. smooth rounded) for just over $1k. Yes, it’s still a 28 mph capable Class 3 speed pedelec and you can purchase a throttle accessory if you prefer that kind of riding (the throttle will cut out at 20 mph). This bike rides comfortably with nine gears and a low but not lowest-level Shimano Altus derailleur. Just like the regular CrossCurrent, you can pay more for larger battery capacity if you plan to ride further and you get a solid one year warranty (two year components and lifetime on the frame) and it can be purchased through dealers! Many of the other “affordable” electric bikes I see and review only ship direct. That means you spend more time unpacking, dealing with trash, tuning the bike up and possibly pulling the trigger on purchase without test riding and knowing exactly what frame size is best. Big props to Juiced Bikes for working with dealers and hitting a price point that can still support them.

Driving the CrossCurrent Air is the exact same 8Fun internally geared hub motor used on the standard CrossCurrent. It offers 350 to 600+ watts output and is zippier than most motors this size based on a higher 3C rating for battery current output. While the motor does produce a bit of whirring noise, it’s not too bad with the lower levels of assist and it really does get you up to 28 mph. Perhaps my only complaints here are the same complaints that most hub motors get which is the lack of quick release and a wire coming out the right side of the axle where the shifter cables and derailleur are. It’s not as tucked in as the latest fanciest ebikes and could get bent or snagged more easily. Just be careful with that wire and enjoy the fact that this hub motor is compact, built from a mainstream supplier (Bafang/8Fun) and much lighter than a 500 or 750 watt option. Note also that the spokes are slightly thicker and the rims (painted black to match the frame and hub motor) use reinforcement eyelets so they won’t crack as easily under pressure. Sometimes these speed pedelec models can be uncomfortable to pedal at higher speeds if they aren’t geared correctly but those nine options felt good to me and I liked how clean the cockpit was with trigger shifters only on the right. Note that the chainring has a plastic guard to keep your pants or dress from getting dirty or snagged but it’s just plastic and only on the outside so you could still drop the chain towards the inside if the terrain gets really bumpy.

Powering the Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Air is an efficient, high output 48 volt 8.8 amp hour battery by default but you can get more amp hours with two battery upgrade options and that will take you further. Range depends on a lot of things including how actively you pedal, whether you ride above 20 mph frequently as wind resistance takes a lot of energy to power through and if you’ve got the throttle accessory. For me personally, I’d probably stick with the smaller two options since the goal here is to keep the price low and I like lighter weight ebikes for carrying up stairs and bringing into my room for storage vs. leaving outside overnight. With the mid-step frame option, the largest battery simply will not fit so that’s a consideration also. I do like that Juiced made an option for petite riders but was a little bummed that it didn’t have bottle cages like the diamond frame seen in the video review above. This frame would be the easiest to lift, put on car or bus racks and have the bottle cage but all frames have threaded bosses at the rear for adding a traditional rack and that can be a real back-saver if you’re a student with books, laptops and other gear trying to get across campus on a budget. Note that the Air does not have that suspension fork so your body and gear might get a little jarred around at those higher speeds.

Operating this electric bike is about as easy as it gets. Once the battery is charged and locked ot the frame (you can charge it on or off the bike) just press the power button on the little LED console and watch it light up and dance through the different power levels and charge readouts before staying solid to let you know the bike status. You can press plus and minus to navigate through eco, 1, 2, 3 and sport with the higher levels going faster and feeling zippier. Once you decide on a comfortable level, say level 2 or 3, you can instantly jump up to sport for the most power (perhaps to pass someone or ascend a hill) with just one button press on the console. The red sport button jumps you right up and then back down when pressed a second time and makes riding a little safer than if you had to press several plus or minus steps and look down. The display is compact, mostly black to blend in with the bar and grips and close enough to reach without taking your hand all the way off. It does of course lack speed and odometer readouts but Juiced Bikes offers an upgrade for that as well. You can pay extra to get an LCD console that’s more thorough. Another option is a cadence + torque sensor that will respond to how hard you push in addition to pedal rotation. I wasn’t disappointed with the standard torque-only sensor that the Air came with because it responded quickly and was tucked into the rear dropout vs. using a plastic disc with magnets at the bottom bracket. Again, if you’re going to get this bike… the more basic version, and save $400 off the standard CrossCurrent then why spend hundreds more to upgrade one area or another when you could get those hydraulic disc brakes, suspension fork etc. all at once? I guess the big reason is that the standard CrossCurrent also does not come with an LCD display, both bikes require an upgrade to get that.

All things considered, Juiced Bikes has done an impressive job balancing value with quality for the CrossCurrent Air. Little upgrades like Wellgo platform pedals, sealed threaded electrical connectors and textured brake levers usually aren’t found on the other $1k range e-bikes. You might not be able to see how fast you’re going or get a perfectly accurate charge level readout with the basic display and the motor might not be as robust as some of the larger hubs or mid-drive options on the market now but they still work well. The drive system spreads weight out across the bike and the hub motor does not impede gear shifting or pedaling the way some mid-drives do… requiring more finesse to use without damaging the chain, sprockets and derailleur. Tora, the founder of Juiced Bikes, speaks multiple languages and lives part time overseas to ensure that his products are made to the correct specifications and this is a company that has been in operation for several years now. He and his team have taken their time to add products to the fold and the Air really speaks to me as a useable electric bike that wouldn’t break just from getting banged up a little at the rack and wouldn’t be as devastating if stolen as some of the $2k+ models out there. I see it as a great option for students and other commuters with a limited budget. Big thanks to Juiced Bikes for partnering with me on this review and driving to meet me with a whole van full of models to compare back to back and show on camera :)


  • One of the most affordable electric bikes I’ve reviewed that can be purchased through dealers, Juiced Bikes also sells direct but it’s great if you can test the sizes and have the bike setup in person… that’s a great value at this $1,095 price point
  • Solid warranty for the price, you get one year on the battery and basically two years on everything else including components (lifetime on the frame)
  • Even though the motor is rated at 350 watts, it peaks out above 600 watts and the controller has been tuned to feel zippy and go faster… it actually works pretty well but doesn’t weigh as much or look as obvious as some huge motors
  • I love the matte black color scheme, this electric bike blends in because the battery, wires and hub motor are all black and the display panel is super small and compact, it might not attract as much unwanted attention at bike racks
  • The display has a cool “sport” feature that lets you jump from any of the three assist levels up to the highest speed and then back down with just one press vs. a bunch of clicks up then back down
  • The battery capacity isn’t huge at 48 volts 8.8 amp hours and will deplete more quickly when you ride above 20 mph due to air resistance but they do offer upgrade options and frankly… I like that they used higher quality Samsung cells with a 3C discharge rating (faster for charging and discharging to give you torque and power) and included a 5 Volt USB charging port on the side of the pack, consider a right angle adapter like this to charge your phone, lights or other electronic devices
  • Great pedals, they match the bike, offer good traction and are large and stiff enough to accommodate taller and heavier riders who might have big feet and need the support
  • Even though this electric bike uses a more basic rear-mounted hub motor drive system, they balanced out the weight by bringing the battery forward and keeping it low, impressively, they were able to squeeze in a mounting point for a water bottle cage along the seat tube (at least on the high-step models), so many ebikes don’t include this but it’s very useful even for things like folding locks and mini pumps
  • There are three frame sizes to choose from including a mid-step which will be easier to mount and stand over for people with a shorter inseam… that’s incredible for such an affordable product in my opinion
  • Despite the lower price, you get a solid nine-speed drivetrain with Shimano Altus groupset (one step up from the lowest Tourney groupset) so you can climb or ride at higher speeds with a comfortable cadence
  • The wheelset is bolstered with reinforcement eyelets to help spread weight out and handle the higher speeds and different rider weights, the spokes are upgraded to 13 gauge which is thicker and sturdier
  • The bike comes with threaded holes along the seat stays (the bars that come off the seat tube and go down to the rear wheel dropout) and these can be used to add a rack! Juiced Bikes even sells a rack that will fit the bike so you could carry your gear more comfortably than using a backpack
  • While the bike comes stock with a cadence-only sensor that isn’t quite as fluid and responsive as the torque + cadence sensor on the higher level CrossCurrent, Jucied Bikes does let you upgrade this part for $199 more if you wish, they also let you buy a throttle so you don’t have to pedal if you prefer not to
  • The cadence sensor in use here measures hub rotation as you pedal with a hall sensor and seemed more responsive and better protected than some of the plastic magnet rings that I often see on the bottom bracket of cheaper electric bicycles
  • Both brake levers have motor inhibitors so they cut power when pulled and that’s a nice safety option, especially if you get the optional throttle accessory
  • Even though cadence sensors aren’t as dynamic and smooth feeling as a torque sensor, they don’t require that you push actively to make the bike go faster, it’s more like a throttle activated with your feet and for people with sensitive knees that could be a good thing


  • Since this is a Class 3 speed pedelec that can reach ~28 mph with pedal assist, the ride can get a little bumpy… especially since there is no suspension fork, the medium sized tires and gel saddle help a little, I would definitely consider a 27.2 mm seat post suspension like one of these
  • The kickstand is positioned just under the bottom bracket and if you back the bike up while it’s in the down position the left crank arm will collide with it, would be better if it was mounted slightly towards the rear and out of the way (also so you could pedal the cranks backwards while servicing the drivetrain without need for a full stand)
  • The power cable running to the motor protrudes from the end of the right side of the axle where the derailleur and shifter cables are, this is a little crowded and more vulnerable than if it were tucked into the left side as some newer Dapu motors offer, also there’s no quick release on the rear wheel, just the front
  • I like that they included a plastic chainring guard but would love a full guide (plastic walls on both sides of the chainring to keep from dropping the chain on bumpy terrain)
  • The display panel is not removable so it could take wear from the weather and sunshine a bit more when parked outside (as well as being scratched or banged up) but it’s so small and relatively simple that maybe a few scratches aren’t a big deal compared with a fancy LCD
  • The shifter cables and electronic wires aren’t internally routed and hidden the way they are on some more expensive e-bikes but I was told they are more serviceable this way and since they are black, they blend in with the frame pretty well, the top tube is kept bare at least which makes it easier to lift and put on racks without snags
  • Since you only get an LED console display by default, you won’t see as many readouts or trip stats but they do offer an upgrade to LCD if you want that stuff… nice to have the option
  • I’m not a fan of the little rubber nipple that fits into the charging port on the battery, it’s tricky to get in and since it’s low by your left crank arm it could get dust and water inside if you’re not careful… I do like that you can at least take the battery off the bike for charging or cleaning
  • No slap guard on the chainstay, consider using a piece of clear packing tape there to reduce nicks and dings when riding on bouncy terrain or buy a Neoprene wrap like this


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2 months ago

It makes me feel like I am going down hill both ways! Today when I took it out I thought, wow, this hill will be hard to climb back up again when I come back this way. But when I rode back I felt like I was going downhill for the most part. This was my experience the other day too.

It makes my ride so fun to go fast and not have to work overly hard. If I was in really good shape it would still be a lot of fun and I could go faster I bet. Without the pedal assist, I would have to get off the bike to go up a hill because I am not in super good shape. It gets me out to cycle and get some exercise while at the same time it makes it fun to ride and makes me look cool. So far I am only going about six miles but I want to work up to longer trips.

I had to take it into the bike shop to get it assembled but it was well worth it to get the brakes tuned exactly right. It is a great buy with a lot of bikes being in this price range or maybe a little more than an annual gym membership. But I prefer to be outdoors for exercise. If you are looking for something to make riding fun, fast and make the hills easy then this is a great bike. I haven’t done any super long, steep hills yet – kind of need more confidence for a longer trip over a mountain pass but it brings the idea into the realm of possibility.

Court Rye
2 months ago

Hi Liz! I enjoyed reading about your experience with the Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Air. Made me smile… hope it works well for a long time and good luck with that mountain pass goal. Great job getting it setup correctly to start, that will help it last longer and of course, more enjoyable along the way :)

1 month ago

I am really looking hard at this one however really wish I could get even a pre-production model of the hyper fat due to most of the roads in South Louisiana have sub-standard shoulders so looking for beefy tires.

Court Rye
1 month ago

Hi Rob! I agree, the Hyper Fat looks very cool and I’ll be reviewing it at some point… I think that Juiced is double checking the parts, making sure it’s perfect before they really start pushing it :)

4 weeks ago

Hi Court. First up I love your detailed and informative reviews. Keep up the great work! Question, how would you rate the Air .vs the Cross Current? It will be my first e-bike. I was going to get a refurbished Cross Current but they ran out. Also, what size frame do you recommend for me – Medium or Large? I’m 5’8 – 5’9. Thanks

Court Rye
4 weeks ago

Hi Greg! I travel all around so the streets range from smooth to very bumpy… so the regular CrossCurrent with suspension would be my first pick. For the price savings, the Air is an excellent deal and I enjoyed testing it. Sounds like we’re the same height so Medium would be a good fit. The frame difference isn’t huge, you could fit a large if you prefer a more leaned-forward body position. I hope this helps :)

4 weeks ago

Thanks Court. I really appreciate your input. I decided to go with the Cross Current Air. The order is in for the next shipment which should arrive later this month. I’m really looking forward to my first e-bike. I will post my impressions when it arrives.

Court Rye
4 weeks ago

Awesome! Thanks for the update Greg, hope it works out well for you and I’ll be excited to hear back :D

Jerry chen
2 weeks ago

I am wondering how they ship the bikes out and how long that process takes?

Court Rye
1 week ago

Hi Jerry, I’ll reach out to the team and see if they can comment (or maybe a customer will chime in). I have no idea how long it takes to be honest with you, and timing may vary depending on which model is chosen and if a shipment is available or coming in.

1 week ago

I can’t speak for other builds, but I ordered this CC Air on May 30th. I read somewhere they were shipping them sometime in June. I received an order confirmation the day I ordered, but no email, status update, or communication has been received since. I’m sure they’re busy and some things take time, but a simple email would set my mind at ease. I’ll be sure to update when the bike arrives.

Court Rye
7 days ago

Thanks BK, I hope they send you an update soon and appreciate your feedback here. Eventually, once you receive the bike, definitely chime in about how you like it and if there are any other details that might help others who are researching the product :)

Court Rye
7 days ago

Hi Jerry, I reached out to Juiced with your question and they said: “In a box, UPS and about 4 days to Connecticut” so hopefully that holds true and I welcome your ongoing feedback about the product :)

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2 days ago

The Trek XM700+ low-step is light at 46.5lb, provides pedal assist up to 28mph, it uses the Bosch Performance Line motor that combines both pedal cadence and torque sensors for smooth power delivery and is mounted low and central on the bottom bracket with the battery on the down tube so the balance of weight distribution is good. The hydraulic disc brakes and front mono-shock suspension are helpful riding at speed and a safety update is coming for the Bosch Performance Line motor with the Intuvia display in the form of ABS for the front brake and rear wheel lift control. The front light is powered off the ebike's battery and bolted to the bike. Here's Court's review

The Juiced Cross Current step through is heavier at 48.5lb or 52lb depending on if you go by the manufacturer specs or Court's review, it uses a geared rear hub motor and a torque sensor for pedal assist up to 28mph and the battery is mounted on the down tube for good balance of weight distribution. It has a front suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes. Juiced has fewer dealers than Trek but still nationwide. You would need to add fenders, lights, and a bike computer if you wanted to see how fast you're going, but it is half the cost of the Trek. Here's Court's review.

Neither ebike comes with a throttle so if that's what you were looking for to help start from the stop signs up hill the Juiced Cross Current has a $99 throttle option that works up to 20mph. While it doesn't have a throttle option the Trek XM700+ has a mid-drive motor so will climb hills better. On both ebikes it would help to change down gear before you come to a stop facing up hill.

Regarding security both ebikes have a battery that locks to the frame or you can remove the battery and take it with you. The Trek has quick release wheels front and back, while the Juiced has a quick release front wheel. I'd recommend a strong lock like an ABUS Granit folding lock or Kryptonite New York U-lock and a chain.

Tora Harris
3 days ago

The CrossCurrent uses a rear drop-out type torque sensor. The sensor sticks in about 1cm only on the drive side. The result is the frame needs to compensate for this and appears somewhat asymmetric. The wheels are true with respect to the center of the bike so it should track accurately.

Additionally the bike has a very tight RC (bottom bracket to rear axle distance), maybe one of the tightest in the e-bike industry. This makes the bike very nimble and has a bike-like ride characteristic. Tight RC can result in more bumpy ride, so on the other end it uses 700c x 45c tires. That is about as fat as 700c tires get to smooth out the ride.

Another thing is the bike uses a massive 52T chainring on a standard 68mm bottom bracket, so you can achieve high gearing to pedal normally at high speeds.

The result is great riding quality, but everything is fitting very closely together. If any part of the tire is touching the frame, check to see if the axle is seated all the way.

Mike H.
4 days ago

Got my CrossCurrent at the end of May 2017 and wondering about the USB port. Mine isn't working - I thought with newer batteries the USB functioned?


Mike H.
4 days ago

When I got the bike, the rear wheel was actually rubbing slightly on the bottom part of the frame. I contacted JuiceBikes support and they said to have the rear wheel dished/trued - which I did. For results, please see pics and vote whether you think the frame is flawed/defective.


Mark Peralta
3 days ago

The ST2 was AMAZING!! It is exactly the feeling I was looking for. I couldn't believe how fine tune-able it was. It was super easy to "fly" on that thing but it's 7K!!! What is it about the ST2 that achieves such a nice feel and why aren't there any other bikes with the same ride feel! The bike was definitely heavy and I felt the weight but it can just take off! The shop also told me about the ST1X but they didn't have one to test ride it.

For sure. The shop is offering me a brand new Quick.E for 2.5K. The stromer ST2 is 7K. They didn't have a program where I could rent the ST2. It really is a hard decision to make with only a 30 minute test ride. I never thought I would one day contemplate spending 7K on a bike but here we are!

You can only get that "continuous acceleration feeling" on hub driven ebikes since there is no power interruption when shifting. If 7k is too much for you, then you may certainly try the St1. Other hub driven options that you may be interested in are the following:

OHM Urban or Sport
BULLS Outlaw E45
Easy motion Nitros
Magnum Peak
Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent
leftover Specialized turbos
leftover 2015 Izip E3 Dash

Good luck!

2 weeks ago

Thanks everyone for your responses!!
Too bad that most of the Haibikes are limited at 20mph.
I do like the design of the RadCity, though I don't think I'd take that off road (edit: single track). The other day we went to Columbus OH and road some e-bikes...Haibike, Juiced, Raleigh... and fell in love with the center Drive system...and I only rode the Yamaha, which was fantastic. The Juiced CrossCurrent was nice enough, but just didn't feel very natural, rather dead on start; but did better at higher (~15mph) speeds. The mid-drive worked marvelous throughout the entire speed range. It's true...it really felt like it was "more me" riding.

Two I did fine that meet almost all my criteria, but are budget busters are the Bulls six50 E Street ---28mph, center Drive, 100mm shock...but $3800... yikes. The other is the Haibike Hardnine Street 4.5 which loses out because it's only a 20mph, 29er, and almost $4k. Hmm...if I'm stuck in this price range, I feel like I could get a center-drive commute and convert my Trek Marlin.

3 weeks ago

I'm not the most handy of guys, but I put on a front wheel and handle bars.

However I was wondering if any of you thought it was worth it to have my LBS do a tune up on it out of the box to ensure everything is tight, true, and ready to go?

Edit: Just bought the crosscurrent if that helps at all

4 weeks ago

Ive pretty much narrowed it to buying a crosscurrent from juiced bikes. But i need advise. Im new to the ebike world. Im about 5ft9in tall at 215lbs. And live in a elevator building in Chicago . The crosscurrent appeared to provide the best value for the dollar. But i have a few thoughts and concerns.

In the videos... the motor whine seems loud. Is that the microphone, or is it that loud?

Can a bike shop support it? As fas as i know there are no dealers in chicago.

In their site the bike is powered by a 350 watt barfang (8fun) geared hub rear motor. How reliable is it? And when the out of electricity, does the motor give resistance to ur pedaling?

Can the controller be modded to remove the speed governer? Why 28mph, and not just round up to 30mph?


4 weeks ago

That sucks, says "In Stock" as of May 10th: https://shop.juicedbikes.com/collections/refurb-shop/products/copy-of-2017-crosscurrent-free-shipping

I have noticed Juiced does not keep up with their dates and sometimes it is very confusing. I was going to order the Hyperfat but decided against it because at the time it was confusing to when the actual delivery time is. Now it seems to be a bit more clear on the site but I don't trust it right now.

1 month ago

I take my two small kids to school daily with my CrossCurrent and WeeHoo Igo 2 trailer (https://rideweehoo.com/products/igo-two-2/), probably close to 100 pounds of cargo including trailer. It works wonderfully, and my kids love it. Steep hills require some serious pedaling, but I can certainly feel the assist. It's far easier than when I used my non-electric bike. The throttle doesn't do much when the trailer is on, but I bought a CC because of its sporty feel, not as a scooter. In short, I think a CC would be more than sufficient to pull a 40 lb trailer, as long as you don't mind pedaling.

Thanks Jax,
Are you saying that using just the throttle and not pedaling the 100 lb trailer doesn't move or very slowly? Is this on flats? Does seem like just using throttle is a good test for sake of comparison as it removes the riders strength or effort from equation.

So any idea how strictly throttle on flats would do with 40 lb trailer?

1 month ago

My wife recently purchased a radwagon. I didn't think I wanted an e-bike, but now I do. badly.

I can't decide on getting the rad rover vs. getting the rad city. other bike that I had considered is the Juiced CrossCurrent..

I like the idea of the juiced crosscurrent having a torque sensor in addition to the cadence sensor, but the motor seems to be underpowered compared to the Rad Power bikes(?) at least on paper it's 350w vs. 750w..

I've been biking for years now and love the 'it's me just faster' aspect of getting an e-bike. i.e. a smoother pedal vs. motor curve would be nice.. Also planning on dragging our existing child trailer (weehoo igo 2) from time to time (although, with the wife having the radwagon, probably not as often as before..)

Any suggestions? Really can't decide of a fat bike (radrover) is right for me or not.. I ride in San Francisco - lots of hills, but mostly pavement (some trails..).

Radrover has a geared hub motor.. I guess this is better for hills vs. the direct drive? but wears down faster?

Can't choose:(

ps - the radwagon topping out at ~23/24mph was one of the negatives for me.. I guess based on my own pedal power the crosscurrent advertises ~28mph..

1 month ago

I'm new to e-bikes and would like to purchase one soon. I'd like one that has a 28mph top speed, can be used on moderately difficult trails, and is under 3k. I live in the Bay Area and only ride on the weekends for fun. Usually I ride on flat and smooth dirt trails, but if I get an e-bike, I'd also like to ride some easy trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Of the bikes I've researched on-line, the Juiced CrossCurrent, Trek XM700, Trek Powerfly 5, and Magnum Peak look really cool to me. Let me know if these bikes would work for me, or if you have any other recommendations.

Mark Peralta
1 month ago

The assist kicks on and off frequently and jerkily. As opposed to my CrossCurrent, which makes you feel like you're riding a bike, just with superpowers, the Dash felt like riding a bike equipped with a poorly responsive motor (like stepping on the gas pedal and suddenly getting powerful acceleration a half second later).

I can relate to that experience. I got a 2015 Tekoa which has the same mid drive as the 2016 Dash. Coming from the old 2015 Dash that has direct drive rear hub motor, the mid drive felt less refined, very jerky, and harsh on the drive train esp on shifting. I later learned to adapt to it and added magnets to the left brake lever to make it more responsive at the slightest tap in order to cut off the motor on shifting (like using a clutch on a dirt bike).

After I got acquainted to it, I later appreciated the positive sides (better battery mileage, better climber, more balanced weight distribution, lighter overall weight, etc)

1 month ago

Ugh. Mistake.

I figured that a $3k (originally priced) bike from a big manufacturer would ride well, especially one that was selected as best affordable mid-drive. Perhaps I've just been spoiled by my Juiced CrossCurrent. In short, I should have listened to Dunbar.

Not to fall victim to Tiny Details Exagguration Syndrome, but I was less than pleased with the feel of the assist on the 2016 Dash I ordered. Even my wife, who has barely ridden ebikes, noticed it right away. The assist kicks on and off frequently and jerkily. As opposed to my CrossCurrent, which makes you feel like you're riding a bike, just with superpowers, the Dash felt like riding a bike equipped with a poorly responsive motor (like stepping on the gas pedal and suddenly getting powerful acceleration a half second later). It reminded me of the ebike I tried 4 years ago that convince me I should hold off on getting one. I suppose that's why the 2017 Dash has a new motor brand and the 2016 model is half off. And I now see why Court makes a big deal about shift sensing in his reviews... very easy to mash gears. Seems that I'll take a hub motor any day over a lower grade mid-drive.

I suppose I shouldn't be too critical. It's got all the extras I wanted, it's fast, and it'll be a fine commuter. But it's just not as fun or active feeling, and that makes a difference to me when spending a decent chunk of your waking time riding it.

I'm going to try to return it. If I can, I'll instead buy the cherry red CrossCurrent my 5 year old son had been insisting she get. It ain't that hard to add fenders, a rack, and USB rechargeable lights; swapping out a mid-drive system you don't like isn't so easy.

Colorado Colin
1 month ago

Thanks for all the information that you have posted, it has helped.. I think!! :) To confuse things further, I have also been looking at getting a stock bike converting it myself with 1000w BBHSD motor kit. I rode Surly fat bike conversion at my local community bike shop and it was amazing, so much power and the hacked version easily got over the 25mph mark and with a bigger battery would give me the mileage I am looking at in pedal assist mode. I can get that kit for around $1200 and decision I then have is what bike to put it one !! I am looking at one of the Motobecane's for about $500, either the hybrid or fat bike with the total being $1700 - $1800....... but then as I write this I am back to why not just buy the Crosscurrent or the Hyperfat ... I am still so confused !! A drink is on order !

2 months ago

Is it possible to lock the battery up on the crosscurrent/air with an off the shelf lock, or does something custom need to be built? Thanks!

2 months ago

It appears that Juiced Bikes is now offering three frame sizes for this bike, Small (16.5"), Medium (18") and Large (20"). However, when I asked Juiced a few days ago whether all sizes would ship in the next batch (July 2017), the answer was that only the Medium frame would ship. Nevertheless their shopping cart will accept choosing any one of the three sizes. (I did not go through and actually order one, so perhaps there might be a warning after placing the order for a Small or a Large that it would not ship until later in the year. It appears my credit card would be charged immediately, not upon shipping. That's why I did not pull the trigger.) Maybe this is Juiced strategy to gage interest in Small and Large frame sizes. I hope they do in fact follow through and actually build Small and Large frame sizes, as they have done with the CrossCurrent, for example.

The other good news is that the suspension fork is now standard equipment (as is the LED headlight). MAC motor, high torque, hydraulic disc brakes, torque sensor, bigger batteries, Grin Tech charger, rear rack, and fenders are extra.

Mark Peralta
2 months ago

Juiced cross current with 1,000 WH battery would fit your requirements. It also has the new LCD display that features total amp-hour consumed (providing more ideal and more accurate information on battery consumption). It's like a fuel gauge on your car.

2 months ago

Juiced Cross Current with the 21ah battery gives you 1,000 watt hours/50 mile range at 20wh per mile, 28mph pedalling - the throttle cuts out at 20mph - suspension fork, and hydraulic disc brakes for $2,500.

Mike H.
2 months ago

Guys, please offer you opinions ASAP -- This will be a commuter bike (about 12 miles RT) with definitely some trail riding in there as well - nothing heavy duty, but light trails.

CrossCurrent is hub driven, thumb throttle to 20mph, 10.4 ah batt, 700x45 tires which I plan to swap to MTB tires.
Takoa is mid-drive, 29"MTB tires, twist throttle (is this a hindrance?)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

2 months ago

Juiced Bikes Announced Upgrades to the HyperFat on their blog 5/3/2017 (3rd of May 2017)

I wanted to discuss the upgrades and see if any of you would chime in on my questions, confirm my stance on the upgrades, or provide alternative views for or against.

Suspension Fork:
Con: Added weight.
Pro: Free. Deals with variation better?
Comments: Its a free upgrade everyone gets so I don't see the harm. I'm working on getting a Hitch Bike Rack for two e-bikes and the added couple pounds or so shouldn't make or break it for me.

More Torque:
Quote: "The production HyperFat is set up with a 9T winding which was selected to target a top speed performance of 30+ mph with pedal assist, yet provide good hill climbing performance."
"For riders who are heavier or have more hills, we have a 12T motor winding option which provides more torque performance, but reduced top speed. The estimated top speed of around 25-26 mph with the 12T setup. With this option chosen, only the motor is changed everything else remains that same. "
Comments: I live around a lot of hills. I've ordered the OceanCurrent and the HyperFat. My understanding is the OceanCurrent has the same 500W Bafang motor as the U500 Utility bike, but in the rear wheel so its not going to potentially spin out on hills. If the OceanCurrent I get this month can deal with all the hills in my area shouldn't the 1000w normal 9T winding also suffice?

Hydraulic Disc Brakes:
Quote: "We have sourced Tektro Dorado HD-E715 which are regarded as one of the best Hydraulic disc brake systems designed for e-bikes."
"Upgrade to Tektro Hydrulic HD-E715 Disc Brakes (+$249)"
Comments: Everyone I've talked to in person is all about the Hydraulic Disc Brakes, but is it worth the $250? (~10% more for the bike if you're getting the bike with the 21Ah Battery for $2,198 - $2,347.00.)

Frame Sizes:
I'm 6'2" so I should be fine with the stock frame (that fits most) and since I've already purchased the bike, I'm not sure this does much for me.

Rear Racks:
Yup I want them.

Mud Guards/Fenders:
Yup I want them.

Revised LED Headlight:
I'm glad it comes with a waterproof headlight and Juiced Bikes is taking care of the wiring.

Price increase and Crowd-Funding Campaign:
I'm sure glad I already ordered the HyperFat!

Test Rides:
Since I live in the South-East of USA I really doubt I'll get my hands on this pre-production model. I would much rather @Court provide a review of the pre-production than put my hands on it! What am I really going to gain from riding it around a test track? If I can't try it in my environment I'm not sure what the test ride is really going to do for me.

Mike H.
2 months ago

Good deal on the CrossCurrent is even better with refurb discount!

Just ordered mine! Free shipping and no tax.


2 months ago

If you want to ride in snow, on dirt trails, as well as commute on pavement, get the HyperFat. However, be aware that by the time you add all the upgrades (1,000-watt motor, cadence+torque sensor, front suspension fork, bigger battery, rack & fenders, hydraulic brakes) the cost is likely to exceed $2,500.

The CrossCurrent Air would be a good commuter bike. However, if you want a suspension fork you might as well buy a regular CrossCurrent—good aftermarket forks are expensive and there is no guarantee they will work on the Air (does the Air have a suspension-corrected geometry?). You can buy a refurbished CrossCurrent directly from Juiced for $1,299 and use the savings to pay for a bigger battery. With the regular CrossCurrent you also get better brakes, a better derailleur, and a cadence+torque sensor, all worthwhile IMHO.

Colorado Colin
2 months ago

I am looking to do an 18 mile commute to work each way, mostly on paved trail (with around 800 ft of elevation gain). I weigh about 230 lbs and have a bad knee (not because I weigh 230 lbs !!) therefore the option of getting an EBike has become really attractive. I have been doing a lot of research and for the budget I have (around $1500) there are a few options, but Juiced Bikes seem to be one of the best out there (build quality, upgradeability, battery options, reputation and an owner that is invested in his products and with challenging the EBike market) for that sort of money and I am therefore looking to buy one (unless I could be persuaded otherwise) . I thought I had decided on the Crosscurrent Air with an upgraded battery and an aftermarket front suspension fork and saddle, but then I saw the HypeFat bike and felt like it would offer more opportunity to ride it all year round (I ride at least 3 times a week on trails, but nothing too steep now !) in all conditions (I am particularly looking to ride in the snow).

As the bike would primarily be used for commuting - can anyone give any advice or opinions on which bike to go for out of the models Juiced offer (or an alternative bike for similar money)?

Qu Don
2 weeks ago

What a dickhead! You consistently talk over the guy, is that your idea of review? I quickly unsubscribed before the video was over.

Christopher Railwah
1 month ago

Hey where can I pick this up in New York ?

1 month ago

Love almost everything about the bike and planning to get one. The only big turnoff for me is the ugly welds. See around 9:57 what I mean. It got me considering the regular CrossCurrent, but I realized it also has those ugly welds. So I will end up going with this and try to not let that little cosmetic issue eat at my OCD.

Maxi Putt
2 months ago

hey can anyone help me please ? i live in europe and i would like to buy this bike ... how can i get this bike? anyone who has bought this bike in europe? thanks for the best review @ electricbikereview

2 months ago

bike looks really awesome but I couldn't understand any of the terminology lol

Mr Sawyer
3 months ago

i like the square style frame

Mr Sawyer
1 month ago


Alex NC
1 month ago

Mr Sawyer
Me too. It's talked about as a downgrade, but I like it better ... style wise. And I'm sure it's just as strong, if not stronger.

Jay Starr
3 months ago

18:05 Could the bigger battery pack be used to power an AWD bike?
_( does it have multiple outputs? )_

3 months ago

GOod indepth info from the Juiced guy . sweet fast whip for 1000 bucks .

Richard Fillerup
3 months ago

I want to know about the hyper fat bike that Juiced is working on.

jacob paternostro
3 months ago

Awesome. Want one!

moinsen mann
3 months ago

around 1550EUR in Germany as we have no Juiced Bikes dealers over here :(

Ingo Jacobs
3 months ago

I wish they'd come to Europe. No: I beg for it!

RedHawk Studios
3 months ago

What's the max rider weight (i.e. how heavy can a person weigh)?

Juiced Bikes
3 months ago

150 kg

Terry Brightwater
3 months ago

Cool review ;0) Great value and loving all the options, especially that monster battery pack :0)

Dave Caldwell
3 months ago

Looks like fantastic value! Court, do you know if these are available in Europe?

3 months ago

Hey guy, ever see a Leed's bike kit, with one on front and also a back powered wheel? I have one on the front now, if you know how to connect the controllers so they both work together I would try it. thanks.

Roger Remnant
3 months ago

Like the more extensive battery discussion.

3 months ago

Cool, appreciate your feedback on that Roger! I enjoy hearing from the makers as well and Tora is a fun guy to chat with :D

David Harding
3 months ago

Torah, however he spells it, seems like a good dude. Hope his company does well.

David Harding
3 months ago

BTW, You do an awesome job with all of these videos man, incredible work. Thanks for all of the free information on ebikes man. Peace.

3 months ago

I agree with you David... I think he spells it Tora and he was an Olympic level athlete and speaks several languages and studied at Princeton I think, neat life and glad to have him engaging with the Ebike industry so passionately :D

3 months ago

Pretty impressive, I must admit. Could you swap the tires on these juiced bikes for fat tires ? .

Juiced Bikes
3 months ago

Hype is the high performance division for Juiced. Its like the AMG of Mercedes or M division for BMW.

3 months ago

Curious why is the Hyper Fat marketed as Hype instead of Juiced? I see it's made/assembled in the US too, different partners?

Juiced Bikes
3 months ago


3 months ago

ElectricBikeReview.com Yeah, I kinda figured you couldn't swap the tires judging how the space between that fork looked. Bummer. These "juiced" bikes are ok. I just think they'd look much better with some "fat tires" because they're sort of plain looking (in an aesthetically ugly way).

But I can't complain about their performance. Pretty decent.

Thank you Mr. Courtney.

3 months ago

I don't think so, you need a fork and rear section that can accommodate them but you could probably use larger tires just under the plus size like 2.5ish?

Tim Battig
3 months ago

I have owned my CrossCurrent AIR for nearly a month now. Definitely one of my smartest purchases ever. I might upgrade to the torque sensor in the near future because there has to be quite a bit of initial effort taking off from stop lights to get a real jump on cars off the line.

outta reach24
2 months ago

Fishpig65 me too

2 months ago

ElectricBikeReview.com , I'm leaning to purchase this bike! Thanks!

3 months ago

A lot of people who ride prefer peddling at high cadence but I'm generally the opposite in that I stay in higher gears and I'm trying to figure what impact this will have on my sensor selection. I think I'll look for a place near Denver that will let me test ride both.

Juiced Bikes
3 months ago


Tim Battig
3 months ago

ElectricBikeReview.com and thank you for all that you do for this genre! In making my purchase decision, I watched and read many of your reviews and they were extremely helpful! EBR became my major resource.